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Joined: Nov 30 2007
First Post: Need a Morning Dew

Hi Everyone:

Glad to be here but sad occasion.

I've traveled to the White Mountains of eastern Arizona for over a decade; now they're burned to the ground. I'm contemplating a multi-media presentation with my photographs and would like to have a Morning (Mourning) Dew to go with.

Who'd like to point me to the mellowest, most soulful, transcendent performance of that song?

I'm pretty much a '70 - '74 kind of guy but my favorite show so far is 1976-07-18. I have 1974-10-18.

If y'all could give me some suggestions, I could track-down the recordings.

Sorry if this is the wrong forum.



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Joined: Jun 3 2011
Looking for Tape Donations

Hello All,
I am an artist and deadhead working in Los Angeles (I know, kind of a brutal environment). I collect deadhead documentaries, and Dead audiocassettes. I have been hesitant to join the community and to post (I guess out of some form of weird intimidation), but the project I am working on needs some help, and I think this internet community can aid in its health. The project I am speaking of is a long term one. I am trying to collect every Grateful Dead show recorded on tape/audiocassette. It's a monumental aim, but I think it can be accomplished. For more precise information please look at the blog I have started that documents the progress of the project:
Although I started this in the Fall of 2010 - it has taken me a while to get everything in order to prepare for the mammoth task. It is all in preparation for a well documented, and well taken care of preserve of information, imagery and sound thru physical object. Tapes are becoming harder and harder to find, and as a cultural object I feel should be preserved in some respective form or another.
I am looking for any generous souls who would like to donate their tape, or tapes to this collection. It could be your worst recorded tape/s, or the best - quality is not important. What is essential is that it comes from you, a fan, and that it is charged with individual soul. I notice that there are others that have asked for substantial amounts of tapes in the past few months on this thread, I apologize for the echo. I am willing to pay for shipping, or if you are in California, to meet you and pick it up from you. I might also have something to trade, it will probably not be a tape though. I am more than happy to discuss and talk with you. You can contact me here, or from the email address on the website :

THANKS for reading, and hope you are feeling and being 100%

Joined: May 13 2011

Yeah if there is someone wanting to get rid of their collection I'd be glad to take it off their hands!! Id be more than happy to pay for any shipping cost. PM me if you are interested.

Joined: Mar 18 2010
J-Card Artwork

Hey folks,

Just wanted to say that if people are looking to give away there tapes I certainly would be interested in the J-cards. I'm part of the younger generation of Deadheads and I thought it would be neat to collect the artwork on the backs of them. I only have about 5 or so, but from the ones I have they're pretty cool. I plan on collecting a whole bunch and then making a collage out of all of them possibly. I see them as a art form!

Best wishes to all,


Pretty much like these found here:

Joined: May 10 2011
3-400 Tapes in Buffalo Gotta Go FREE

Hi, I've got about 3-400 shows on tape that I'd like to unload. No trades necessary as I'm not a fan of the Dead. I just would prefer to not throw this huge pile in the trash so I'm hoping someone would like to come and pick these up--FREE. I can provide a list of the shows if you're interested. I'm in the Buffalo, NY area, FYI. Anyone interested?

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Joined: Mar 24 2011
winamp plugin for streaming from

I don't trade tapes anymore, but I wrote myself a plugin for Winamp that streams Dead shows from's collection of audience recordings. I wanted something that would let me listen to new shows while I work at my desk. I love it, so I figured I'd share it.

If you have the latest version of Winamp, you can download my plugin here.

If you don't have the latest version of Winamp, you can download it free here.

Enjoy. And if you end up using it, let me know what you think.


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July 14 1990

Hey everyone
Was wondering if anyone had that show?
I would have to see what tapes and i mean tapes i got to trade.
Let me know

Joined: Nov 1 2010
Feb 27 & 28, 1969

I am looking to get copies of these shows if anyone can help out. Thanks very much!

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Joined: May 26 2007
no worries

you didn't know! Long story, but there's kind of a line to walk here, and quite a thriving trading/vining scene that's evolved because of a good sense of boundaries, and the peaceful life for us... Thanks!

Joined: Nov 1 2010
My apologies

My deepest apologies to the board for my mistake in asking for the music of the Fillmore West box set. I didn't realize this I am sorry.



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