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The bus came by. We got on. That's how it all began.

Almost as soon as the Fare Thee Well shows were announced, folks started planning to meet in Chicago.

They met. They connected. Things were never the same.

And now, further!

Or maybe Furthur.


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Holiday Greetings from Kansas!

Here's wishing you all a very wonderful Christmas. Hope Santa leaves you some Dead music under the tree! Peace, GOB

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So far, so good

Let's see, Dec 1st, feeling like there are miracles out and about, waiting to manifest themselves.

Could it be that The Boys are Back in Town?

Yes, this evening in a bistro seating 20K just down the road in Dallas, they say there will be a rare Texas appearance of our 6 pack of intrepid rock and roll warriors. Can Deep Elum Blues be far behind?

Folks gathered from far and near to purchase tickets a month or more ago in hope of catching a glimpse of John's checkered outfit and perhaps be serenaded by Oteil's deep voice.

Stay tuned, as the bus is spit shined, gassed up, and we're ready to rumble. Personally, i picked out my outfit last Tuesday in anticipation of the event.

We'll see you there, here, you can't miss us, for we are everywhere.


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Nov 14, MSG

Cool you scored a Red Hat Sighting.

That 2nd set had a bunch of A list songs. Here's the set list from

Set 1:
1. Hell in a Bucket
2. Cold Rain and Snow
3. Me and My Uncle
4. Brown-Eyed Women
5. Tennessee Jed
6. Bird Song
7. Man Smart, Woman Smarter
Set 2:
8. Help on the Way
9. Slipknot!
10. Franklin's Tower
11. China Doll
12. Estimated Prophet
13. Drums
14. Space
15. A Love Supreme
16. Stella Blue
17. St. Stephen
18. Not Fade Away
19. U.S. Blues

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Yeah, it was HOT

Hey Oat Man,
Glad to hear from you. At first I thought your message meant that you had come up to the big city, but now I see you are re-posting from another.

But there was a Daydreamers moment at the Garden Sunday night: I spotted Tom Hanlon a few rows in front of me. That little red cowboy hat is hard to miss. AND he had his pic-a-nic T-shirt on.

A highlight for me was the debut of authentic O-bombs: at the appropriate spots in Bertha, and then in the bass run-up to The Other One.
Ba-ba-ba BWAAMMM!! Shook the dump to its foundations.

Good times, good times.

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D&Co at MSG Last Night

[Hope 80sFan won't mind my reposting of his comments from last night]:

Saw Dead and Company at the Garden last night. Really fun, high-energy show. Awesome Shakedown to kick things off. John Mayer ripped through a fantastic Bertha a few songs later. Yes, i might have just been in the moment, but this version truly blew the roof off the place. I believe Greatest Story Ever Told and BIODTL made their Dead and Co debut in the first set. Both great and the crowd responded in kind.

Took a few minutes to get on the same page, but the Cumberland to close the set was very nice as well.

Cool China>Rider to open the second set. Bobby didn't seem super confident vocally until the transition (to be expected i guess) but still really fun and the Rider pay-off was worth it. Ship of Fools was played for only the 3rd time and it was a nice surprise to hear Oteil sing a verse or two. What a fantastic voice! Terrapin got the crowd worked up - my only wish was that Bobby would let Mayer sing the whole song. I think he's a better fit for this one.

Post drums was just ok. TOO was fun but the band saved a couple surprises for the encore, playing Samson and Werewolves of London.
Great way to end the show and send thousands of new yorkers (and folks like me from the great state of NJ) home happy. I loved being back in the Garden - it was fun seeing some old friends from back in the day and meeting their spouses, kids, etc. Just an amazing night all around.

This is definitely not an oldies act. There is REAL energy and magic both on stage and in the crowd. Please see this band. I last saw them 2 years ago and they have drastically improved even since then.

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Da Fall Tour 11/12/17

Missed the party on chat last night, and the show, here's the set list from MSG 11/12/17

Shakedown Street
Greatest Story Ever Told
Beat It On Down the Line
They Love Each Other
Cumberland Blues
Set 2
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Ship of Fools
Terrapin Station
Standing on the Moon
The Other One
Casey Jones

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Concert Eve

Well there you go.
Playing in the Band opened the fall, but out at the Band Together Bay Area show.
That opens many possibilities for tomorrow night's opener.

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We're owed a Reprise

As the Playing in the Band never got a proper re-visit on the last night of the summer tour in Wrigley, it would seem appropriate to open the Fall tour with a little taste of that.


Though this Head would be thrilled with Shakedown as the traditional NY opener.

Can you tell I am looking forward to this?

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2 Extras for D&Co Dallas

I have 2 extra tickets for Dead & Company’s Dallas show on 12/1/17. Not bad either: First Level, Section 117, Row K, Seats 1 & 2. You can have ‘em for face. Let me know this week if you think you’re interested. Onward!

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. .



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