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Joined: Dec 14 2007
No More Day JObs

OK--they usually played this song as an encore. Man, it seemed like every hot show Jerry would play this song as an encore. This song sent me out early a couple of times. Now that I listen to it years later the boys could play this song real rocking. Still hate it. I mean, Richmond '85--GLORIA!!!! then Jerry plays day Job. AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!

Day Job ruined alot of smiles in my time. You know, I used to love Touch Of grey until '87. Seemed like they played it every other night. I know they played it on every stop that year. The thing aboput that album was that it was great that the boys got their just rewards but it brought alot of shit to the scene.

Joined: Sep 8 2007
I'd stay thru Space

Victim or the Crime
Dear Mr. Fantasy
Don't Cheese Me In
Walkin Blues

I always found drums/space interesting enough to listen to, but I love weird experimental stuff more than the avg head I guess.

Joined: Aug 30 2007
Tennessee Jed

I would rather hear a thousand more Me and My Uncles than to have to sit thru another Tennessee Jed. Dont know why, the song drives me nuts. Its also a great time to go cause it wouldnt be as crowded as it could be during a bobby song.
Stella Blue and Black Peter, are you guys out of your minds?

Does God look down on the boys in the barroom
Mainly forsaken but surely not judged?
Jacks, kings, and aces, their faces in wine
Do Lord deliver our kind

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I don't I've ever gone to

I don't I've ever gone to the bathroom at a show while the Dead were onstage.

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bathroom break

Certainly a Bobby song! I did really like to hear Memphis Blues, Sugar Mag, Lost Sailor, Music Never Stopped, Stranger. But Throwing Stones or Victim would be a beer run.
Surprised that Stella Blue is unpopular. And Black Peter. A few weeks after Jerry died I kept waking from a dream one night because Jerry kept looking into my eyes and smiling. Like right in my face, and I would wake up. In the morning I picked up my guitar and played Black Peter start to finish, but I had never even tried it before!

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Joined: Oct 18 2007
NO, it wasn't all roses...

the GD moment which always got me to realize I needed a quick comfort break was.....

when the bright lights came on, the pupils completely dialated and the encore was over!

this is when {in my mind} the body took over and it was time for a comfort break and then time to hook up with my brothers and sisters for a cold drink a sandwich a dry shirt and start headin to the next show.

stay safe and feel good!

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gets me going..

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Sometimes it was them and sometimes me

It wasn't any individual song for me so much as the connection I was feeling with the band and the room. Sometimes the magic was there and other times no. I would say that through the 70s I don't remember ever leaving early. That changed. As the drugs really took hold of Jerry it got harder to me to really connect with what they were doing. There would be moments, but a lot of it was hard to watch and listen to. I kept going tough, hanging on those moments when it was still magical.

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Corrinna not only drove me to the bathroom, it eventually drove me away from the band. After six years and appx 50 shows it was Corinna and Easy Answers. There was a five show stretch one tour where I saw these songs entirely too much.

Another song that would always send me out was Victim or the Crime. That one always freaked me out! So dark and depressing. Way too metallic (whatever that means) It sounded like a war machine bearing down on you. I 'm not intentionally calling out Bobby songs but that's just the way it was and is.

Later folks

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everyones done peeing

in my first years of going to shows i would drop alil'dose and not my bladder held up.but however if ya gotta go well than go if it was to the point my bladder was gonna burst and id have 'TEARS ROLLIN DOWN MY FACE'when id go you cant stop natrual body functions.not cool,i could always hear and enjoy the show wheather i was watching them on stage ,in the hall,or at outdoor shows.,walking around hanging out w/friends looking at the vendorshad a blast always.i will not sacrafice the dead over pain from holding it in to long.but drumz/space would be a better time .anytime is a good time if ya cant hold it any longer.expecially when they would do touch of grey.hey how about a TOPIC WORST DEAD SONGS'that would be #1 in my book.CHEEEEEZZZZY!!!!


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The Song That Launched a Million Bathroom Breaks...