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Joined: Jul 19 2008
RODON - i am interested in your 3/6 tickets

i sent you a private message, please send me an email and let me know what's up.

Jesus Loves You The Best!

Joined: Feb 28 2010
Further - Colorado We have 2 tks fro 3/5 & 2 tkts for 3/6

Howdy, unfortunatly my wife has had hip surgury so we can not make the trip this time.
But we were hopping to sell all four tkts. We have 2 for floor on 3/5 ($55 ea) and 2 in the stands on 3/6.($49.00 ea)

Can you find two more freinds that want to go?

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Joined: Jan 21 2009
Colorado Tickets!!

I have 3 extra tickets for this Friday night in Colorado! Got 4 from pre-sale and an additional 4 from mail order! Face value or "fair trade" only. Call Todd @ 303-594-9925.

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Joined: Jan 20 2009
need 1 for 2/2 Chicago

Hey Now!

I am looking for one ticket for the first night (2/2/10) of Chicago.

Please email me at:

Much Love!

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Joined: Jun 4 2007

who's got my chi-town tickets?!?

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Joined: Jun 17 2007
Need one for AC 2-27

Hey All,

Looking for one ticket for Atlantic City. I already have seats, but it's my sister's birthday weekend and she wants to come too. She's not a head at all, but willing to check it out. Would be her first show and I would LOVE to convert her....LOL

If you have a ticket to sell, send me a pm here.

Thanks and have a grateful day!!

Joined: Feb 18 2010
Need female dancin partner for chicago

NOW HEAR THIS,old school head needs female dancin partner for both chicago furthur shows.Not a creep and nothing shady.Recently single and have floor me here and maybe we can hook it up.Thanks all and have a grate day!!!

Joined: Apr 10 2009
Lookin for Radio city tickets

Hello All,

Im lookin for a pair to radio city, for either show, if u can help a brother out let me know , my budget is tight, i assure u id be very Grateful

Joined: Feb 18 2010
4 tix 4 sale 4 Amherst/U.Mass

I have 4 lower level tix for sale for Amherst 2/19. $49.50 face value plus $2.50 for my efforts, gas, postage in procuring the tickets.
Call 802-259-2318 or email to

Thanks, and have a grateful day.


Joined: Nov 5 2009
furthur tix

.ihave tix.asking face+20.00 so i can overnight.2 for each show.sell in pairs only. paypal. for the folling shows:

18th manchester-verizon center 49.50e
19th amhurst- mullins center 49.50e
20th utica- memorial auditorium 49.50e
22nd newark- bob carpenter center 49.50e
23rd nyc-radio city 69.50e
24th nyc radio city 69.50e

unable to go. call515 201 4358

no ones noticed but the bands all packed and gone. were they ever here @ all?


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