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Joined: May 5 2009
ISO - Phil's 70th 3.12.10

Hey all, looking for 2 tickets to celebrate with Phil and everyone else.

Please email or pm me. Thanks much!

hempies _@_ hotmail DOT com

Joined: Feb 24 2010
ISO 2 Tix- 3/2 Chicago

Please, can someone help me with two tickets for 3/2 for the Furthur show in Chicago? Willing to pay a fair price for my wife & I to attend. Thanks.

Joined: Feb 28 2010
We have 2 Colorado Tkts for Friday 3/5 & Sat. 3/6

Sadly my wife has had hip surgury and we can not make the trip.
Therefore we have 2 tkts for sale on Friday 3/5 for the Floor @ $55 ea.
And we have 2 tkts for sale on Saturday 3/6 for the Stands @ $49.00 ea.

If anyone is interested please respond.

Joined: Feb 28 2010
Have 4 tkts - 2 for Friday & 2 for Saturday

Howdy, unfortunatly my wife has had hip surgury so we can not make the trip this time.
But we were hopping to sell all four tkts. We have 2 for floor on 3/5 ($55 ea) and 2 in the stands on 3/6.($49.00 ea)

Can you find two more freinds that want to go?

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Joined: Apr 22 2009
Phil's B-day Civic Center SF/

Well, this worked for New Year's (thank you Rebecca), which was a strangely easy ticket, so I'm back for more of the same to see The "Dog Star Orchestra & Friends". More than willing to pay face (by pp) for up to 3 GA fares on the bus to never-ever land.

Please e-mail me @ my username + hotmail and let me know. If you have extras, we can meet in town before to the show (We expect to be in the area a week ahead of time.)

In Joy

Joined: Feb 27 2010
need a miracle, 2/27 Furthur in Atlantic city.

This is a last chance stab to see if anyone happens to have atlantic city furthur tickets that they don't need and happen to be looking to let someone else buy them from you.

thank you,

L.Sommer's picture
Joined: Jan 20 2009
Need one for the dance! 2/2/10

Hey Now!

I am looking for one ticket for the first night (2/2/10) of Chicago.

Please email me at:

Much Love!

Joined: Dec 16 2007
AC seats needed

Hoping someone will see this and can save me from the scalpers. If you are gonna be in Atlantic City with an extra or three, give me a ring. Dave @ 717-414-3538. Should be getting there around noon saturday. Don't want to repeat last years trip to the spectrum, although the lot was sensational even for a guy recovering from a broken back. Willing to pay face + your costs.

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Joined: Jul 19 2008
colorado furthur

Looking for one ticket for a friend for Saturday night in Colorado. Let me know if you can help. Will pay face value + fees for it.


Jesus Loves You The Best!

Joined: Jan 8 2009
Desperately In Search of pair of 3/12

Hey fellow heads,

I am desperately in search of a pair for Phils BDay Bash. Will pay more than face butnot ticket scalpers nonsense. Please hit me up here or email me @

PLease help this fellow heads dream come true.


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