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Joined: Jul 19 2007
vine turaournd time...

Hi Folks,

I'm somewhat new to the vine thing here at'm so happy that has allowed fans to do this activity here, as it should be here all along! Maybe it's been said before, but if everybody who accepts a vine PLEASE make the turnaround time within a week at the most would really be helpful...I've recieved my first vine and it has taken past 65 days for me to get it...that's a long time compared to other places that trade music via snail mail...I recently seeded a vine and the person I sent it to sat on up for more than 2 everybody please be mindful and turnaround the discs in 3 - 4 days...

thanks for the soapbox...and later this week I'll be throwing out more digital soundboards

Ursa Minor

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Joined: May 15 2008

post it as a potental new vine if it is all good she will post it if not she will let u know

Joined: Jul 29 2008
Not really "technical" questions...

...this isn't really a technical question, but how can I determine the permissibility of posting certain things, copyright wise? I know marye put the "caveat" on the Dylan/Dead vine (since it wasn't just the Dead) and suggested that the vine might have to be retired if something came up. There are other non-Dead vines that don't carry the caveat, so do I just suggest a vine in the "New Vines" forum and wait for approval? I have one short CD to stick in a vine, it was never commercially released on its own, nothing really earth-shattering but probably of interest to somebody -- I bought an autographed copy of Phil's autobiography on eBay and it came with this CD with some music clips and Phil discussing. I guess they gave the CD away at some book signing.

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Joined: Jun 7 2007

Thanks for the comments Oroboros. Important to keep the vineyards watered. I will happily reseed any of the vines I have gotten if they have been lost down the line on the vine. Just wanted to let fellow viners know.
Let me know,peace,pk

Joined: Jun 4 2007
Bobbalee-here is how it goes

(Copied and altered from Hunter's original instructions many moons ago)
The vine goes something like this:

> 1) A person starts the vine with a show of their choosing.He/she posts the show with the details and starts a list. People starting a vine should clearly print the artist/show date/disc#/and any other pertinent info on the discs themselves. I like to also add a card with the vine with all the show info.

> 2) Who ever wants to get on the vine can do so as long as they have a burner and the time to keep the vine running smoothly.

> 3)To get on the vine a person only needs to add their email to the list.

> 4) The vine will go to the first person on the list and after that person recieves the show they must contact the next email on the list to get mailing information.Once the show has been burned you pass the origional show CD's onto that next on and so forth. *Important note* There is no reason to wait until you recieve the discs before contacting the next person on the list. Feel free to contact the next in line before you get the vine.This can help speed up the mailing process greatly.

> 5) ***Very important....once you receive the show in the mail you must post back to the vine to update it.Let others on the vine know that you have received the show on so and so date and what date you will be sending the show onto the next in line. This will keep all the others in the loop and will let us know if the vine has died and who has killed it.Very important knowledge for upcoming vines because if a person repeatedly kills vines then that person should be skipped over if seen posting to other vines.

Other than that , there is some info that is specific to our little operation. First you should go to the most recent post pertaining to the vine you're interested in. For our purposes here on this forum we will need to highlight the text from the original message that includes what show is being vined, and the list of people who have signed up, and copy it (right click on the highlighted text and hit copy). Then start a new post and paste (again, right click where you want the text to reappear, then click paste). The copied list will apear and you will then add your logon name to the list. Since we all have inboxes here on I think it would be simpler to communicate with each other through them rather than getting into personal emails. However this is not set in stone and people can feel free to contact each other however they wish. Just make sure your contact info is available to the whole group in case somone needs to contact you.

So Bobba, you click on show(s) that you are interested in and follow the above instructions in 'cutting an pasting' and then adding your name to the list. You then send a pm with your address to the person in front of you on that vine and then wait until you recieve the vine and/or notification that it is on the way. It arrives, you copy it with your CD burner for your libary, readdress the envelope and then send the original vined show off to the next viner. Hope that helps.

But if you are still confused (listen to the music play) continue to ask questions. Viners will assist. That is what the vineyard is all about.

Joined: Jun 9 2007
Can I join this vine?

These shows look interesting. how do I join?

And the road goes on forever....

Joined: Jul 29 2008
Yes Dad, please keep the frozen vines alive.

Good job Oroboros. And a courtesy exchange of PM between sender and recipient, to make sure the recipient is still available, doesn't seem like too much trouble. If somebody is going to be moving/on vacation or otherwise unavailable they can be moved down the list, rather than hold the vine up or get it lost. I'm pretty new so I'm still contacting people for the first time to get addresses, but I expect I'll "confirm the appointment" for a vine each time before sending it out.

Hopefully we'll keep the "retired vines" tracked via PM, I was getting close on Egypt but was really looking forward to the Winterland shows and I was pretty far down that list. Darn'ed ol' Rhino stole the Viner's Idea!

Joined: Jun 4 2007
This isn't a technical question, it is a request

for all of us viners.


Please. I know that I got lazy with that courtesy and need to remind myself to do this. I think that it helps the vines stay alive, because we then can locate them, we know where they are or aren't, and it is a courtesy that enhances the vineyard and can be used to help keep these vines on track.

Recently several vines that appeared to be dead (no pun intended) suddenly reappeared. The person recently moved and found these unsent vines and sent them off to the next viner! That is great that this individual who shall remain nameless (BennyJakes) would take the time and effort to not ignore the responsiblity that he volunteered for by being a part of the vineyard. Even though it was late. It as grate. (I must stop rhyming.)

Let us step up viners in keeping these vines moving. Lets set a goal for turning them around in a quick manner. Again, I myself need to heed my own advice.

Recently, the Egypt '78 and Winterland from Egypt with Love became commercially available and are now 'locked' (taking no more viners). Some of these other vines may be on the schedule for a Road Trip compiliation and while that is just what some people would like (yes, I like new releases) but do I prefer complete shows. And commercial releases would knock out some of these other great/essential vines we have here from sharing further.

I know I am being a 'dad' (er.. well I am a dad) and trying to give a pep talk, but some of these vines have disappeared without a trace and that is unfortunate.

I think if we get into better habits, be more responsible, and communicate more, we can do a better job of spreading these wonderful shows around and sharing what has been shared with us all.

Sorry if I lectured, as I said I am a dad. AND I need to do a better job myself and will work on that.
Take care, viners.
And of course, VINE ON!

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Joined: Sep 10 2007

Sorry Gr8fulTed, I got it working, my correction post was regarding one sentence in my earlier post. T-tune won't directly import the music from the DVD, but it WILL import it from the computer. So I clicked and dragged to the Music file in my computer, then imported from there to I-Tunes. Seems to work well. Deleting stuff from the Music file in my computer as I burn and spot check. Thanks!

This guy also gave me a very nice AUD of 5/14/83 I could throw into the vine. This is just a straight up WAV disc, no converting required.

Sorry for the confusion, go back to investigating how to concoct the perfect grilled cheese sandwich!

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Joined: Jul 9 2007
meanwhile, back in the lab...

..." one man gone and another to go..."

I found another software site, with FREE software, named Audacity.
It may be our salvation, if you can work it!


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