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Joined: Jun 14 2007
Phil at the Falls....

In July of 86 on the off day between Akron and Buffalo me and my 3 buddies crossed the border into Canada to check out Niagara Falls and have a few beverages. We were in front of the Falls taking pictures when up rolled a limo and out popped Phil. In our condition, we thought it would be great to have Phil take our picture rather than the typical fan asking to have our shot with him. He laughed, said sure and took the shot. Of course when we got the film back we realized there was no way to prove it. Guess that is why he was laughing. Still one of my favorite moments.....

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Joined: Jun 6 2007
Meeting Jerry

I have had quite a few times that I got to meet Jerry and talked to him for a bit
I tried to post my favorite time, but as I previewed my Post my computer crashed, I only type with two fingers and it was a long story, but a really good one, so I let it go for now...

I'm not sure if it was the first time the Dead played in Vegas , But it was at the Alladin hotel
My friends and I were Staying there. I went down to the lobby and as I got back in Elevator to go back up Jerry and Phil got in behind me. The door closed and there we were, Jerry smiled ( He was always gracious every time we were together. A lesson to us all) Phil didn't look to happy. Jerry asked If I was from SF,He said he recognized me from all the JGB shows at the Keystone"s. I thanked him and Phil for all the Music and Amazing Times. Then I took a chance and asked them if the would play Morning Dew at the show. They both laughed and said we wll see what we can do...
And that night they did play Morning Dew.. Very Cool

Always Grateful

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
the man behind the curtain

Sort of similar brush with Bill Graham as KJ7XJ. way out on the edge of the Greek at an '88 afternoon JGB(electric) / Bobby & Brent (acoustic) show. Bill was making his rounds with his walkie-talkie and huge smile taking in everything as he kept his eye pealed and gave us a nod. he kind of looked like a pilot with a khaki shirt that had red, white and blue epulets.

*cool show with Bobby & Brent ending their set with "Blackbird" setting the table for Jerry.

"sound of the thunder with the rain pouring down"

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Joined: Jun 16 2007
I met...

Bruce Hornsby - Tempe AZ 1992 - Shook hand and thanked for great music etc...

Bob W & Rob W - Vegas 90 - said hello to and asked Wasserman to play a long solo

Uncle Bobo - Mtn View 93 - Bumped into on lawn at Shoreline

Vince - Ashland Or. 99 (Almost mowed me down in his Gave him a hard time about his driving before show.

Mickey - Ashland Or. 99 - said hello before show

Dan Healy - Phoenix AZ 94 - Said hello after interview

Steve Parish - Cant remember date...I Think SD/JGB 92

Martin F (and Zero) - San Rafael - 96 - Asked to hear Tangled Hangers, said "we dont take requests" Told him Id buy him a play it...

Steve K - see above - Also met in Santa Cruz and asked if he wanted smoke - declined...

David Grisman (and quartet) - Tucson 93 - Thanked for great music - had all sign CD and ticket

Phish - (yacked with Trey and Mike on tour bus) Tucson 91

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Joined: Jun 20 2007
I wish

Only being 16 I never had the chance to encounter the band. I wish I had the chance . . .


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Joined: Jun 7 2007
Vince at the Cincinnati Zoo

Summer 96, Vince and Missing Man Formation, JGB, and Airplane/Starship. After Vince's set, he was bopping through the crowd and 2 cool things happened. First, during his set a very, very eager fan was standing on her chair and clapping her hands way up over her head. Very noticeable because she had I think driven away all the people around her. She was a very large woman, very tall too, and she wailed "Vinnieeeeee" during and after every song.
Well, after the show, we watched her approach him as he made his way through the crowd. She was obviously so worked up to meet him she could barely talk. He was so kind and patient with her.
When he was finished with her, he made his way toward us and my buddy decided to get Vince to sign his ticket stub. So he stopped Vince and Vince waited while my buddy fished through his pockets. He pulled something out and handed it to Vince, who took it, looked at it, and said, "You want me to sign your ... driver's license?"
Just a few months before he died. Vince did a mini-tour of SW Fla area bars - I thought I'd be able to catch at least one gig but was unable. But in the weeks before the shows I posted a few times to Vince's web site, mentioned I was a musician myself. Vince answered a few of my posts himself - as he often did - and said to make sure to stop him and say hi and maybe we could jam a bit. And I got the feeling he really meant it too.
Vince was a good if not great fit for GD - filling in at a tough time, and often adding rich and beautiful color to the music as he got more and more acclimated. It's a shame that he couldn't see how much he made the world a better, friendlier place.

