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Joined: Jan 3 2009
With Jerry for $9.00

First show was Philly Spectrum paid $9. Would love to go to Chicago but won't be extorted. Anyone wanting to help a sober head go to the show let me know.

I love you oh but Jesus loves you the best and I bid you goodnight, goodnight, goodnight......

Joined: Apr 27 2009
Chi Town needs 1 for each night

Got a place not to far from Soldiers Field, we can crash there. Ive always lived in Chicago so I know it well. I was at the last 3 show in Chicago and I think it will be a spiritual experience, to see the last 3 shows.
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Joined: Jun 13 2007
Last Fair Deal in the City ...

I fear there is little hope as the available tickets seem to be in the hands of those who do not understand what the whole scene is all about. Nevertheless, I would love to throw myself into the queue of those who have been shut out and would like to be otherwise. Looking for one to any or all Chicago and one for Merriweather. I will even provide transportation if you don't mind sitting on the back of a Harley (tongue in cheek, but have at it if you want to squeeze onto a little tiny seat pad). To those who are in, hope you have a Grate time. Dan

Joined: Jan 18 2012
Hi GD Sugar Daddy, If you

Hi GD Sugar Daddy,

If you have any tickets, I have a room and flight, but no tickets, missed getting them. I would be very grateful to purchase some from you or anyone you may know who has some. Need 2 for each night if possible, but anything will do.



Joined: Nov 14 2010
Looking for 2 3 day passes for Chicago

Had no luck with mail order. No luck with CID packages. And no love from ticketmaster. Would love to go general admission but will be stoked to be in anywhere. Will pay the fair price and can throw in some head candy. So many roads to Chicago...

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Joined: May 26 2007

for some reason, decent coffee seemed to be sadly absent from the scene back in the olden days (when the venue had it at all, it was pretty awful, and for some reason lot vendors didn't really go in for it. But they would've been mobbed, at least by me and my friends...) As it was, we consumed a whole lot of chocolate-covered coffee beans at shows.

Joined: Apr 23 2013
Oh Yeah

If I were to get a ticket, then I would be tempted to drive down with a high end espresso machine to replace the old grilled cheese with some real coffee...provided the Koolaid doesn't cloud my judgement...Some great roasters in Chi-town so likely some amazing coffee to be brewed for my fellow heads here!

(I don't have much to offer) :?

Joined: Apr 23 2013
Ok I'll keep trying

Klangstone (I want to call you my buddy despite never having met you) has moved to the front of the line for possible miracles a) by being cool and b) constantly making sure people know he needs a ticket...I gave up after the first week of my double shut down because, well I suck...

So here I go (again)...I am desperately seeking one ticket to any night (or all nights) to Chicago. I have been granted a miracle to go see the Dear Jerry shows after being shut out there (story of my life) and was so close to getting a Sunday ticket for face, but only asked for one so the tix went to someone willing to buy all four...that said, I will happily take two, but really only need one (if there are two, the second goes to Klang) but suffice it to say - we are desperate and hoping our brothers and sisters can help us out in anyway shape or form.


Joined: Mar 16 2015
3 Night stay at the Hilton Magnificent mile for 2 tix each night

Greetings fellow deadheads,

I had the wherewithal to book two rooms at the Hilton Magnificent mile on the North side of downtown but not to mail order; was to busy. Anyway the rooms are normally about 300 a night on a normal weekend. I am hoping to trade the room which is 2 double beds for 2 tix each night and am willing to negotiate.

Good Luck to all brothers and sisters!

Joined: Jun 7 2007
Fare Thee Well shows

I'm a little puzzled about these Chicago shows. I've been following the Dead and going to shows since the 70s. I rarely wasn't able to find SOME reasonable way to get into a show, but like many, I mail-ordered and lost in Chicago. So what are the options now? Get scalped and pay $1200+ per show to get in ...or... hope for a miracle? This doesn't seem like the way the Dead would want to wrap things up, having so many loyal followers getting shut out.

I know they're getting old and don't blame them if they wish or need to retire. It's just that we went from a fairly accessible and great-to-hear Further band to this very LAST CHANCE series of three Dead shows that sold-out in a heart beat. I can deal with missing them in Chicago if Further will be touring again. If not, then paying over a grand to get into to at least one of the Chicago shows is probably worth it.

These ARE the last shows, right? No more Further even? How about Rat Dog? Did I read that Phil said he's done performing or touring after Chicago?


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