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Vintage Dead
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Speaking of Vintage Dead

Is there any way to find out where the tracks came from for Vintage Dead and Historic Dead? Apparently they were recorded in the fall of '66 (but released in '70 and '71), probably at the Avalon, but I'd love to know when.

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the new vinyl AoxomoxoA...

I was pleased to hear that the new heavy vinyl release of AoxomoxoA Is the original mix from 1969. The remix from 1971 is pretty much all that's been available for many years (except for the vinyl box). Great now to have access to both... While there was clearly some dissatisfaction that led to the remix, the original mix has some cool sounds and nuances that disappeared from the remix, and which are very evocative of 1969, notably on Mountains of the Moon, Doin' that Rag, WBOTB, etc...

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My favorite studio album is American Beauty

They were amazing, still perfer Dick's Picks and Anthem of the Sun. The only album I hate is the Go to Heaven Album. They were so geared for MTV it was horrible, I still hate Shades of Gray. I feel in that album they sold out.

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Last 1 - SMR-d5

SMR-d5 is as close as we will get to a studio last LP/CD. The producers (Gans, Dick & Co) hunted the vault and this is the best they could find.
Earthquake County CD came out in 96-7 and is live cuts from 92-94, most are not that good. Save your money, it's not worth the $25.00 ++ it's going for on eBay.
Hope this helps.

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The Last One..

Speaking of Studio Albums, I wonder why there hasn't been a release of 'The Last One' ?

I know that Disk 5 of So Many Roads Boxed set (one of my favs!!) represents alot of that...

but it would be nice to see the boys take it to the studio, lay down some fresh tracks... They could pull live cuts to do Jer's parts and vocals. ...

Interestingly enough, i did see a bootleg on the net, called 'EarthQuake Country' that live songs that would have been the last album...
(wasn't Earthquake Country the orginal title for Aoxomoxoa ? )

But i also think - maybe thats just the way things are meant to be...

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In The Dark

did it for me

before that I probably knew 3 songs
Truckin/Casey Jones/Friend of the Devil

well maybe a couple others that were being played on the radio.
Samson and Delilah and US Blues probably

I picked up What a long strange trip shortly after that
Playing in the Band was quickly a fave.

then a few years ago a bud convinced me that their live music was where it was at.
and so the collector that I am... I can't keep my CDs organized when they keep getting bumped by more and more Dead - so that collection now has its own box.

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vintage dead

just listened to it on fathers day..inside of old skool koss proa headphones, it 's fantastic, sound is raw dead..... at their bestest

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DVD Dead

Yes the Dead on dvd audio is amazing I agree. Mickey did a masterful job. These are beyond description you have to hear them. Please keep going. Jerry's pedal steel is like you always dreamed it should be. Thank you Mickey!!!!!! pk

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Vintage Dead,Great lp

Yes, Vintage dead is a great lp. It's on sunflower label. I bought it for my brother for his birthday around the time Workingmans Dead came out at the local drug store back in the day. Great cover with the Ripple bottle on it! Just bought a pristine copy for him again last summer at Ameoba Records in Berkley. It is priceless and it was cheap. pk


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