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Joined: May 24 2016
In search of a poster...


Sorry this is in the t-shirt section. I couldn't find a section on posters.

I'm looking for a poster called "The Parking Lot". Or so I think. It's a hand drawn parking lot scene, and was described to me as something similar to Where's Waldo? There are lots of little "stories" drawn in the parking lot.

My bf had this and sold it years ago and is now regretting it. I'm hoping to find the artist and how to buy it. Google is not turing up anything useful.

thanks in advance!

Please email me at with any leads!

Joined: Dec 30 2015

@mean people suck

this would have been an awesome story! I saw you did not manage to reach the funding goal, which is quite unfortunate.. Did you really quit? Is there any way to.. read it? Maybe you should try distributing it online. Your video sure does make it sound interesting!

Joined: Nov 30 2015
Dead & Co. - Electric Eyes

Anyone have the backstory on the Electric Eyes graphic that was on some of the T's I saw at the shows?

My friends and I have differing opinions.

Mahalo for the help :)


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looking for prestine copy of Dead 6/27/2015 and Billy Kreutzman

I can send postage/blank CDR's,or something worth wild, Billy don't have any of his stuff besides 7-walkers I'm Thank You and be Well :}

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In search of a few sealed, numbered DP 16's

It's not the coin. ...just have stuff people might want in a trade if they have excess DP 16's Offer: I need a few copies of DP 16, numbered. I know they're very avail. and will be but. Some items to trade: Road Trips 1.1,1.2,1.4,2.1 or DP 7,11 or Pure Jerry 1,5,7,8 are avail. I'm 'trade valuing' DP 16 @$55. If interested PM me. :)

Joined: Oct 11 2015
the original Jerrymeister LS

the original Jerrymeister LS T-shirt (circa 1990) had the words 'Drink Down the Bottle and You're Ready to Kill' on the back. these are very rare. the words were changed to mellow out the theme. I still have one, a men's large worn twice. the key to preservation is not to throw them in a hot dryer.

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Joined: Sep 25 2015
being a bit jealous there. :)

being a bit jealous there. :)

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not sure if this helps

But there is a store with a hot air balloon shirt. Maybe you'll find the one you need there, too.
-edit- noticing the sizes on the balloon shirt are mostly sold out...maybe they will restock...I hope so! For you...

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turtles/terrapin shirt

Oh how I wish I had the hot air balloon shirt to trade you ! I purchased 2 dancing turtle shirts in Chicago and lost them to some lucky person !If you are interested in selling your shirt please let me know. And yes it sickens me to see them on ebay for 200. !

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Looking for GD50 Green shirt with Hot Air Balloon..

By the time i made it to the stands, there were only XXXL left.... i REALLY want to get my hands on the shirt... if anyone has one in M, L or XL, and can bare to sell it to a fellow fan... i would GREATLY aprpeacite it.... but i would prefer to not pay non-deadhead/ebay prices of 195$ for a 45$ shirt... if you're kind, and have one you would part with, i can either trade for the turtles shirt i have, or buy it from you. Thank you so very much in advance. You can reach me at Have a great day!


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The T-Shirt I Wish I Still Had