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Joined: Jun 7 2007
married into the family

My wife and the love of my life like's to say she married into the "family". I went to my first show at 13 - the wall of sound test cow palace march 23 1974. Forever dead after that(thank's Kevin). My wife and I have been together 10 years now and she actually has started to enjoy it. It remind's her of summer. The real test was the Grateful dead family reunion at alpine valley. After an awesome vibe from the crowd and a spectacular double rainbow right over the stage, the music has never stopped. There is hope! peace.

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Joined: May 26 2007
do not dis Vince Gill

I like Vince Gill too!

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
Yeah, she would drop me at the shows...

I remember my darlin' wife of 25 years saying she had never seen so many weirdo's, after dropping me off at a Red Rocks show. I always felt at home, so I didn't think we looked THAT weird....

She doesn't listen to the same stuff I am into - trance, Goa, Dead, 'Spread, Cheese, Dog, Zero 7, Morcheeba - I don't listen to much Vince Gill. I am usually kind (she REALLY can't stand them), but my daughter has all my disks, and we listen to all the "good" stuff.

So, at least one of "my girls" like my jams. The other one is fun to cuddle, makes up for the music thing. Even if she like Vince Gill.

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Joined: Jun 4 2007


we do agree about Sugaree and all things Grateful though she would rather hear Roger Daltry sing, more than Jerry or Bobby... she prefers the singing talent of CSNY over the dead's attempts at harmonies... but the jamming is jamming, and life jams away.

but we both left our brains on the 5:15 so long ago. and have both been happily on our own 'dizzy ride' for many years.

finally, for those times when we are grooving to a different drummer...

on the eigth day, God created headphones.


the serious comment I'd add, is it is all about mutual respect for each other's desires and tastes.

but Hunter's words speak volumes:

"Merry run around
Sailing up and down
Looking for a shove in some direction
Got it from the top
It's nothing you can stop
Lord, you know they made a fine connection

They love each other
Lord, you can see it's true
Lord, you can see it's true
Lord, you can see it's true

He could pass his time
Around some other line
But you know he chose this place beside her
Don't get in the way
There's nothing you can say
Nothing that you need to add or do

It's nothing, they explain
It's like a diesel train
Better not be there when it rolls over
And when that train rolls in
You won't know where it's been
You gotta try to see a little further

Though you'll make a noise
They just can't hear your voice
They're on a dizzy ride and you're cold sober

Hope you will believe what I say is true
Everything I did, I heard it first from you

Heard your news report
You know you're falling short
Pretty soon won't trust you for the weather
When that ship comes in
You won't know where it's been
You got to try to see a little further"

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Joined: Jun 12 2007
love just is...

Ixtlanvet 's wife is double bad like that! She can't stand 'em or Bobby Dylan.
So,s here how's I cope:
She dose'nt go with me to the big shows.
I don't play it @ home or in the car.
It's worked like that for 26 years.
I have Dylan tickets in-hand.
Last time I saw RatDog I met Caryl Hart!
She like's to read...

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Joined: May 26 2007
izzie's story!

Chris and I met in '91 after 10 years of not seeing each other. I was doing the homeless --> hippie --> biker thing while he was being an Army officer. We'd been around each other as teenagers, but never really talked. the Freak and the Geek, you know. Anyway, we went out and of course for me, talk turned to music. He asked me if I liked Debbie Gibson. We'd just been talking about mutual friends, so I said, uh I don't remember her. Where'd she go to school? He cracked up, as she was apparently hot on some charts. Then I asked him about the Grateful Dead. He rolled his eyes and said that his best friend from childhood was a deadhead, so at least he knows who Jerry Garcia is. We got married about 5 months later, and a month after that we went to my ex's town to pick up my ferret and see a show. That's when he fell asleep at a sweet little JGB acoustic show.

How's it work? He knows if the music is up loud and I'm dancing in the living room with my eyes closed, it is not the time to ask me about the checkbook issue. and if I want to hold him and sway to Stella Blue, he knows to take it like a lover and just shut up. And he learned early on that no, it's not country music, it doesn't all sound the same, and that Brent was a god. He'll call me at home now (we don't live together because of my job) and will hear Brent wailing in the background: "oh were you and Brent having a moment? should I call you back?"

Chris is the best partner in the entire fucking world.


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They Love Each Other. But...