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Well, well, well...

I tried another go at it and
low and behold I hit the

Yesterday was a sweet
remembrance and a proud
occurrence that stands alone
in National Holidays.

I was with mostly
Veterans, and the Elderly
with the void of war a
revolving story line that's
impossible to stop or

A few youngin's helped
ease the concern of the
others with their smiles
shining that they had pleased
me tremendously knowing
what others had not.

So Loved are You, All, xo.

Just gotta poke around...
just gotta poke around...
just gotta poke around...

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Joined: Jul 20 2012
Not surprising at all sherbear....

but ask those same folks how old Justin Bieber is or how much a new iPod costs......pathetically enough, the real drones in this country aren't the ones that will soon be flying overhead.

Joined: Jun 13 2007

Yesterday, for sport, as I was in a
populated public space I asked
children and young adults to 21 if
they knew what


Prisoners of War
Missing in Action

meant and from about 6 hours
of surveying I had not found one
that did. I told them to go find out
and never forget. How was this
possible, how was this truth?
One must fathom it.

I worked yesterday in their
honor and memory. I did teach
so many as I couldn't resist to
sher what to me, was such a
beautiful gift.


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Joined: May 26 2007

this is giving me bad, bad flashbacks to my college days, when I learned just exactly how bad strobe lights were for us migraine sufferers...

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Joined: Jun 22 2007
Anechoic chamber

I spent a few minutes inside one at Owens Corning. The total lack of reflected sound is really unsettling -- the guy touring us related that some people get nauseous in the chamber because auditory cues play a role in balance, or something like that (honestly, I had a hard time hearing what he was saying even though he was standing next to me: my ears felt like they were stuffed with cotton).

Then they took us into a reverb chamber. If you clap your hands you can still hear the sound for 6 or 7 seconds after the clap. Yikes!

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Joined: Jul 20 2012

heard this on NPR and had to pass it on. Since all of us are familiar with the sound levels of a concert, the polar opposite has some interest: "the quietest place on earth" , as rated by Guiness Book of World Records, is in a building in Minneapolis, MN. Eckel Noise Control Technologies (they're online and you can read about how this room was built and see pics of it) has an "anechoic chamber" built in it's Orfield Labs facility that has a decibel rating of -9.4 dBA. - almost 10 times quieter than zero decibels. So quiet that the reporter said he could "hear his scalp move across his forehead when he frowned". The company has hosted a contest to see who can stay in this room, in complete darkness, the longest.

Many people have tried and, so far, the winner was a journalist who stayed in the room in complete darkness for 45 min. before he began hallucinating and couldn't take it anymore :) Time for a deadhead to break that record :))))))))

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Joined: Jul 20 2012
A belated happy birthday...

to one Mr. Nicholas Sand. Phenomenal underground chemist in the lineage of Owsley and Scully. Most folks know about Owsley and some about Scully but Nick was the intrepid alchemist who kept it going from '66 to '96. Dedicating himself for 30 yrs. to lovingly produce high purity psychedelics up until his second and final arrest in 1996. Virtually anyone who enjoyed lsd from '66 to '96 can thank Mr. Sand, including his and Scully's infamous original "orange sunshine". Much can be found online about this incredibly humble and gentle retired alchemist. Nick turned 72 on 5/10/13.

One person really can make a difference. :))))))))

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Joined: Jul 20 2012
Dire coyote...

not that this has anything to do with anything, but this morning I woke up at 1:30 am to a pack of coyotes howling, barking and yipping about 20ft from my bedroom window which I left open for some nice night air. Seriously cool thing to hear at night from a long distance; seriously freaky though when they're so close you can hear them rustling in the leaves and so dark you can't even see them. It's my understanding they "sound off" together when they've caught something ( not entirely sure though). Just glad it was'nt me ifn that's the case.
Ma nature vewwy scawwy sometimes.

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Joined: Jul 20 2012
three little birds...

rise up this morning
smiled with the risin' sun
three little birds
pitch by my doorstep
singin' sweet songs
of melodies pure and true
singin' this is my message to yo-ou-ou,

don't worry about a thing
cause every little thing gonna be alright
yeah, don't wory about a thing
cause every little thing gonna be alright...

It's really nice to hear the constant chatter of our feathered friends once again. Best wishes to Bob Weir. All will be alright.

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Joined: Jul 9 2007
Spinnin' out to the northeast

I'm taking my binoculars, fly rod, and an empty cooler out to tour parts of the northeast in 2 weeks, 5/5-11. From Rochester NY, I'll check out Cooperstown, NY; Portland, Maine; Bar Harbor, Maine and Burlington,Vermont. Anyone have knowledge of birding locations and brewpub suggestions? I'd be willing to meet any 'heads along the way. Maybe the cool weather will warm up?


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