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Greg, I would like to hear that and would be willing to start a vine over here with it.

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Pig Pen Bring Me My Shot Gun

gd 1294 said "If any one has a copy and want to send it my way let me know".

But Eric, you do not accept PM's.

On that basis the offer below is open to all, to be vined if more than one wants a copy.

I have an audio disc - Pigpen's Apartment Solo acoustic demos 1966 - it's from 4 track master>?>CD>.wav via EAC>.shn via MKW. Forget where it came from and when I got it but converted back to .wav via MKW.

Tracks: Two Woman, Michael, Katie May, New Orleans > That train, Instrumental, Bring me my shotgun, CC Rider, Katie Mae, Hitchhiking Woman, Two Women, When I was a Boy, Bring me my Shotgun.

It also has: I Believe, She's Mine and No Time, listed as Pigpen's final recordings dated 3-9-1973 but this must be wrong as Pig died 3-8-73.

It finishes with a '64 recording of Sweet Georgia Brown>Betty and Dupree with Jorma.

As it's now a vine on offer, please send PM with email and snail address before 19th January 2008 and I'll be happy to work up a vine - it'll be off list and I'll let all know the order, emails and the discs will be accompanied with the snail addresses.

Happy New Year from Scotland, All the best Greg.

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Here here!

Anthem of the Sun would especially be nice in surround...the jam at the end would make my head explode! Really, since I first got into the Dead back in the 80's I knew they were a better live band than studio, but Anthem and Blues for Allah were the two that really did it for me, and Anthem was part live sets as well. Even when One From the Vault came out, I stopped listening to Blues since it was live, and sounded better to my ears performance wise.

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5.1 releases

So far only Workingman's and American Beauty have been released in the DVD audio format (re-mixed by Mickey.) I would love to hear Wake of the Flood and Mars Hotel done in 5.1 also. They would sound amazing! Does any one else have these? I mean it sounds like you're in the studio with the band. The first time I played Beauty, I had tears in my eyes!
It seems like this format did not catch on, but what a great job Mickey did on these two. I also have pet Sounds. Incredible.

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Pig Pen Bring Me My Shot Gun

I would like for some one to release pig pens bring me my shot gun. You can do searches on the internet and even listen to it but you cant buy it. If any one has a copy and want to send it my way let me know. I would like to see the following released in surround sound Grateful Dead, Aoxomoxa, Anthem of the Sun, Dark Star studio single. A lot of music from the 60's and 70's was mixed for quadraphonics the real first surround sound.

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I've posted this elsewhere, but I really prefer the original mix of AOXOMOXOA to the 71 remix, which is the only one that's been available for years. I would LOVE to see this remastered and officially released, it could probably be put together with the remix of ANTHEM OF THE SUN, which is the opposite scenario, where the original mix is the one widely available. I'm just going to keep bringing this up until I can get a really great sounding copy of this...

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Studio LP's

I just finished reading 'Grateful Dead Gear' by Blair Jackson, which made me go back and revisit the old studio albums as I read about the sessions. From day one, live albums have always been my preference, 'Dead Set' being my first GD album purchase. 'Aoxomoxoa', 'Workingmans', 'Beauty', 'Wake', 'Mars', 'Allah' are all great studio albums, then the start of the Arista period got real cheesy and some weak production took over until 'In the Dark' and 'Built to Last' which are both great sounding studio works. I am all for remastering, who really wants to listen hiss or low signal poorly mixed recordings on your digital ipod or cd player? I still own a turntable and have all the studio albums both on CD and LP formats should I get really nostalgic and desire to spin a record. My only gripe with remastering is that it seems to me that on some of the early albums(I am guessing that for historical reasons) the tape speed/pitch was not correct or corrected so voices and song keys are much higher than they should be. The first album is especially bad in this respect to me(I've been a musician and audiophile for 30 years so no I'm not insane), those opening notes on The Golden Road just don't exist on regular organ!

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yes...the live shows and

yes...the live shows and events were the closest to the flame we could get
but when i got the hook-set they went and took a hiatus. i didn't even know what that meant.who knew what was going to happen. a reunion did not seem likely to me anyway with things rumored to be LOM or no one seemed to really know if they would ever be back. the studio and "live" releases like "skull fuck", "live/dead" and "europe" were the only way to get there and we were fairly adept at making them as real as possible even with the old basement victrola's. at that time i lived on "wake", "mars" and "blues"..."terrapin" and "shakedown" rounded out that sort of present era as it rolled out. i loved those "records" and other dead recordings from First to American Beauty. i think they were very underated in the studio...strong sidenotes are Jerry's first and second releases and Bob's Ace. i love the fact that they dropped a blackjack with the 10 of diamonds and the ace of spades. cool! very very fortunately...they as you know returned to the road and the bus came back and many got on and the many shows are in perpetual motion
for many more to enjoy and per chance to visit.

"sound of the thunder with the rain pouring down"


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