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Have 2 Floor for 6/27 Santa Clara

I have two floor tix for Santa Clara that I'd like to move as a pair. Two options:

Option #1
$400.00 for the pair, we can use pay pal & I will over night to you.

Option #2
$350.00. You pick up myself and a friend at the San Jose airport (12:30pm on 6/27) and give us a ride to our local hotel.


Joined: Jun 13 2015
Let's trade miracles, I have extra tix, let's trade something.

Hello fellow Dead Fan/s, I have a couple of extra tix that I'm willing to part with for cheap or trade. call Tom 408-203-5836

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are you tickets only for trade?

Im looking to take my son to his first and probably last show. I have up to 525$ to offer for the pair? please let me know if you are will ing to sell them thanks!
Peace and Love

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Looking to trade 2 tix Sunday for 3 tix sunday - Santa Clara

Trying to find 3 tickets GA or seated together for my 2 tickets(sec106, row22, seats 29 & 30)

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Levi Stadium, 06/27/15 Section 421, Row 11, seat 23-24 $40/pair

Can't make it, But you can get in the door and get creative.

How about $40 for the pair and you pay Fedex or UPS?

Payment via Paypal Preferred. (it's fastest and best way for both of us)

Either PM here, or skproductions at hotmail dot com

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Up to 4 tix available for both Santa Clara shows

I have up to 4 tickets available for both Santa Clara shows that I am looking to sell for $60/ticket or best offer. The tickets for the 6/27 show are located in Section 415 Row 1 and the 6/28 seats are in Section 225 Row 1. I can no longer attend the show and would hate to see the tickets go to waste. I will consider all offers. If you would like to buy the tickets you can contact me by email at

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A Great(ful) Dead Deal for Santa Clara on Sunday

Have four side-by-side tickets in section 400 with not the greatest of views; however, THIS show will be their L A S T time you'll ever see them, ... F O R E V E R!

Or in other words, for $50 each, these tix get you through the door. Where you go afterward depends on how spontaneous, creative or stoned you are. WTF? Do you "really" think Deadheads will be prohibited from entering the General Admission sections? I'm NOT staying in my seats, why should you stay in yours?

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Chicago: Have an extra Saturday 7/4: will trade for a Friday

With tickets in hand and all of the craziness I have one extra Saturday and really need a Friday for Chicago. The Saturday ticket I can offer is in Section 309; good stage view in the club level. Looking for a decent seat for Friday to trade. Please email to

see you all in chicago

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Santa Clara Pit ticket

Want to trade a Sunday PIT ticket for a Saturday Pit ticket
Not for sale, just for trade


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