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Joined: Jan 18 2015
need 4 for Sunday

I won't go in to a big who as me story. The facts are I like many got shut it via mail order and tm. Looking for 4 tix. For myself wife and two boys.

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Joined: Jan 16 2015
Help on the way?

Hey All,

Unbelievably sad...I have had my personal share of heartaches in life, like everyone else (for a 1st world country anyhow),
and I am a hospice nurse, so I see a lot of sad stuff...but if I can't go to even 1 show, that thought is soul crushing right now. The music has been such a spiritual sustenance for me, and the Grateful Dead changed my whole life. I know I am not the only one, but gotta put it out there at this point for whatever chance I have of getting that miracle

Would love 1 ticket to all shows, but would take 1 for any night if that's all I can get


Joined: May 14 2013
reply to roadking

please pm or email for sunday tix
Thank you

Joined: Jan 16 2015
Need Miracle, Will Travel

Looking for 2 tix to any night for my brother and myself. Would be eternally Grateful. Can afford over face, but not Stubhub. I can't believe the gougers out there for what is supposed to be a Good Family show. BTW.. 2/28 today is my birthday and did not get what I wanted. Please email me with reasonable offers:

Peace to all,

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Joined: Jan 21 2015
i do have 4 tickets for

i do have 4 tickets for sunday

Joined: Feb 28 2015
Howdy yall! Please & Thank you

Looking for anything, was trying to go with my family but had no luck.

Need 3 tickets, 1 ticket, any day, all days?

Thanks, Jason

Joined: Feb 28 2015
I would be eternally grateful for just one little ticket!

My first Dead show was at Soldier Field and I was at Jerry's last Dead show at Soldier Field (and many others in between!). Both of those shows changed my life. I NEED to be at this reunion show in Chicago. It would make my heart so happy!

If anyone would be willing to help a sister out with a ticket I would be eternally grateful! Peace love and Jerry! xoxo

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Joined: Feb 28 2015
I would be ever so Grateful if you picked me to sell your extras

Hi all!

I like many others tried the mail order route and got the dreaded letter. And I like many others got shut out of Ticketmaster too. Such a bummer there are so many of us that want to go with not enough tickets to go around, but that is to be expected with such a rocking, awesome, close to the heart band that has given us so many wonderful and cherished memories over the years.

Although I have been lucky enough to see over 100 shows over the years, I truly wanted to be there for one last time. If you could find it in your heart to sell me a miracle ticket, I would be the most grateful girl ever!!

Last time I saw the dead with Jerry was December of 94 when my daughter was in utero. I would love to be able to have the opportunity to bring my daughter to see them for the first time outside the womb (she's now almost 20...) Please help make this dream come true!

I am looking for 2 tickets to all 3 nights, but will take any ticket, single or double for any night. Just trying to get into at least one show really!

Many thanks! Hope to see you all at the show!


Joined: Feb 28 2015
Need a miracle!

Hi there,
So, so sad that good people who want to see good music have such a hard time getting tickets. I'm looking for 2 - 4 tickets for any night or a 3 day pass, just like all my other fellow Dead Head brothers and sisters out there.

I need a miracle!

Carissa Schneider

Good luck everyone!!!! Hope you all make it to the show.'s picture
Joined: Feb 21 2015
Hey Kind people ~~~~~~> need 2 all nights

Hey all!

Looking for a couple for all three days.

We are both sincere fans and will use the tickets we buy ourselves. Back in '95, I saw Three Rivers and the first night of Deer Creek and had tickets to the 2nd night but that show was canceled. It was a bit ugly. Decided not go on to Chicago and I missed that Shakedown and Unbroken Chain that last night... ever ... which I have regretted for many years.

I am happy for you if you got your tickets! If you happen to have a couple of extras I would love to have them. I NEED A MIRACLE! Redemption... I'll get a new start, live the life I should. I'll get up and fly away!

Not sure the best way to safely pay you but we can work it out. Willing to pay a bit over face for your time and effort but not looking to put money in a scalper's pocket.



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