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Joined: Apr 23 2009
5/4 Chi for 5/5 Chi

My best friend and the guy who turned me on to the Dead can't go, so I have an extra for 5/4 Chitown. I have nothing for 5/5 and I want. If you're in Indy, even better!

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Joined: Jul 9 2007
L A Forum 5/9

...without love everyday, insanity's king...

1 ticket in LOG 7, V 3. Trade for a Denver 5/7 seat or sell 4 face value.

Joined: Mar 31 2009
Philly - beware razor gator!!!

Do not purchase philly tix from razor gator. It's a total bait and switch. I placed an order for 4 tix yesterday for $750 - section 102, row 16. Got a call today that my 4 tix are not available (they advertised 8 tix for sale), but said they could sub comparable seats for $900 EACH!!!! EACH!!!!!!! They might as well require payment in gold coin, though I think the gold is cheaper than the tix.

Caveat emptor good friends!!!!! Buy elsewhere!

Joined: Jan 19 2009
Chicago 1st row at face value may 5th

A bro cancelled and we have 2 SWEEEET seats in the front row(A) of section 212 may 5th chicago. Face value to the first lucky contestant.$110.00 each ($108.00 is actually face so thats cool too) 630 235 7788

Joined: Feb 17 2009
Shoreline-Forum Trade

I have 4 mail order Shoreline lawn tickets for 5/14 but now I can't go to the show

I'd like to trade them for tickets to the 5/9 Forum show

send me a message here or at to discuss


Joined: Apr 1 2009
2 NASSAU for $75 each, PLEASE buy them!

Oh no, what am I to do?

I had a pair of nassau tix for friday night, section 320, row E, seats 7 and 8, all lined up to sell for face + fees to a girl I met on About 2 days ago, she bailed on me, leaving me high and dry. I really needed that money to buy myself tickets to Philly 5/2!!! Now I am desperately trying to get rid of those tickets, sell them or trade them for Philly tickets. I would even sell them for less than face value; how does $75 each sound?

We can meet in manhattan tomorrow to exchange them, or we can meet before the show tomorrow night.

Please be my miracle, so that I can sell (or trade) these tickets and get to the Philly show!



Joined: Jan 9 2009
2 tix to hartford sunday

Im looking for 2 tix to this sundays hartford show 4/26. need them to be together, someone let me know through PM. if no1 can help out ill be there anyway lookin around......thanks for the help!

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Joined: Feb 5 2009
Chicago 5/5

Have extra for Chicago second night 5/5. We're keeping the cheapies and need to sell the others. Face plus ridiculous ticket master fees are I think $111 each.
You can PM me or send an email to

Joined: Apr 12 2009
Looking for Ticket to Hartford....

Kind heart you can trust.Looking for a miracle, or to exchange gifts. My gift = cds of great shows with Killer quality. Your gift= A ticket to Hartford.
I have amazing shows on CD. Pink Floyd, Dickey Betts and GS, The Dead 03' and 04', Allman Brothers Band. etc.
E-mail me at

Everlasting light...........Chowin

Joined: Jan 16 2009
3 x MSG Section 301 Row H

I bought ticketmaster and then mailorder came in so I have 3 extras for $99.50 each. I prefer to deal all three at once so I'll be giving priority to someone who wants them all. I'll be getting into NYC on Friday so just send me a deadnet mail message with your wireless number and I'll call you to make arrangements for delivery etc. I can't wait for Saturday it's gonna be fantastic!


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