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Joined: Jun 27 2007
GD 50: Miracle is being there- cash/ trade jewelry no GA

It's the same story the crow told me...

Like most, got shut out of GA and TM booted me while paying. I just want to see the boys one last time. Have cash and/or trade. Jewelry, art... I will let it go so I can go.

One pass or show- coming from Houston prefer pass. Can't do GA due to mobility. Would be grateful forever. Thank you brothers and sisters!

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Joined: Apr 19 2012

Hi, I sent you a PM. Thanks

Joined: Mar 19 2015
Have downtown hotel room for

Have downtown hotel room for Friday and Saturday night. Can't make it to the show and will sell to you cash what I paid.

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Joined: Nov 15 2010
Trade Pass for Lodging Perhaps???

I am looking for someone with an extra hotel room, condo, or apartment preferably close to the venue. I am not looking for someone to share the room with as we are already a large group that need the lodging. Have one "no view" 3 day pass to trade. PM me with information.

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Joined: Nov 8 2010
Got awesome Indiana Dunes State Park camp spot for FTW,need tix!

I was able to score a sweet camp spot at Indiana Dunes State Park for the shows, that was the easy part! Scoring actual tix for the shows, well, not so easy...

I'm looking to hook up with some kind folk who've got an extra tix (or three!), and need a crash spot for the weekend that's not gonna crash the wallet.

Here's the clincher: Indiana Dunes has a metro stop at the park. The train gets you to/from Soldier with no driving / cars / parking / headaches! Driving that train, indeed!!

If someone comes thru with tix, I'll pay, of course. Not looking for a miracle here. I'll also be covering the cost of the camp spot, so your lodging would be gratis.

Interested, hit me up at


Joined: Mar 21 2015
need a miracle after a death in the family

My husband, known to many as Schnieders, passed away 3/16/15 at 1:30am after a long stay in the hospital sick. It was our dream to be at this show together and now I just want to be there with him in spirit. Our family has already provided airfare and hotel for the event, and with the way that the ticket situation is, I would be honored to even get in for one night out of three, any of them, if that's all I can do. I will be in Chicago all weekend even if I can't get in. Please let me know if you have a ticket for any of the three nights, if you have two tickets together I would bring my dad to the show with me who introduced me to the Grateful Dead, and will be in Chicago with me, and spent many hours jamming with my husband to the music of the Dead, if you only have one ticket, that is okay too. Please email if you can assist in any way and let me know what you need for the tickets, as I cannot afford the insanity on stubhub.

Thank you for all your love over the years and the best family we have known.

Lizzy (Whisper)

Joined: Mar 20 2015
I have a dream...

Bonjour à tous! I was there on time, although there's more than an ocean between us, but like so many could'nt get any. But never mind, we're coming! Who knows: maybe I could win some kind of magic pass just because I come from France, just because I've been crying for 20 years, keeping Jerry alive every first week-end of august with some friends (so many nightfall of diamonds), just because there's so much I'd love to share with you guys, me a sixty old frenchie... but cosmic CHARLIE too!

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Joined: Mar 10 2015
Still looking to trade Burning Man for GD50

Burning Man is sold out. The Grateful Dead is sold out. Screw the scalpers! I have an extra Burning Man ticket. Do you have extra Grateful Dead tickets? I’m thinking a straight up trade. One $380 Burning Man ticket (good for all 7 days of the festival) for one each of the three Grateful Dead shows, July 3, 4 & 5 (of any level - $59 and up, just get me in the door for each of the shows). And depending on your tickets, I may even be able to throw in a Burning Man parking pass (worth its weight in gold this year). So, if you have the extra Grateful Dead tickets and you really want to go to Burning Man, I have an extra Burning Man ticket and I really want to go to all 3 of the Grateful Dead’s final shows…let’s talk.

I know that at this point, neither of us will actually have tickets in hand, but I have purchased my tickets through Ticketfly, I have the confirmation numbers and I will receive tickets in June. Assuming you do as well, we can agree to the trade and then when we actually get the tickets, we can discuss the logistics of the trade. There are many, many burners who can and will vouch for me. I make this offer out of a genuine love for both Burning Man and The Grateful Dead and an overwhelming desire to avoid scalpers and profiteers.

Love & Respect,
~ Stevolution

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Joined: Mar 20 2015
Hotel Room(s) Trade For (2) 3-Days to Soldier Hyatt Or Hard Rock

Hello there. So excited about these shows but unfortunately I didn't have any luck with TOO or Ticketbastard like so many others. I do have some extras hotel rooms to trade so figured I'd at least post up and see.... So basically I'm Looking to trade either two rooms at Chicago Hyatt Regency ($1750 min trade value) or one room at The Chicago Hard Rock Hotel($1400 min trade value) for 2 3 day passes to the Soldier Field shows no "No view" tickets please. Check in is July 3rd 3:00 pm and checkout is on the July 6th by noon.The rooms are standard 400sq.ft King bed rooms with great views. The Rooms will be paid for however you will have to put your own credit card down for incidentals once you check in as I will not be responsible for what you do in or to your room during your stay. I sincerely hope that all you true lovers of the Grateful Dead get in some way some how. Cause remember ...Nothing Lasts!

Joined: May 17 2009
2 Tickets for 3 nights

Live in CA. Tried all the ways offered to buy tickets. Will not buy from scalpers.
Have flight to Chicago and a place to stay. First saw the GD at Swing and US fest in
San Bernardino and continued with all the other groups that evolved from the GD.
Also, a Wharf Rat.
Thank you.


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