Grateful Dead

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dylan songs

for me it was any dylan wasn't like i was holding it in till then..... i just can stand dylan songs specialy when the dead do them...i think dylan should ben a poet not a musican....that was my time to wonder the halls maybe bump into people i know....i noticed alot of people said drums and space..i would sit and meditate through that part...

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Never liked that one-Oh yeah and "artificial flowers" for Weir solo-also(IMO) "Knockin'" is a snoozefest.

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This is a hard 1

Wow!! Tis hard because I pretty much like all the dead songs. But if I had to pick a song it would involve Donna.
Ive got it SUNRISE.
yep it would be SUNRISE for sure.

lamagonzo (not verified)
Drumz, Estimated

Drumz seemed like the time everybody who was in a cramped space or just had to go, moved. Inevitably, this and set breaks were the longest lines at the bathroom! Estimated was another perennial favorite, especially those years when Bobby got totally out of hand with the "Bobby Hahs", ya' know what I mean -- Hahh, hah, ha, ha hahhhhhh! Na, nah, na, na Nahhhhh, Na! My apologies to anybody who enjoyed those moments.

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drums and space

I can't remember where I was, but in the early 80's and me being new to the scene .about 1/3 of the people got up and started to walk out.I asked the people I was with if the show was over.Thats when I found out about the pee break songs :)
Day job
even now when I here day job I have to go..........

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cant belive

some of the tunes people take a walk on black peter r u kidding omg thats one of the best!!

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When I left, it was usually

When I left, it was usually during Victim or during Eternity. I'd go to the bathroom and wander around a bit then come back in time for the next song. I read in the beginning of this thread about the one Head who would nap during Space, I was usually that person too. Especially if I wasn't driving and in big time Tour Haze. My friends would always be amazed how I would doze off long enough to get up and groove as they were coming out of it, but those naps helped a lot since sleep didn't always come on Tour easy for me.

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me and bobby mcgee

I was too young to ever see the grateful dead but i know enough about the band to say i like every song except me and bobby mcgee. i love all the stuff pigpen sang on and i love the time with brent ps the concert at penn state was magical pss dead tour 2009 will be epic

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I always seemed to run

I always seemed to run during these...
Walkin Blues (this song at times was great but after so many...)
Memphis Blues (same, same, same)
Eternity (Jerry actually made this song paletable)
Cheesy Answers (nope)
Queen Jane (same, same, same)
Don't Ease (I wonder what the difference in timing is for the longest version vs. the shortest version... 20 seconds... maybe?)
Long, Long, Long, Long, Long, Long Way to go Home

On the other hand I always tried to stay through Drums/Space


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The Song That Launched a Million Bathroom Breaks...