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Joined: Jan 22 2015
Golden Ticket?

Please help a fellow deadhead with 1 ticket to 1 show at face value.

Just looking for fair deal, I have a hotel room willing to share with whomever has a ticket they can sell me.

Thanks and rock on!

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Joined: Sep 29 2007
Need Grateful Ball tix Needed for One

Looking for Saturday night, or anything. Message me if you have any extras.

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Joined: Mar 10 2015
Looking to trade a Burning Man Ticket for Grateful Dead Tickets

Burning Man is sold out. The Grateful Dead is sold out. Screw the scalpers! I have an extra Burning Man ticket. Do you have extra Grateful Dead tickets? I’m thinking a straight up trade. One $380 Burning Man ticket (good for all 7 days of the festival) for one each of the three Grateful Dead shows, July 3, 4 & 5 (of any level - $59 and up, just get me in the door for each of the shows). And depending on your tickets, I may even be able to throw in a Burning Man parking pass (worth its weight in gold this year). So, if you have the extra Grateful Dead tickets and you really want to go to Burning Man, I have an extra Burning Man ticket and I really want to go to all 3 of the Grateful Dead’s final shows…let’s talk.

I know that at this point, neither of us will actually have tickets in hand, but I have purchased my tickets through Ticketfly, I have the confirmation numbers and I will receive tickets in June. Assuming you do as well, we can agree to the trade and then when we actually get the tickets, we can discuss the logistics of the trade. There are many, many burners who can and will vouch for me. I make this offer out of a genuine love for both Burning Man and The Grateful Dead and an overwhelming desire to avoid scalpers and profiteers.

Love & Respect,
~ Stevolution

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Joined: Feb 9 2015
my elusive 7/5 ticket

Hey all,
Just looking for 1 ticket for myself to see the band. I have hotel booked and ready to boogie. Please help out with a face value ticket anywhere in the stadium.

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Joined: Jan 22 2015
1 golden ticket

Still looking for tickets to 1 or more shows.

Have hotel room for all 3 nights, willing to discuss ANY type of trade or negotiation for tickets (other than scalped tickets)

Keeping the faith alive ...

Joined: Mar 5 2015
Have 7/3, looking to trade for 7/4 or 7/5

Hey guys, first post here. I was extremely lucky and got a single 3 day pass (behind the stage, but still). None of my other buddies got tickets however so I'm looking to trade my Friday for Sunday (preferably) or Saturday. My seat is sec 253, row 20, seat 3. I'm not looking for a better view, anywhere inside is fine.

For those looking for a room, we have an extra room at the Wyndham Grand Riverfront, about 2 miles away. Our traveling party got much smaller after Ticketmaster so we no longer need this room. I would like to use it to sweeten a trade, but if that's not necessary I can transfer it to whoever needs it.

I selected UPS ground for shipping method, so my tickets should be in hand soon. I live in Alabama and my choice would be to meet somewhere in the south to trade in person before getting to Chicago.

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Joined: Jan 18 2015
trade 1 rt airfare for 4 tickets on July 5th

need 4, July 5th. i'll throw in a rt. airfare for 1
Looking for 4 tix for July 5th (Sunday ) @ face value. Must be field or lower level full view. And i'll pay for 1 rt. Airfare ticket from wherever you are ( in the continental U.S. )too chicago and back. For 1 person

Joined: Mar 3 2015
watching tickets

Prices will come down. Ticket brokers are propping the prices up. I found one that is dropping price daily until they sell. Hopefully they drop all the way to face value. Then I'll be a happy camper.

Interesting article on how brokers raise prices...tactics.

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Joined: Feb 21 2011
Re re hmmm:

I got tix and I got monkeys...I'm confused.....

Joined: Apr 23 2013
re: hmmm

Make monkeys fly out of all of our butts (or at least those that didn't get in)?


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