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Joined: Jun 2 2009
Looking for CD's

Hi Everyone,
Does anyone have the following cd's???????
I'm looking to fill in some gaps and these would certainly help as they are not at archieve.

The tour dates were;

* April 7, 1972, Wembley Empire Pool, Wembley
* April 8, 1972, Wembley Empire Pool, Wembley
* April 11, 1972, Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle
* April 14, 1972, Tivolis Koncertsal, Copenhagen
* April 16, 1972, Aarhus University, Aarhus
* April 17, 1972, Tivolis Koncertsal, Copenhagen
* April 21, 1972, Beat Club, Bremen
* April 24, 1972, Rheinhalle, Dusseldorf
* April 26, 1972, Jahrhundert Halle, Frankfurt
* April 29, 1972, Musikhalle, Hamburg
* May 3, 1972, Olympia Theatre, Paris
* May 4, 1972, Olympia Theatre, Paris
* May 7, 1972, Bickershaw Festival, Wigan
* May 10, 1972, Concertgebouw, Amsterdam
* May 11, 1972, Rotterdam Civic Hall, Rotterdam
* May 13, 1972, Lille Fairgrounds, Lille
* May 16, 1972, Theatre Hall, Luxembourg
* May 18, 1972, Kongressaal - Deutsches Museum, Munich
* May 23, 1972, Strand Lyceum, London
* May 24, 1972, Strand Lyceum, London
* May 25, 1972, Strand Lyceum, London
* May 26, 1972, Strand Lyceum, London

Thanks so much

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Joined: Jan 7 2009
1983 July 30-31 - Ventura County Fairgrounds Soundboard Wanted!

Was wondering if anyone had a good copy of either one or both of these shows? I have good tapes and CD's from the audience, but really would love to get a copy from the Soundboard. I really love these shows, and this was the first time i saw them when i was a kid.
Please contact me if you can help.
Thanks a bunch

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Joined: Jun 24 2007
Classical Shakedown

9/22/91 - Boston Garden has a Shakedown opener where Bruce plays some classical sounding phrases during the intro. There is a great soundboard circulating - PM me if you need a copy.

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Joined: Jul 9 2007
Shakedown Street with a grand piano

I'm thinking Baldwin grand piano and Bruce Hornsby, K8, for your inquiry seeking a Shakedown with a classical touch. Vince Welnick also plays on the electric Hammond Xb2.
Check the LMA ( for versions from Berlin, 10/19/90, thru 3/20/92, Hamilton, Ontario.

FYI: I've read lately where Bruce now plays a Steinway...

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Joined: Jan 2 2009

I have all those shows:

9/21/73 sbd.miller
6/28/92 dsbd.miller
7/1/92 nak300.baker-keo.sirmick

JGB 11/22/91 fob-schoeps

If you can deal with flac and or shn format I will put these on a DVD for you and send them off. Sorry but I don't have the bandwith to burn wav files onto CD-R's.

Let me know either here or PM me.

"It's got no signs or dividing line and very few rules to guide"

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Joined: Jan 29 2011
seeking shows near and dear

I am looking to obtain copies of three Grateful Dead shows and one Jerry Garcia Band show, and would like to ask for anyones assistance who would be able to aid in this quest. I am looking for, in particular, the GD shows from 9/21/73, 6/28/92 and 7/1/92 and the JGB show from 11/22/91. Thanks.

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Joined: Mar 20 2008

Hey Now,
I am trying to find a home for some of my tapes. I know everyone has been on the digital side for many years including myself. I have also been matering and xfering to CD. I have a lot of early 90 tapes up for grabs. Probably about 300 or so. Most are sbds and a lot are AUD masters. I really hate to throw these in the local landfill. If anyone wants them they are yours!
Shipping in large flate rate boxes for $20 ea. A box holds about 60 tapes. The other option is I am heading to Phili shows and Hampton if anyone wants them, I can bring them with me and drop off so there is no cost to you. Let me know!

Let the music flow....


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Joined: May 12 2008

Classical? Sounds like either an early 90s or late 90s bruce Hornsby. I doubt it's Brent.

Joined: Nov 3 2010
my dvds

I have a few shows on dvd I want to trade tell me if your interested

Joined: Jul 9 2007
Classical piano intro to shakedown street?

I had a cd of a show with a version of shakedown street i am trying to find. The piano music sounds classical. HELP ME! :)


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