Grateful Dead

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mash my food as science unravels me

one of San Francisco's finest.

dripping with lubricant.

we've all been there...

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Heaven Means 19 and 5

dark, rhythmic, bass and bulbous.
immerse yourself in an English pulse.
for Dexter's sake.

Sensei Chris Carter bounces for Ninja.

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and dirty johnny raises his hand......

"my high school classmates would copulate with anything that moved, but i never saw any reason to limit myself."

-emo phillips

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Happy VD

Possbily NSFW, but I guess it depends on where you work:

(I love you Mollom!)

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Bon temps!

especially for all the friends with whom I used to dance to this at the Henry J...

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These are notes from a dear friend and blind Dr. of Psych.
Being blind made him greater in his chosen field as he was
unable to judge anyone by appearance. He had a vastness
in his ability to utilize other options and harness the words
and patterns of an individual. Leading to the most endearing
and viable help in the circumstances of the mind.

He is an inspiration to me during these hard times I am in.

Thought I'd sher what at once I found and now is forever

Roger's believed personality is controlled subjectively -
self concept is a continuous representation.

Today, I attempt to mentally assess the death of my Father.
And integrate, discard, discover, unveil all my new truths.
And to get back trucking on...even if I need tomorrow too.
Maybe the next day...I don't know.

Roger's thought Image Creation was Criteria-Related.

You must affect the way you feel. Your positive growth drive -
tells you what is good for you by the way it feels.

Joined: Jun 13 2007

Reviewing some notes on
Roger's Person Centered Theory

Roger's Conditions of Worth - self-explanatory
do-good your-good
do-bad your-bad
refrain from bad

Roger's Congruence -
State of Harmony

Roger's Emerging Person's -
honest, concerned, cooperative
no shams, facades, hypocriticalness

Roger's Fully Functioning Person -
utilization of their potential to maximum degree

Roger's Need for Personal Regard -
seek and need approval from others

Roger's Organismic Valuing Process -
that which we value - we keep
that which we do not - we dis-card

Roger's True Self -
connectedness and progress toward
self relations

Roger's Unconditional Positive Regard

Joined: Jun 13 2007

I found my 2005
Official Grateful Dead

I hung it on the month
of June. It is awesome.
The Executive Editor was
Mickey Hart and it was by
Grateful Dead Productions

The border is -as wonderful
as it's contents. And those...
arms and...
He would get my vote.
With just so much more too!
Grateful Good, cheers, xo.

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signal to ambient ratio

Chris Watson

a whisper in the leaves
open spaces
extension intimacy
simple perspectives
locations in isolation

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a true pioneer goes home....

"Gerda Lerner, a pioneer in the field of women's history and founding member of the National Organization for Women died Thursday in Madison, Wisconsin at the age of 92.
Gerda was born in Austria to a privileged Jewish family in 1920, and spent six weeks in a Nazi prison as a teenager. She later wrote that the experience taught her how society manipulates people, a lesson she saw reinforced by academics who suggested history was only about men.
She and her family fled the Nazi's and came to the 1939. She earned her Ph.D. in history in 1966 at Columbia University and eventually established the first graduate program in women's studies at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY. Later she moved to Madison where she founded a doctoral program in women's history at the University of Wisconsin."

Now with 101 women in the 113th Congress (includes 3 nonvoting members), one can only wonder how many women (and men) did this one very intelligent and determined woman inspire in her lifetime.

See how everything lead up.....


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