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Joined: Jan 3 2009

I got shut out of Penn's Peak, it's my birthday show and I REALLY want to go!! It's a small venue and sold out immediately. I tried to get them through ticketmaster at the stroke of 10am, and they were already sold out!! My girlfriend got to the outlet at 10:05 and they were gone. I told her to get there early and she forgot to set her alarm. I told her they would sell out quick, but I didn't think that quick!! I have 2 tickets for the Mann row 2, seats 3&4 right by the isle in the terrace, but they are still good seats. I've been there before and had a really good view from there. I also have 2 tickets in sec B, closer to the stage but they aren't together. I also have tickets for MCU park on Sat. Gneral Admission. I would trade any of these seats forPenns Peak. PLEASE make my birthday wish come true!! I will also pay cash, but not the exorbant amount of money they want for tickets now. You can reach me at terrapin-1107@verizon .net. Thanks for reading and If anyone has extras, please help me out!! " If I'm still walkin', then I'm sure that I can dance!"

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Joined: Mar 21 2009
My wonderful friend

My wonderful friend barefootmountainmama is being such a grate hostess! I need a tic for her for Saturday nite in Denver. 305 610 9588

Please let me know if u have one!

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Joined: Sep 18 2008
Co march 5

I need two tix fro friday in Co. Please call Tod 303.264.9682

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Joined: Jan 4 2009
I need 4 phils b day tickets plz

I have cash or trade for 4 Phil b day tix. I live in Mendocino county and can get the u the funds asap

Joined: May 5 2009
ISO - Phil's 70th 3.12.10

Hey all, looking for 2 tickets to celebrate with Phil and everyone else.

Please email or pm me. Thanks much!

hempies _@_ hotmail DOT com

Joined: Feb 24 2010
ISO 2 Tix- 3/2 Chicago

Please, can someone help me with two tickets for 3/2 for the Furthur show in Chicago? Willing to pay a fair price for my wife & I to attend. Thanks.

Joined: Feb 28 2010
We have 2 Colorado Tkts for Friday 3/5 & Sat. 3/6

Sadly my wife has had hip surgury and we can not make the trip.
Therefore we have 2 tkts for sale on Friday 3/5 for the Floor @ $55 ea.
And we have 2 tkts for sale on Saturday 3/6 for the Stands @ $49.00 ea.

If anyone is interested please respond.

Joined: Feb 28 2010
Have 4 tkts - 2 for Friday & 2 for Saturday

Howdy, unfortunatly my wife has had hip surgury so we can not make the trip this time.
But we were hopping to sell all four tkts. We have 2 for floor on 3/5 ($55 ea) and 2 in the stands on 3/6.($49.00 ea)

Can you find two more freinds that want to go?

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Joined: Apr 22 2009
Phil's B-day Civic Center SF/

Well, this worked for New Year's (thank you Rebecca), which was a strangely easy ticket, so I'm back for more of the same to see The "Dog Star Orchestra & Friends". More than willing to pay face (by pp) for up to 3 GA fares on the bus to never-ever land.

Please e-mail me @ my username + hotmail and let me know. If you have extras, we can meet in town before to the show (We expect to be in the area a week ahead of time.)

In Joy

Joined: Feb 27 2010
need a miracle, 2/27 Furthur in Atlantic city.

This is a last chance stab to see if anyone happens to have atlantic city furthur tickets that they don't need and happen to be looking to let someone else buy them from you.

thank you,


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