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4/17/72 Copenhagen Denmark TV Broadcast

OK, after losing a 750GB hard drive the other day I've come to realize if I don't spread more of the music around I won't be able to recover it as easily. And, if nothing else, this is a vine to soothe my soul after losing so much hard work! To that end, this vine is a partial French TV broadcast of the 4/17/72 Copenhagen, Denmark show:

1) Me and Bobby McGee
2) Chinatown Shuffle
3) China Cat Sunflower ==>
4) I Know You Rider
5) Jack Straw
6) He's Gone
7) Next Time You See Me
8) Monitor Mojo ==>
9) One More Saturday Night
10) It Hurts Me Too

According to Internet Archive there is a more complete version out there that includes a few more tracks from the show. Go to to get the rest of the story. If anyone has the whole video they'd like to share that'd be great!


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whole show?

The most recent video that is circulating has music from the whole show and video from around half of it. The remaining video is constructed from graphics and general shots of the band. It is very nicely done and well worth getting. Here are the details

Grateful Dead Tivoli Concert Hall Copenhagen, Denmark 04/17/1972
partial multi camera Danish TV pro-shot with graphics to fill in the missing video to make a complete show . Tracks marked (V) have real video of the show.

Dvd 1 (Set 1)

Cold Rain & Snow (05:43)
Me And Bobby McGee (05:57) (V)
Chinatown Shuffle (02:47) (V)
China Cat Sunflower > (05:43) (V)
I Know You Rider (06:23) (V)
Jack Straw (04:55) (V)
He's Gone (06:54) (V)
Next Time You See Me (04:59) (V)
Black Throated Wind (06:42)

Dvd 2 (Set 2)

Casey Jones (05:49)
Playin' In The Band (09:23)
Sugaree (06:41)
One More Saturday Night (04:42) (V)
It Hurts Me Too (07:24) (V)
Ramble On Rose (07:06) (V)
El Paso (07:03) (V)
Big Railroad Blues (03:28) (V)
Truckin' (11:18) (V)

Dvd 3 (Set 2 cont)

Dark Star-> (30:38)
Sugar Magnolia > (07:08)
Caution (Do Not Stop on Tracks) > (23:41)
Johnny B Goode (04:18)

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Tim, look for a PM from me to get the whole show - this is one of the best videos circulating out there and it would indeed be a treat to see the entire show.

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The whole show? I am more than interested!

That would be a welcome addition. The original DVD contained approximately 1/2 of that night's show and I would love to see the rest.
Please vine it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have the whole show on killer dvd if you guys want it pm me and i will re-seed it

At least I'm enjoying the ride

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Never got this.... haven't heard anything since my post in Oct.

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im in...

Raymond do you currently have this??

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Hope its still available?? Thanks!

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got this in

...on the 27th...great thing to watch the night before rutherford I...great quality... already got it copied... if anyone else wants in on this please pm me.

Thanks again!


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out to Jimbo

Ok, this went out to Jimbo on 4/23

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oh why the heck in

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Tivoli '72 TV Vine