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Joined: Jul 20 2012
fuckin' asshole...

"You know, one of the hardest parts of my job is to connect Iraq to the war on terror."

- George W. Bush's interview with CBS News' Katie Couric, Sep. 6, 2006

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Joined: Jul 30 2012
drown in the lost rivers of london

I have sat there and seen the winter days finish their short-spanned lives; and all the globes of light crimson, emerald, and pallid yellow start, one by one, out of the russet fog that creeps up the river. But i like the place best on these hot summer nights, when the sky hangs thick with stifled colour, and the stars shine small and shyly. Then the pulse of the city is hushed, and the scales of the water flicker golden and oily under the watching regiment of lamps.

The bridge clasps its gaunt arms tight from bank to bank, and the shuffle of a retreating figure sounds loud and alone in the quiet. There, if you wait long enough, you will hear the long wail of the siren, that seems to tell of the anguish of London till a train hurries to throttle its dying note, roaring and rushing, thundering and blazing through the night, tossing its white crests of smoke, charging across the bridge into the dark country beyond.

In the wan, lingering light of the winter afternoon, the parks stood all deserted, sluggishly drowsing, so it seemed, with their spacious distances muffled in greyness: colourless, fabulous, blurred. One by one, through the damp misty air, looked the tall, stark, lifeless elms. Overhead there lowered a turbid sky, heavy-charged with an unclean yellow, and amid their ugly patches of dank and rotting bracken, a little mare picked her way noiselessly. The rumour of life seemed hushed. There was only the vague listless rhythm of the creaking saddle.

The daylight faded. A shroud of ghostly mist enveloped the earth, and up from the vaporous distance crept slowly the evening darkness. A sullen glow throbs overhead: golden will-o'-the wisps are threading their shadowy ribbons above golden trees, and the dull, distant rumour of feverish London waits on the still night air. The lights of Hyde Park Corner blaze like some monster, gilded constellation, shaming the dingy stars. And across the east, there flares a sky-sign, a gaudy crimson arabesque. And all the air draped in the mysterious sumptuous splendour of a murky London night.

- Hubert Montague Crackanthorpe

from 'Vignettes: A Miniature Journal of Whim and Sentiment'.

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Joined: Jul 20 2012
the cruel tutelage of pie meh...

"...this one time, we shot up a sleeping hobo full of novocaine, then we'd yell, "Pie on the windowsill!" And they'd wake up all numb and poor and we'd laugh. But that's just the kind of stuff you do when your growing up in Midland, when you're a young, precocious little thirty-year-old."

- George W. Bush

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Joined: Jul 25 2011
Ratdog 2014

Dang! Weir sharing the stage with Kimock and Wasserman?! That's a line-up to die for. No west coast shows? :(

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Joined: Jul 9 2007
Happy Valentine's all the ladies, and especially those who twirl. Let's hope there will be more Furthur to see and meet up at.

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Joined: Jan 8 2011
write on slo , let it grow

I agree with Mike there. As for the Dead Covers project my favorites so far have been China Doll and Eyes of the World, followed by Valerie and Franklins Tower. kudos to all.

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Joined: Jul 20 2012
Thanks for everything, Mike...

...cabin fever.

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Joined: Jun 17 2007
Tusk, Tusk...

It's nice to see someone producing original work here. For the most part, this place seems to have acquired the stench of Rhino. Nice work, slo...

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Joined: Jul 20 2012
"the President of effervescence"

fantastic Burning Man character
thanks, RL, love it!

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be:

the Ace of acid
the All Time-All Star of alkalinity
the Angel of angles
the Anti-Moron of barbequed boron
the Admiral of aeration
the Ambassador of accretion
the Captain of carbonation
the Co-Creator of crystallization
the Deacon of decantation
the Duke of dissolution
the Eminence of encapsulation
the Envoy of evaporation
the Executor of extraction
the Figurehead of fermentation
the Fourth-Shift Foreman of formulation
the Lord of liquefaction
the Nobleman of nucleation
the Saint of saturation
the Secretary of separation
the Sultan of seltzer
the Superintendent of supernatant
the Superior of sparkles
the Supervisor of solvents
the Shaman of Shulgin
the Assho' of oregano
the Bigwig of bismol
the Bob Barker of blotter
the Beanball Bystander of byproducts
the Capo dei Capi of copper
the Caretaker of catalysts
the Chancellor of choice
the Chief-in-Charge of change
the CEO of cheerios
the Commander of chemical bonds
the Colonel of coalescence
the Czar of zinc
the Dealer of minute detail
the Earl of erlenmeyer
the Emperor of enzymes
the Founding Father of froth
the Freak of flasks
the Guru of greenhouse gas
the Gigantic Ass of dichroic glass
the Inspector of lye detectors
the Head Honcho of hydrogen
the Night Manager of nitrogen
the Original Owner of oxygen
the Oligarch of olefin
the Pope of peptides
the Preacher of peroxide
il Duce of dioxide
el Jefe of Hofmann
the King of anything
the Leader of laughing gas
the Master of melting points
the Magnate of magnetism
the Magistrate of bicarbonate
the Potentate of permanganate
the Paranormal Pimp of pH
the Purple Proprietor of pyrex
the Righteous Ruler of reflux
the Reigning Realtor of rainfall
the Sole Source of sulfur
the Vice-Virtuoso of vacuum
the Baron of butane
the Monarch of methane
the High Priest of propane
the Prince of pressurization
Sir Ferdinand of Fizz...

in the desert
under a fire
next to the moon
wrapped in light
on a comet

...with you

and as I aged, "want" slowly and appropriately faded as I learned:

about People in places of power and privilege
about What to expect from expectations
about What's in a name
about Simplicity
about Dreaming
about Imagining
about Reality
about Gain
about Loss
about Need

(all above positions are open; pays good money - $5 a day)... (%);-}

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Joined: Jul 20 2012
something new and freaky...

I ran across this article about a week ago. This goes far beyond hybridization and shows our advancing mastery of manipulating genes.

the first plant in the world that produces its own visible light. The developers "inserted the genes responsible for causing marine bacteria to glow". Practical applications currently don't include a self-lit grow room :))))))


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