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Joined: Feb 7 2008
a brush w/ Phil; a miss w/ all the boys

i was working at the National Gallery of Art in DC in september 1988 and i sold a book to Phil on the off day (sunday) of a 4show stop at the Cap center. the saturday show was the famous "Ripple" show.

me: "hey phil i can't believe you guys played ripple last night"
phil: "yeah it kinda surprised me too"

i proceeded to ring up his sale (a book of a renaissance muralist whose name i can't recall, Tiepolo maybe) and asked him to play "Bertha" for me and he said "i'll see what i can do". alas it was not to be. they played "touch of grey" and my friend Joe and I freaked out after the first few notes b/c they sorta sound like the opening to "bertha"(to us anyway) till we quickly realized it wasn't. this was when "touch" was top40 material and we were embarrased to seem like a coupla of noobs screaming for the "popular" song.

anyway when i got back to work later that week my co-workers informed me that the whole band came in that monday morning. oh well i was where any self respecting Head would be: the parking lot getting hassled by cops for an open container.

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Joined: May 26 2007

I can confidently say I was not at that party. However, I probably knew some people who were. E.g. Flash.

Anyway, welcome, and be sure to check in over in Deadheads of Europe!

Joined: Jan 21 2008
Post Greek Hearst St. Party

RobertaRubies Well guys,here goes...opening the Pandora's Box! Anyone out there in the vapours remember when my then hubby,Rob and I hosted a post Greek party in ? '87 or '88 at our Hearst St. abode? Dr. Flash was present and to our suprise there was a knock at the door and Bobby and Co. arrived!! He ended up on our bed with a few lady friends of ours attending him. My son Chris,who is now 26 (choke...let's see that makes me...uh...) remembers the party goers playing with his Marbleworks in his bedroom in the wee hours. He (Bobby) then proceeded to have a rather "robust discussion" with the lady he came with on our front stairs. She left. Anyone out there remember...gosh, I am getting sentimental now!

I am living in rural Wales now (with occasional visits home to Bezerkely)? and would like to reconnect. Any old cronies willing to come out of the woodwork?

Joined: Sep 29 2007

stopped at a hotel/resturant on long beach island summer of 97 i think .anyway saw a tourbus walked up to it and its the jgb.talked my way on and there is melvin eatin chicken with the girls.good times..............

Joined: Sep 3 2007

I saw the Dead concert at the RAC in Piscataway, NJ in the late 70's after the release of Reckoning. I had a great time and ended up tearing off my underwear and throwing them to him - he's so sexy, especially when he plays. He said a few funny things - we had a little exchange there during the show and I really enjoyed that. It seemed like every time that I called out a song title, they played it, even Dark Star and Alligator. I had a blast.

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
Hunter, Micky, Phil

Saw Robert Hunter with Comfort back in 1978 at My Father's Place...a great club in Roslyn, Long Island...anyway walked back stage between sets and patted him on the back, saying "thanks for all the great songs"
Met Micky at a book signing for "At the Edge" told him we listened to "Music to be Born By" when we were expecting our first child.
Met Phil at his book signing ain NYC 4/05. I told him about my 17 year old nephew Colin who was killed in a car accident, and my brother and his wife donated some of his organs, Phil took both my hands and thanked me. Later I chatted for a while with Jill, what a gracious lady. She said Bobby got Phil his first acoustic upright bass one Christmas.

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Joined: Oct 17 2007
Football in Mexico

I was camping on the beach at X-Cacel, an hour or two south of Cancun on the Carribbean coast of Mexico. It was paradise back then before all the hotels came. We went to Akumal, which had a dive shop and resturants, a couple of condos and most importantly a TV. The 49ers were in the playoffs (shows how long ago this was) and we wanted to watch!
The bar was small and crowded and someone came up behind us and asked if he could share the table. Without turning around I said "Sure, so long as you're a niner fan. " He said "That I am" It was Bobby.
He watched the whole game with us. I never let on that I knew who he was until we were all leaving. He was really nice and we all had a great time.

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
Meeting in a mountain village bar

yesterday lunch time i went into the local bar for a drink

Some friends of mine were in the bar with 2 of their clients ( they run guided walking holidays in the mountains around here).

The clients were to ladies about my age. we were chatting and the conversation got to the Grateful Dead. I was wearing a GD tiedie. One of the women said she met them in 67 at a party in London. If rememeber correctly in the Rock Scully book, only he went to London the band didn't. They certainly didn't play.
The Lady, Ann,said she went to the party with a friend who later became a Dead Roadie

i replied Sam Cutler, Ann was astonised i knew him. After this Ann told more tales of Mr Cutler

Strange Occurences in The Mountains

The strangest thing was they had been here for week and we hadn't met, on their last day we met

Bob W

happy 60th Bobby W

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Spanish Jam

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Bobo, Big Red, Rob and the lights lady

At Telluride in '87, Bill Graham was everywhere --no surprise, as he had a home there and was both promoting the gigs and pretty much playing Head of the Travel and Tourism Bureau for the weekend --and also doing his very damnedest to keep the scene as clean as possible.

On the day of the first show, I saw him strolling around, eyes behind dark glasses, schnozz in the air and inspecting the general scene for the even the slightest hint of disarray. With deference of the kind that a kindergartner displays toward the school principal, I gave him a "G'moring, Mister Graham" as I walked past him on the main drag, to which he silently replied with a smug nod.

