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Joined: Jun 25 2007
Mickey at UC Santa Cruz

I was a sophmore at UC Santa Cruz, I think it must have been 1989-90. My friend was taking a music appreciation class. The teacher was a very straight guy, not a deadhead in the least. On one of the first classes, he played touch of grey as an example of a perfectly composed song. I heard through the grapevine that the professor was friends with Jerry. There was a very vague rumor that Jerry was going to come to class at some point in time. UC Santa Cruz in the late 80's had alot of hardcaore deadhead kids, so this rumor made us all nuts! So I went to that class every single session, even though I was not enrolled in that class. I think it was probably the only class I went to consistently during college. Anyways after many many many weeks, Mickey showed up! It was awesome. I think he lectured to us, but I can't remember for sure. After the class, I went up to introduce myself. He was very gracious. I remember asking him if he could PLEASE play shakedown street at the next california show. Then spent alot of time anticipating if they would..... They didn't but it was awesome meeting Mickey.

My sister , who is not a deadhead, claims she met Bobby in a casino in Nevada. She got me a signed cocktail napkin from him. Im not sure if that really happened or if she was just pulling my leg.

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Joined: May 26 2007
Okay Jim

I think you win. Say more about Bob at the Grove--or would they have to kill you?

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Joined: Jun 19 2007
Bohemian Grove

I met Bob Weir in the Bohemian Grove back in the 1990s. He played some fantastic music including "West L.A. Fadeaway" & "Misty". I may have been the first Dead Head to dance in the streets of the Grove! He was backed by the great band "Marley's Ghost". See them if you get the chance!
"The experiment continues..."

Joined: Jun 25 2007
Branford Marsalis...The Baseball Fan

I took my then 3 year old son to a Mets game in the summer of 1996, one of those mid-week day games (Businessman's Special). Because the crowd was so sparse, we ended up moving to seats right behind home plate. I was looking around and there was a guy with 2 or 3 really BIG guys sitting there a few rows behind me. I heard him talking, bragging that this rookie named Jeter was going to be a big star with the Yankees. I chatted him up, saying the Mets rookie shortstop was going to be even better (Um...I was SO wrong...and he couldn't have been anymore right!!!). We laughed, and it just hit me that I was "Talkin' Baseball" with the one and only Branford Marsalis.

I didn't want to let on and we just kept BS'ing about the Mets and Yankees. Finally I said "Man, you look an awful lot like Branford Marsalis." He and his boys laughed like hell, and he said he was. I told him that I was at the Coliseum shows in 90 when he played with the Boys. He replied that he "Had a LOT of fun playin' with those guys." We kept on chatting and I asked him to sign my program. He smiled and asked what my son's name was. I told him John and he signed it..."To John, Your Dad is a bigger baseball freak than me..." and signed his name. I shook his hand, thanked him and left. A GREAT memory...

I love breaking that out and looking at it once in awhile.

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Summer of 1966

I heard the Dead for the first time in Santa Rosa, about 50 miles north of San Francisco in the summer of '66. I had just turned 18. I heard Dylan play in the city in December of '65 and had been to the Fillmore once before but had never heard the Dead. It was an empty house but they played great---Dancin in the Streets, Good Morning Little School Girl, perhaps The Midnight Hour. The Jaywalkers, who played with them were really good too. I never heard of them again.
We met some people with The Dead and were invited down to 710 Ashbury, whenever. We visited for the first time about a week later. Phil answered the door and told us our friend wasn't there but to come in. He took us to a really nice room on the same floor and told us we could wait there. We waited. It was a beautiful room, very, very cool and full of personal things. One thing kind of worrisome----what looked like a leather biker jacket with an Angels logo on the back. We waited a long time. Phil returned once, said nothing,but picked up a glass jar and shook it at us and gave us one of those "what"s doin" looks and left. About 20 minutes later, Pigpen walked in and said "Who the Hell are you people?" You should have seen three little hippy chicks come to attention fast. It's all an upward swirling after that. We spent the afternoon on the top floor with Jerry, Phil, our friends, whoever, listening to some albums we had brought along and ended up down at Fosters or Mannings on Market Street, downtown, eating piece after piece of blackberry pie and laughing our asses off. "Just a little light".

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Joined: Jun 25 2007
Jerry & Santana 1989

It was a superbowl sunday - and it was a benefit for Jaco Pastorius at the Omni in Oakland, CA - bobby played with herbie hancock . .. it was before my 1st show - about 1/2 way through the show we went upstairs to the bar - at the end of the bar near the curtain that went backstage were Jerry & Santana having a drink . .. I walked up and introduced myself

In 1994 they opened a new Ben & Jerry's in the Marina in SF and bobby was there to scoop ice cream for the grand opening - it was the first time i ever saw bobby outside of a show - i got his autograph

In 1995 day before Vegas shows my boss asked me to take his daughter to a swim lesson in marin - i sat down at the pool and the guy next to me looked just like Phil - i was there is no way - then i looked down and saw LESH written on his backpack - his son and my boss' daughter were in the same swim class . . .when we were leaving i walked up to him in the parking lot and said "Hi Phil, I'm Kris and I'll see ya tomorrow in vegas!"

