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Joined: Jun 17 2008
2 Extra Floor seats for Wilkes -Barre

these are available at face and fees.

pretty good floor seats, back section, row B.

these are extras:

please include a cell phone number.

I am going, we can meet before the show.

send email to


The Dead, Wachovia Arena

Section FL7, Row B

Total Service Fee: 13.90
Total Delivery Cost: 14.00

Total Ticket Cost: 217.90 for 2 tickets.

Joined: Mar 31 2009
Philly Fri. 5/1 - need 1 in LL

I'm hunting 1 ticket for Friday in Philly, 5/1. In particular, one in section 214 in rows 4-6. I know this is a super long shot, but I already have 2 tix in 214 row 5 that I bought at face. Now another friend is joining the Philly party and I'm trying to get him a seat with us. PM me if you're selling one. I have $$$ but need a ticket! No scalpers are selling this row, so maybe one of you kind folks can help us out.

Joined: Feb 14 2009
Good trade?

I have a good seat for the 19th (sec 126) and NEED a good seat for the 18th.
Anyone wanna trade?

Joined: Jan 4 2009
Trade your Shoreline 10th for 14th?

I can't make it to Shoreline on the 10th, so I'm looking to trade my 3 tickets for 3 tickets on the 14th. Anybody interested?

nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile

Joined: Apr 9 2009
1 TICKET for nassau Coliseum 4/24

I have one ticket for Nassau on 4/24 for sale, face value 98.00. Pretty good seat, Sect 211/ Row A / seat 4. We can do pay pal and send it, or you can pick up in Calfon NJ, OR meet at show of course. I had one person back out.
email to:
Thanks, Art

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Joined: Jul 25 2008
Shorelines & Forum Extras (my blooper guess at others needs)

I bloopered and have a gaggle of extras (friends hope/credit card flux backtrack)...anyways...
i can sell mine for cost; cannot afford to trade (at least for these shows-others?) or giveaway (sorry):
10th: dandy seat, almost center, aisle; section 201 - 20th row (of 26) ($114)
14th: nice side section (first at left of stage) - 200, 1 row above 11 rows... ($124)
good thing about side section is easy access to lawn & walk fun without all the mezz walk

May 9th: the Fabulous Forum: 3 singles , not together for the Fabulous Forum
(Los Angeles/Inglewood) 2 singles in lodge, catty corner seat on each side of the hall - from straight back (this is a 60's basketball arena) so may be best for sound. Lodge is the lower balcony. Cost is $95 each. (Catty corner is the curve of the corners, vs. straight back in flat part).
I also have one "ceiling dance spot" - just in front of the stage (colonaide) Also @ $95 because its so close to the stage - just in front of the stage-rather than behind or more than half way back. We used to sit up there in the 70's so we could "see the man coming to get us" and toss fear aside (thick as a brick!)

Let anyone know..-ok? I can't believe the fiasco of extras and $$ Enjoy life inanycase!

Keep your character, enjoy living, share your fortune,
OXOX Merple Reddin

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Joined: Feb 23 2009
Denver Pepsi Center May 7th

I have 2 for this show. A friend flaked out on me and I would love to have some1 buy or trade them for shoreline may 10th. Im not looking for profit on these, just to break even.

Joined: Apr 15 2009
2 tix for Sunday 4/19 Worcester

Great seats $175 for the pair. Sect 123 row CC seat 1 and 2 Below face value. (

Joined: Jun 17 2008
4/28 Good lower level pair available

4/28 Izod Center, NJ

Section 123, Row 5

Total Ticket Cost: face can fees: $224.00 (USD) for two tickets.

No single sales.


It is best to send a cell phone number.

Joined: Apr 10 2009
Lookin for 2 tickets MSG, Nassau or IZOD

I was recently laid off from my job. But i think goin to a Dead show is just what i need. But i cant afford to pay for the 2 tickets i need for my wife and I. if anyone out there happens to have a couple extra tickets that they can give me for free please let me know.Thanks and enjoy the show!


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