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Joined: Jul 23 2007
Looking to trade, Search Light Casting

Sittin' here thinking about certain killer board cassettes I used to have and
thought I'd put my wish list on the board.
I have dail up, so bit-torrent etc. is a non-starter for me.
I've been on the VINE, here on this site for many months and have accumulated
around 90 or so shows.
I'd be happy to trade or B&P or whatever to get some of these shows which were easy to get
back in the day that somehow seem hard to get now???
Well, anyway here's the list:
I'll be happy to email my list to you for trading... email to or PM me.
6/26, 27, 28, 29/76 Auditorium theatre, Chicago
2/ 18, 19, 20, 21 /71 Capitol, Portchester, NY
12/1/79 Stanley theater, PA
12/ 3. 4, 5/79 Uptown Theatre, Chicago
12/6/81 Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont,IL
7/ 27, 28, 28/82 Red Rock's Ampitheater, CO
8/28/82 Venetta, OR
7/22/84 Ventura, CA
To name a few.
If you can help me out, That's awesome!
Email for list
Thanks in advance and peace,

Joined: Jun 15 2007
greg brown bootleg....

i'm looking for a greg brown bootleg
its from the great american music hall sf
i don't remember the date
but lucy kaplansky opened up for him
and it had '52 vincent' on it
i had a copy from a tape trader, but i lost it
and can't contact the trader
would be glad to pay postage and the price of the bank
reach me here, or at:

Joined: Aug 2 2007
Hey I appreciate the offer.

Hey I appreciate the offer. Thanks so much but I don't have the funds currently to pay for the shipping. I'm sure that someone in the area would be more than willing and luck to take these off your hands. Happy Holidays!

Be Easy,

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Joined: Jun 16 2007
Repost from summer - free tapes

Hey RedGrenadine (and anyone else intrested)

I have over 1000 hours of GD material on cassette which is sitting in my basement and wants to find a good home. I have found the wonderful world of digital high-speed file sharing and have not looked back. If your in the Portland/Vancouver/Seattle drop me a PM and we can arrange a pickup. Please note these are racks of 100 tapes each with years from 65-95 (duh)... They're too heavy to ship but if you want to pay for it let me know. Happy holidays!!


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Joined: May 26 2007

I've removed your posts because trading commercially released material, including original mixes or rips thereof, is not allowed here. Sorry.

Joined: Aug 2 2007
Extras or a B and P

Any established traders have any extra copies of shows they'd be wiling to pass on or who would be able to do a B and P of some of the essential material for me? I'm in on a couple vines, but I'm in desperate need of a fix. Drop me a PM if you can lend a hand. Cheers - Zach

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Joined: Jun 24 2007
...And MANY thanks for that link, Bob.

Those new matrix mixes of the Greek run from June '85 really hit the spot. From reading the post, it looks like there will be more to come. And thanks to Charlie Miller, or should I say Santa Claus?

His job is to shed light, not to master...

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Joined: Jun 24 2007
Yo Trev,

Both Riverport '94 shows are on the Archive, audience only. Links to 7/26 and 7/27/94 are below. Happy Holidays, dude.

His job is to shed light, not to master...

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
Soundboards back on LMA


- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Spanish Jam

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Joined: Jul 8 2007
Looking For....

I dont know the exact date but St. Louis Riverport 1994.

"You know the one thing we need is a left handed monkey wrench....."


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