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I think you're looking for 7/29/94, not 95. No Buckeye Lake in '95 at all, and a version of Traffic did open on 7/29/94. So if that's the show you're thinking of, here it is!

Here she comes through Archive goin' clickety-click.
She said stream or download, you can take your pick.
He wants Buckeye (yes he does)
He wants Buckeye (yes he does)
Buckeye Buckeye Buckeye Buckeye Buckeye

Joined: Jul 2 2012
Looking for a show

I'm looking for somebody that may have a tape of Buckeye Lake July of '95. It's the show Traffic opened for them. This show means a lot to me and I would love to have it.

Joined: Jun 30 2012
Tapes Wanted

If anyone here wants to get rid of their tapes I will gladly give them a happy home. PM me and I'll give you an address. I'll pay for shipping too.

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All The Years Combined 14DVD Set

Dear Dead Heads out there,

I cannot buy All The Years Combined 14DVD Set from here in Belarus :(
Maybe is it possible there is a greateful dead head over there who can make me a gift?
Can offer about 100 shows (Hunter's Trix MTX Series, SBD).

Thank you.

Joined: Oct 7 2011
Free to a good home......

Trying to clear out the clutter, have an amazing amount of music to give away, you just pay the shipping!

DVD data discs:
70 Bob Dylan
70 Bruce Springsteen
55 Beatles
15 The Who
170 Various Artists

also: about 1200 Springsteen CDs-all live shows

An absolute TON of fantastic music!!
Send me a message and we'll get these discs out of my house and into yours

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Fela Kuti

If anyone has any live Fela Kuti shows, I have a boatload of GD to trade.

I'm particularly searching for two shows:

Washington DC 1992

Berkeley, CA 7-26-91

or anything other than these commonly circulating shows;

11-4-78 - Berlin
X-x-81 - Paris, France
6-30-81 - Paris, France
6-20-84 - Glastonbury
11-6-86 - Boston, MA
11-7-86 - Detroit, MI
11-14-86 - Berkeley, CA
11-15-86 - Los Angeles, CA
6-18-89 - Glastonbury
7-15-89 - Santa Barbara, CA
8-15-89 - Santa Barbara, CA
7-25-90 - Santa Cruz, CA
9-26-89 - Philadelphia, PA

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Looking to get rid off my tape collection

deahead87, I am just starting out with my exposure to the Tapers scene. I ran across another collection (50 tapes lovingly annotated; '65 through '95) at a Goodwil store. They didn't know what it was and almost gave it to us. Now that I have the fever... are you giving these away?
Let me know, with metta,

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Reels I need to get rid of

I have 5 reel to reels that I'll send to you if you reply to
No.1 appears to be a tape of the show released as One From the Vault. The list on the back includes Dark Star so there is clearly more besides that show. And some tunes from the Vault show are not listed, so ... 8-13-75 is written inside the box.
No. 2 is labeled Golden Gate Park/SNACK/GAMH and appears to be the other 3 shows from 75. This may be the first place I heard the SNACK set.
No.3 is labeled 4/29/11971 but the list on the back and a piece of paper inside says 6/19/76 & refers to WNEW, so it may have been taped off the radio. The tape itself a Maxell is wrapped in plastic and labeled Side III & Side IV.
No. 4 has lists for 'Closing Night at Fillmore East 4/71', Universal Amphitheater, July 1, 1973, for 2/14/70, and for 1/1/1973.
No. 5 is labeled 4/14/72 and 6/23/74.
You want them, they're yours. Send me an address.

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Bobby and Hornsby Fox Oakland

What a remarkable show last night...full of pleasant surprises and those AH HA moments that only a live performance can bring...with everyone in their best and most supportive Dead vibe! So of course i'd LOVE a copy of the entire show...even if it contains that long moment while we were waiting for bruce's monitors to be adjusted...and finally Bob picked up his amp and twisted it around so it would point to bruce and the keys. pm me at dylanland at yahoo dot com if you can help out. thanks, and peace.


ps, someone also sat on disc three of my cornell show a couple months ago...if any can help. i can B&P or trade, primarily Dylan.

Joined: Mar 26 2012


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