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Joined: Oct 18 2007
Must have 13APR1984 Hamptom...HepMeh

need to replace a borrowed and never returned audience copy of Hampton Coliseum 13APR1984... plz Hep Meh if u can. I have a vast collection of both cassettes and burned audience cdz if trading is ur game...

stay safe kynd and grateful

Joined: Jun 4 2007

Have: Sealed copies of Dave's 6 and 10
Want: Pure Jerry Bay Area '78 and/or Pure Jerry Warner Theatre '78

Yeah, I know fat chance but it's worth a shot. Maybe in time the values will equalize. If it sounds a fair trade, please message me.

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Joined: May 26 2007
like cosmicjerry says

Every now and then someone on this very board is looking to rehome tapes, so keep an eye open.

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Joined: May 9 2013
free tapes

my advise for you Billy, register to different dead related websites, and keep your eyes open. people transfer their shows to different formats and usually give away their tapes to a good home. check craigslist regularly.
and if you're lucky here is one link for you,good luck :)

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Joined: Jun 3 2014
Do people still trade tapes?

Not sure if tape trading is very active these days. Most of the better tapes have made their way to the Grateful Dead archives being digitized into FLAC's Oggs and MP3 VBR files.

Joined: Jan 10 2014
Free Tapes?

Hello, I am a young Deadhead who is looking to get in to collecting live Dead tapes. If any one can help me out, that would be great!!!

Joined: Apr 12 2014
never played collection of tapes

I just ran across a large collection of unplayed second generation dead tapes. my neighbor just collects things. he is not a fan of the dead but copied someones tape collection and then put them away and never played them. 119 cassette tapes he say's he copied from a guy that new the deads soundman.

I have no idea what he has. the first tape I checked out is labeled
shrine 11-09-1967 and is an excellent recording, sounds like a soundboard (I don't hear the audience). after looking on the internet I am confused. the site says they never played on that date. the internet archive has 7 songs from the next day 11-10-67.
the first song on one side (not labeled with side one or two) is "the other one" and is not the version listed as unknown source on the internet archive from 11-10-67.

so I have no idea what he has, or how to go about even figuring it out. but they are all unplayed so I thought they might be of interest to the community.

let me know if this might be of any interest to anyone.

clint bush

I don't visit forums often so if interested just email me directly

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Joined: Mar 20 2008

stephcab25 I just sent you a PM. Check your inbox


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Joined: May 26 2007

even if the most recent batch has been taken, stick around, because now that folks know you're looking they can keep you in mind for future stuff too.

Meanwhile, if you're set up to copy CDs and DVDs, look into the Vineyard, which has an amazing range of stuff from all eras. You sign up, copy the disc when it arrives, and send it to the next person on the list.

Joined: Feb 1 2014
Free Tapes

Does this offer still stand? I'm a young fan and searching...


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