The following week i was at another swim lesson and Phil was there too. I was telling the nanny all about my trip to vegas and i'm sure phil was listening - i had some pics for the shows and asked him to sign one - he signed it "Keep on Truckin" Phil . . .

I did some volunteer work for the rainforest action network in san fran and in 1994 they had a friends of the rainforest awards dinner at the stanford hotel in SF - i had suzanna millman take a pic w/bobby who was in a tux w/a purple paisley bow tie - then contacted suzanna and she sent me an 8X10 . .

In 1996 ratdog played at earthday at forte pointe SF -my friend was hired to set up sound board/do sound so we got to come to sound check the day b4 the show - it was bobby, wasserman and jay - they soundchecked wang dang doodle - bobby looked right at me and sang "gonna have one fuck of a time" . . . i was by myself spinning and i'm sure wasserman thought i was nuts

In 2001 i went to the big island for my boss' 30th wedding anniversary party - he and his family arrived a cpl days b4 the guests . . after i got there my boss daughter was tugging on my shirt trying to tell me something - she tugged again and blurted out "kris that grateful dead guy is here" - i thought they were joking around- i was like you're kidding right - she said no - i said which one and she said the one you like (om that would be bobby) . . .

sure enough he was there with his wife and daughter - that night i was taking pics of a rather fabulous sunset with bobby about 5 feet behind me - the following day i saw him at the beach and chatted with him a moment about John Lee Hooker who had just passed away - and my boss' wife snapped a picture . . .

Mickey at the book signing conference for Spirit of Sound the magic of music . . downtown SF maybe 99 or 2000 .which was awesome - mickey broke it down like i'd never heard it before - i am a lucky girl


Joined: Jun 14 2007
Phil at the Falls....

In July of 86 on the off day between Akron and Buffalo me and my 3 buddies crossed the border into Canada to check out Niagara Falls and have a few beverages. We were in front of the Falls taking pictures when up rolled a limo and out popped Phil. In our condition, we thought it would be great to have Phil take our picture rather than the typical fan asking to have our shot with him. He laughed, said sure and took the shot. Of course when we got the film back we realized there was no way to prove it. Guess that is why he was laughing. Still one of my favorite moments.....

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Joined: Jun 6 2007
Meeting Jerry

I have had quite a few times that I got to meet Jerry and talked to him for a bit
I tried to post my favorite time, but as I previewed my Post my computer crashed, I only type with two fingers and it was a long story, but a really good one, so I let it go for now...

I'm not sure if it was the first time the Dead played in Vegas , But it was at the Alladin hotel
My friends and I were Staying there. I went down to the lobby and as I got back in Elevator to go back up Jerry and Phil got in behind me. The door closed and there we were, Jerry smiled ( He was always gracious every time we were together. A lesson to us all) Phil didn't look to happy. Jerry asked If I was from SF,He said he recognized me from all the JGB shows at the Keystone"s. I thanked him and Phil for all the Music and Amazing Times. Then I took a chance and asked them if the would play Morning Dew at the show. They both laughed and said we wll see what we can do...
And that night they did play Morning Dew.. Very Cool

Always Grateful

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
the man behind the curtain

Sort of similar brush with Bill Graham as KJ7XJ. way out on the edge of the Greek at an '88 afternoon JGB(electric) / Bobby & Brent (acoustic) show. Bill was making his rounds with his walkie-talkie and huge smile taking in everything as he kept his eye pealed and gave us a nod. he kind of looked like a pilot with a khaki shirt that had red, white and blue epulets.

*cool show with Bobby & Brent ending their set with "Blackbird" setting the table for Jerry.

"sound of the thunder with the rain pouring down"

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I met...

Bruce Hornsby - Tempe AZ 1992 - Shook hand and thanked for great music etc...

Bob W & Rob W - Vegas 90 - said hello to and asked Wasserman to play a long solo

Uncle Bobo - Mtn View 93 - Bumped into on lawn at Shoreline

Vince - Ashland Or. 99 (Almost mowed me down in his Gave him a hard time about his driving before show.

Mickey - Ashland Or. 99 - said hello before show

Dan Healy - Phoenix AZ 94 - Said hello after interview

Steve Parish - Cant remember date...I Think SD/JGB 92

Martin F (and Zero) - San Rafael - 96 - Asked to hear Tangled Hangers, said "we dont take requests" Told him Id buy him a play it...

Steve K - see above - Also met in Santa Cruz and asked if he wanted smoke - declined...

David Grisman (and quartet) - Tucson 93 - Thanked for great music - had all sign CD and ticket

Phish - (yacked with Trey and Mike on tour bus) Tucson 91


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