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Joined: Oct 5 2007
Anyone interested in trading balcony for floor - Furthur @ NYC?

I have a pair on the floor for both Dec. 8 and Dec. 9. I am interested in trading the floor for the balcony for the 8th (or the 9th if the 8th isn't happening). I probably prefer the floor to get closer personally, but my wife is more a 'hang back' and 'be able to sit' type (I know!).

So, anyone?

Or anyone know any other boards where this might be accomplished?


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Ratdog 10/24/09

I have two balcony seats for Saturday night. Looking to trade for Friday or sell for $40 each. Email if interested.

Joined: Oct 10 2009
RatDog 10/24/09


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perfect place


Based on last night, I recommend these shows!

Joined: Oct 31 2008
Ratdog on 10/19/09 in Manhattan

Hi, I might not be able to attend. If that what's going to happen, I'll give my 2 tix face value and I'll know somewhat soon. If you'd like them, please contact me @

Thanks. And I'm not used to posting here, so I hope it posts in the right forum. :) John

Joined: Sep 20 2008

I have extras for all shows, I live in Vancouver BC but am coming to Oakland on thursday night.. staying at a hotel close to the Fox.. contact me at matt!

Joined: Mar 26 2009
Further Tickets Available


Hey now, Deadheads! I have 2 tickets each for Friday Sept 19 (Mezz Row L) & Sun Sept 20 (Floor) Further shows @ Fox Theater, Oakland, CA for face value. Bummer! I can't make it to the West Coast next weekend. If you want the tickets, they're can reach me at

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Joined: Aug 20 2008
Hello. I have 3 tickets for

Hello. I have 3 tickets for sale for the Furthur Festival with Bobby and Phil on Sunday September 21 at the Fox Theatre in Oakland. You can reach me at

Thank you.

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1 Freebee for "Heros of Woodstock" : Griffith Park Greek 8-25-09

I opted for peekaboo lodgings on other runs-so a one show jaunt is too expensive now.
Wanted to give this tic away in the spirit of Woodstock. Los Angeles really enjoyed the times as much as they could - and this party will survive beyond the bahfoonery of the management of the Greek Theater. Inanycase, Its about half way back-maybe the first of the last third of the length of the joint, sure to be loose goose for standing up options.

I don't accept the hype we've all been with the stars-why not be together again?

Heros of Woostock - Greek Theater, Los Angeles Griffith Park evening show- spare 4 giveaway
Big Brother and the Holding Company
Jefferson Starship
Canned Heat (the one splinter of that crushed can left!)'
Tom Constanton of GD fame

e-mail me your address so i can send it in good time for its arrival to you.
Hey-lets trade sometime. I often will blooper with tics.

Best wishes, OXOXO
merple reddin
(peace, love and happiness!)

"keep your character, enjoy living, share your fortune,
OXOX Merple Reddin"

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