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Joined: Jun 26 2007
How did this one slip by?

I've read alot of these posts, but how could we forget Queen Jane. I gotta go pee now just thinking about it....

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Joined: Jun 9 2007
1st set bathroom bringers

definitely the weir "dylan" slot - masterpiece was a reason to go pee! i would never leave the 2nd set - would wait for the end of the show. thank god i never saw a show after '91! take care- chris

ps - i feel bad i had to sit through a "picasso moon" once.

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Joined: Jun 25 2007
The Music Never Stopped

easy, Stella Snooze is a lovely song to take that break by, same goes for Wharf Rat, They Love Each Other, Day Job always signaled an early exit. Would never miss Help on the Way/Slipkont!/Franklin's Tower, Jack-a-Roe, Estimated Prophet or Scarlet/Fire to name a few!

That being said, once they rolled from a powerful The Other One into Stella and it was a let down, then Jerry tore it up on Stella after all. With the Dead you just never know!

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Joined: Jun 15 2007
Hate to say it..

But Let it Grow. I know it was a fan favorite, I could always tell by the fan screams. But I just always went running especially since it tended to lead into Drums>Space and I didn't want to miss that. and if they had played "tons of Steel" I would have run screaming from the venue.

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Joined: May 26 2007
Barlow may have many things to answer for...

but writing Victim was not one of them.

I knew him at the time, and let's just say he was less than thrilled having the thing attributed to him.

The actual lyricist is a dude named Gerrit Graham.

Joined: Jun 23 2007
Looking at my watch

I rarely left a show once it started, but there were a few songs where I found myself looking at my watch hoping that this one would only be the 12 minute version. The only Jerry song that was like that was China Doll (I know, sacrilege!)--but the song was sooooooo sloooowwww, even for a Jerry ballad. I would rejoice at the chorus at the end, just because I knew it was almost over. A couple Bobby song's I wasn't crazy about---Lost Sailor, Saint of Circumstance come to mind. Picasso Moon, not my fave, either.

Besides that, pretty much all good.

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Joined: Jun 23 2007
1st set, 2nd set...

I rarely took a pee break during the first set. But if I did, it was ususally during Ramble on Rose. Good song, but I was hearing it so many times, it just ended up being my first set pee song.

On the other hand, 2nd set usually called for a pee break.


Wave to the Wind

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
always a bobby song...

I got so tired of "throwin' ...." that I would just garden...piss run....find another friend in the crowd...or just space out.....leave my mind and body behind...the opposite of Drumz->space, when I absolutely, had to be, must be there (the more liquid, the better)!!! After all, reality is for those that can't handle drugs. That was some direct and personal advice that Dr. Tim gave me (twice - Kaiser and L.A. Forum). "Must have been the Doses, or the robins, robins in her long brown hair."

of course Victim was a slider, what was Barlow thinking...reminded me of Bobby excuses for his slips, like...after Otis died (but I do understand the despair after losing your best friend, while everyone is telling you, "It was just a dog.")...or after Jerry's coma and bobby got too fucked up to play guitar at the Ranch Rock 86 Pyramid Festival * (I started a diatribe about this show, but will save that for another topic line).

Picasso Moon was another that quickly became an escape clause...the "bigger than a drive-in movie, oo-wee" was just a little lame....time to pay the rental from the beer garden, before the boys broke into something that was more existential.

I did have one friend that would just let loose in his pants during an outdoor show at times, starting at the front wall of Ventura '82...didn't surprise me, his wet suit had the same matching stains as his 501's. If you ever get back online....HI MIKE!!!!

I started exercises in maximizing my bladder capacity since high school and learned to power pee. I could sometimes charge to the heard at Jerry's last lick and be nearly back to my spot before the first lyric of the next song. I appreciated that the boys were generally indecisive about their next selection and took the extra time to tune up at every break between song combos.

* Pyramid Festival note: Mickey made up for Bobby's lackluster performance that day by letting loose on "Fire on the Mountain." This was the first time that I heard Mickey do vocals and his chanting / singing / rap rendition was awesome.

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Joined: May 26 2007
Uncle John Deadhead...

Pat Adams is my best friend. She was telling me about that conversation she had with you, which is what prompted me to mention to MaryE that we needed a pee song topic in here.... small world! and Welcome.

pomo1, I can't manage to convince you that it wasn't about escaping the music, but about having to pee and trying to time it to suit one's tastes!

Joined: Jun 24 2007
stella blue

i was emailing my friend pat adams the other day and i brought up this particular subject. it always seemed that the boys would be wailing away and blowing up the show and then they would play stella and i would deflate like a balloon. from a great high and groove to scratching my head and saying please take this song away. i have disliked this song for ages and i always will


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The Song That Launched a Million Bathroom Breaks...