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Joined: Jan 2 2009
albany floor and lower 4/13

albany TU center aka pepsi arena aka dozin at the Knick friday nite
my extras are a pair on the floor and a pair of lowers, row ee straight on facing the stage, not the sides. $95 face, i'll let them go for $160 per pair. Pm me here or call me at 518 537 6020.

the music never stopped

e ric

Joined: Apr 13 2009

I need two tickets to the Gorge for the May 16th. I already have flights and camping booked. I am open to GA'S or actual seats. Prices on the ticket brokers sites are a little ridiculous-would rather have the money go to a true fan!!!

Joined: Apr 11 2009

GF and I just decided to make the trek to Philly for both nights. We are looking for a pair for both nights. Get in Touch.

"We can all be together forever and ever if we make it to the Promised Land....."

Joined: Mar 28 2009

I have pair for friday show need to sell or trade face value

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
05-04 Chicago

Got 1 extra for 1st night, Section 214 (Dead Center) $65

Dead to the Core

Joined: Mar 27 2009
Worchester trade

I still need to trade a 4/19 Sec 333 Row E 6 for a 4/18.

If anyone could help it would be apprecieated?

(603) 707-9178

Joined: Apr 6 2009
Shoreline 5/10 for 5/14

Checking in again...

I am making the trip out to Shoreline for the week from Tennessee. I have 1 (lawn) that I would like to trade, 5/10 for 5/14. I could also sell for face+fees just so that I can go get another ticket. After being at Greensboro, I really want to be at both shows in Mountain View. Thanks.


Joined: Apr 13 2009
need 1 for Dead at MSG

if anyone has an extra anywhere for MSG please contact me.


Been checking but finding nothing so i thought i would try here.

thanks for reading.

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Joined: Mar 27 2009
albany.. and both mass shows

tickets need to go cheap.... let me know what you want er need please... 1 for the 17th 2 on the 18th(very cheap!) 2 on the 19th... lets make a deal....

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Joined: Jan 7 2009
Dead/Allman trade

I've got 4 tix for the Dead 05/09, 10, 14, 16. The Forum, LA to Shoreline and onto The Gorge, WA. I only need one tix and my friends have not been convinced to come with. I was originally concerned about the online troubles so I ordered tix from mail order too. I thought I would be able to find a friend to go at the time, but now the shows are getting closer and nobody will come with me. I'm getting stuck with 3 extra tix for 4 shows. I would like a single for the Allmans on 5/12, 13, 15/09 Oakland/Portland and was wondering if anyone wants to trade or buy my extras. I'm driving down from Vancouver, Canada in my '71' VW Camper if anyone wants a tix and a ride.



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