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Joined: Jun 13 2007

A perfect second,

10:16:01 pm forever.

Birthday Lovelight Daily
to you and of course, ya all, xo!

Joined: Jun 13 2007

A Tale to Tell

Jesus and I chanced to cast with
a rod lovingkindness once again.

Being in centermindedness during
fabulous supplication it harnessed
the white caps of the swift river that
are captured by the clouds then
dispersed as the rain and snow til
it's alight upon that which the supplication
was for.

Immense supplication is the network in
our energy chain that keeps the supplication
worthy of the time and moment spent

It creates intent, fervour. and zeal. It not only
stems from all that you are but everything
you can not be, except by supplication alone.

Wishes are like supplication as they hope for
some very special good thing to be or occur.

Well...Jesus and I were in the depths of
festive supplication and I put on my lovelight
for Bobby's birthday...wishing every good
thing to him and all, of course, xo!

Jesus was in awe at me loving all the
people around, and for knowing love was
everywhere. He good-heartedly gave
me a second of the day; one second as
a gift for me remember the moment by. Wow.
There are months in a year that bring awareness
and days that highlight a specific historic person,
place or thing. I was given a second. I was to
pick the significance it should have. The warmth
of arriving therein was delightful.

After some deliberating, I decided to give this
present given unto me to Bobby for a birthday
gift. I have chosen the 1st second of the 16th
minute of the 10th hour in the pm time of any time
zone everyday for Bob Weir. As each night meets
the tick of the first second after quarter after ten,
Bobby Weir will be celebrated and his birthday
forever celebrated.

The clock and the calendar will host a special time
for him from here on out. This second will be one
that is lovingkindness, joy and peace. Be assured
there is a perfect second everyday for us all, xo.

got a second?

Happy Birthday Bob Weir
-Jesus loves you the best...
Most of the Time


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Joined: Jul 9 2007
French wine

Just bought some good red wines from southern France: anyone a conniseur on such ?

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Joined: Jul 20 2012
this scenario brought to you courtesy of reality....

or "roadside entertainment". what some people will do for laughs is simply amazing. i'm driving home today on a two-lane county hwy. and i see something shiny up ahead on the side of the road. as i get close to it, i slow down and start laughing; the shiny object is a big "get well soon" mylar balloon floating about 3 ft. above the roadkill deer to which it was tied :D . I'm still laughing trying to picture the thought process of the tie-er.

thanks for the hilarious mindblow today whoever you are!

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Joined: Dec 25 2009
A brief flash

of a few weeks of blazing color refresh the palate of my mind. So soon it is all greys, whites and blues of winter bluster.

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Joined: Jul 20 2012
colors of..............

ash, maple, hickory, sumac. autumn is always a nice, simple reminder from mother nature of how there's so much more than what meets the eye. just like sunlight is comprised of different combined colors,the pigments responsible for the beautiful, endless shades of reds, yellows and orange are there from the birth of the leaf in spring, but with chlorophyll being the predominant pigment, all we see until autumn is endless shades of green. also, although miniscule in comparison to the combustion of carbon based sources, it is at this time of year that the largest natural and continuous release of carbon monoxide occurs, due entirely to the degradation of chlorophyll...........(not a plausible excuse for over-sleeping though, as i found out today from my still current employer :D). so there's that.
I also wanted to say to ramble-on74 that i'm kinda new here, but i know exactly how you feel. most of my time (every day) is spent feeling confused, but on ocassion (every other day :D) that dumb feeling sneaks in and rears its head (humility, i guess), anyway, welcome back.

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Joined: Dec 22 2007
Thank you, thank you very much!

Nice to see you again as well, marye and CB! Not to overlook CC either! Is there a new season of the smash Deadhead Reality series False Alarm in the offing? Hmmmm???? And a hearty Hey Now to Ramble_on74 as well!

And now that most of my OS patches and upgrades have been downloaded and installed perhaps I can actually start using this machine for its intended purpose - yukking it up around here! Oh, but there's also that whole new recent regimen of putting in 14 - 15 hours a day six days a week as a Personal Transportation Facilitator. But I will be around more often, so fair warning!

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
Welcome too Ramble on 74

No worries. Not uncomfortable at all, just a little puzzled for a moment. Always heppy to see all friendly folks here.

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Joined: May 26 2007
hey ramble

you feeling at home, it's a good thing. No worries.

Joined: Jun 21 2007
i feel dumb

Sorry badger, I guess u were talkin to mr. pid, not me. But anyway, i still feel welcome. Didnt mean to make u uncomfortable. Have a glorious day. Ramble_on.


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