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Joined: Jun 5 2007
Soundboards back on LMA


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Spanish Jam

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Joined: Jul 8 2007
Looking For....

I dont know the exact date but St. Louis Riverport 1994.

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Joined: Jun 16 2007
checkout the Vine

Hwy RG -

Go check out the Vines on here. There is a JGB from 87 out there that is sweet and Im sure you can find other nuggets too...


Joined: Jun 4 2007
Lilac women and

RedGrenadine- have you checked out the Vineyard? There are some tasty JGB shows, Phil & Friends, Ratdog, and of course the good ol' Grateful Dead being shared.
As long as you can rip and burn a disc and mail it out, you are in fat city. Take a look, Zach, and jump in. The vine is FINE! Take care, Tim

Joined: Aug 2 2007
Looking for quintessential JGB shows

Hey all,
I have only a few Gratfeul Dead shows and they are those that most probably already own, so a B and P rather than a trade is probably in order if anyone is willing to lend a hand. I'm looking to get a few, say 3-5 or more, JBG shows, the ones that are generally considered to be the prototype of what Jerry was after when he performed outside of the Grateful Dead (maybe this is impossible in 5 shows or less, nevertheless you know what i'm getting at). Shoot me an email if you could do a B and P of some kind for me. Any help is heartfelt and always appreciated.


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Alpine Valley 7/18/89 DVD

I have been looking for a DVD of 7/18/89 Alpine Valley. I have 7/19/89 house video DVD, and of course everyone should have 7/17/89 minus the last 4 songs of first set (Downhill From Here). I would be very happy to trade my 7/19/89 for the middle night 7/18/89.


Joined: Jun 4 2007
Your first show? I got you covered.

Check your pm and if you send your address, I will get you the 10-2-77, I don't have the other show, but have a soundboard of that night.

Joined: Nov 12 2007
10/1-2/77 Portland (OR) Paramount

My first show; the best I ever heard. After hearing it again on the Archives, its still the best show IMHO for so many reasons I won't bore you with now. If you have these two nights on CD(s), and especially 10/2/77, can I get a copy? Thank you so much.

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check out this link
It is a poster from that show.
Good luck in your journey.

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February 21, 1970
I'm looking for a copy of this show, or even ANY bits of info regarding it. 'Twas a special day in the life of D00Dah, but I can't seem to find anything more than a City and State they played in that day: San Antonio, TX - of all places! Any help or info would be appreciated.

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