"Got a few wrinkles but that's OK, hang out in the breeze and they'll blow away"

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
a few brushes

i think i may recall my girlfriend's friend was working at autodesk in
89,90ish and mentioned something about the Jerry visit. my girlfriend at the time was working at an art studio in san rafael and came home one day asking me to guess who? - JG was a potential client of the company that also representeed some other very colorful artists from the 60's / 70's. i've since misplaced a sample postcard she brought home for me.

my first sort of brush was second person. i met this girl i'll call carly at an astronomy class in '75/'76. she was wearing a
beautiful yellow
skull & roses shirt and turned out to be really cool. it turns out she had only been back east for a few months after having lived
with someone
in the family for a number of years. she had this astounding youthful mid-30's radiance. we hung out . she showed me some pictures of her home in the bay area. carly also understood astrology and she had once been asked by Jerry for an astrological chart. i asked her to try and give me one-word to describe Jerry. she replied "concerned". i lost track of my friend carly and little to my knowledge then, 10 years later would bring me to that beautiful bay area i had seen in carly's pictures. there were a couple more brushes yet waiting around some corner.

"sound of the thunder with the rain pouring down"

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Joined: Jun 4 2007

back in 87 i was in alpine valley and i had bought a jerdoll made by a girl in Florida, anyway, i took it to roanoke later that year and went to Jerry's hotel and waited. and waited. Finally see Anabelle get off the elevator and head to Dad's door, she smiles at me and the doll, brings Jerry over to me and they were both SO Gracious, signed my doll for me and we took the elevator down together. Still take my jerdoll to some shows....

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Joined: Jun 6 2007
Bobby At Wal Mart Butterfly Glasses and "Wheres My Palm?"

I used to work at a Wal Mart store selling electronics which is where I met Bobby Weir not once but twice. The second encounter was the best. My coworker and I spied a Palm Pilot sitting by itself in an empty shopping cart while we were picking up abandoned stuff. I pick it up and feel a tap on my shoulder and I turn around and it's none other than Bobby. He's standing there with one of those looks and I tell him that we were gonna turn it in to lost & found. He just sticks his hand out and I hand it to him. He's telling us he wouldn't know where he was going or what he was going to do without his Palm Pilot. Just then Bobby notices these childrens sunglasses in my hand, another thing I was picking up to put away. They were those kind with the big butterflies or something on the corners of each know the kind, Anyway he asks for them and I didn't think he was serious but he's saying "no, no I want those" and he's holding them up looking through them, butterfly wings and all with this really silly smirk on his face. He asks me where to find water wings so I tell him and send him on his way with his bizarre little glasses. Just then this friend, this lady who works as store detective comes up to me to shoot the shit and I tell her that theres this fellow she should really keep an eye on heading over to sporting goods acting strangely. She's in plain clothes of course (she's also a biker chick who rides with one of our local clubs) and off she goes stalking her prey. Maybe I shouldn't have sicced the store detectives on Bobby, but then again who could resist such an opportunity to prank Weir? I didn't let on I knew who he was, and I didn't think he was gonna steal anything, but it seemed like the thing to do. Wonder if he knew he was being stalked by a biker chick?

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The bus came by on 12-7-81

The bus came by on 12-7-81 in Des Moines, Ia., I got on, that's when it all began.
First song-Bertha
Last song-Brokedown Palace (Denver 12-1-94)
And Leave It On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Met all the guys (80's lineup) 'cept fer Jer. So I guess my big cheap thrill was heaving a box o' Junior Mints onstage in '82 @ Red Rocks, safely ( I was a few rows back) landing within a couple of feet of Jer. He non-chalantly picked 'em up, put 'em in his back pocket & kept jammin' w/out missing a beat (or note)
"gone are the days..."


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