After the second show ended, he gave what was by then his familiar spiel thru the house mike from the stage ("...and r'membuh t'pick up yuh sh*t aftuh yoo..."), immediately after which he comes barrelling out onto the Town Park lawn with a big plastic trash bag in his hands (and a roll of several dozen others shoved into a pocket of his shorts), barking orders in every direction all the while.

So I start stuffing soiled paper napkins, discarded drink cups and cigarette butts into his trash bag until satisfied that the area within a fair-sized radius of where I had been seated was neat, tidy and free of debris, and then I scrammed on outta there back to the adjacent camping area with a vague sense of fear that he'd be dropping by before dark for a rigorous tent and campground inspection.

A week later, on the morning of the first show at the Calaveras County Fairgrounds, I was walking thru the parking/camping area at the venue, looking for a ticket for the second show. I happened upon a couple of high school kids wearing official-looking teeshirts and ID laminates who seemed to be selling tickets, and I started digging for my wallet as I approached them.

Out of nowhere, this noisy bundle of energy comes charging onto the scene, barking, "A'right, ah we sellin' tickets heah? Hah? Ah we sellin' tickets? A'right, [he roared,] who needs a ticket heah?" "One for tomorrow please, Mr. Graham --*tomorrow*."

Elsewhere in the family, I got to say hi ("Hey, Headster") to Bill Walton about eight years ago at some small, very informal sportsy corporate/promotional type thing (Roger Craig from the 'Niners was there, too). Based on what I saw and what I've heard, I'd describe him as a red-headed, seven-foot ("Pleeeeeeease...six-*eleven*") version of Bobby who plays basketball not guitar.

An erstwhile roommate of mine from a college town in Illinois moved to State College PA in mid-'80s and fronted a band that did GD covers (he's in Oregon now). He was at a GD show at Nassau, I think, somewhere around '89-'91, and from where he was seated, he could see this vaguely familiar-looking guy in an enclosed, restricted-access area near but not on the floor, like the penalty box or bench area used for hockey games.

It occurred, either to him or to someone seated with him, that the guy in the restricted area was none other than Rob Wasserman, and my guy managed to make his way over to where Rob was, make his acquaintance and hang out with him in the restricted area for the remainder of the gig. They ended up becoming quite chummy for a while beyond that one show, and for all I know they still are.

Lastly, I used to do apartment painting and light maintenance for a Bay Area native who's a property manager in the Illinois college town I mentioned earlier. In early September of '93, he went back to the Bay Area for Labor Day weekend, and upon his return, he calls me into his office and hands me this sheet of lined yellow letter pad with a personalized note scribbled in red felt-tip.

So he tells me that as he was on the plane returning to Chicago, he got to talking to the woman who was in the adjacent seat, and in response to the old familiar "so what do you do" inquiry, she says she's the lighting director for a professional touring rock band and is in transit to Ohio for the start of fall tour.

So back and forth they go, and it leads inevitably to, "Y'know, I got this fella on my work crew who absolutely loves those guys, and I haven't done anything like this since I was a kid at Candlestick Park with Willie Mays and Willie McCovey --but d'ya think I could get your autograph for him?"

So she wrote me a nice little note (still have it), did Candace Brightman, the pride of Winnetka, Illinois ("Hi...I'm the Grateful Dead's lighting director..." --as if she needed to tell me!), and she told my boss to be sure to tell me not to come hitting her up for tickets to shows on the fall tour --LOL!

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At a loss for words

One of my friends had an extra ticket for the 6/29/90 "Creating Our Future w/Jerry and Bob" at the Palace of Fine Arts in SF and asked if I wanted to go. I drove there and luckily I got the last legal parking spot in the row. I stood outside and waited for her to show up with my ticket. As I waited a friggin BMW pulls up and parks illegally blocking me in. Well, I decided that I was going to let this guy know that I knew he was blocking me. I walked up to my car, opened the door and got an extra pack of smokes out. Out of the corner of my eye I see the guy getting out and shutting his door. I shut my door and am prepared to give him the "I know your blocking me in look" as I turned to face the guy who was walking up to me I realized it was Bobby. I was thrown. My jaw dropped as Bobby walked up to me and asked if it was okay that he parked there. I stuttered uh, uh, ya, it's cool (now feeling like the total a$$ I had just made of myself). I shook his hand and walked away.
Inside the venue both Jerry and Bobby just hung out in the lobby talking with everyone. We stopped by and said hi to Jerry, my friend complimenting him on his new haircut which he thanked her for. We then went over to chat a little with Bobby; everything was copacetic. He signed an autograph for me and we shook hands again.
After the show (neither of them ended playing that night-they let some of the kids borrow their quitars to play) I was ready to leave. Bobby still had me blocked in. I waited and waited. The problem was that there were too many people hanging around Bobby's car and I overheard that he did not want to come out until the crowd thinned. I sat on the hood of my car. Finally after a long wait Bobby emerged with a woman carrying his guitar for him. As she walked by me she turns and says, "Nice parking job" to me insinuating that I squeezed in behind Bobby. I smiled and thought about how things come around.


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