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Joined: Jan 5 2009
Portland GA floor tickets wanted

Looking for up to 4 tickets for the floor at Portland on March 8.

Joined: Apr 24 2009
Further Tixs for Taj Mahal Atlantic City & Radio City

Looking for 2 tickets to any one of these 3 shows. Will cover all cost inquired.

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Joined: Jul 2 2007
Can anybody help us??

Mona and I are looking for two miracle tickets for our beloved Johnman and his son. For either Seattle or Portland Further. Johnman has been having a terrible time, and Mona and I want to try to do what we can so he can see this show.

PM either Mona or I with any tips or leads about who might be willing to help our Johman, with a much needed mood booster
By trying we can easily learn to endure adversity -- another man's I mean.
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Joined: Jan 1 2010
Furthur Asheville NC on 02/09/10

Looking for a ticket for the Furthur show in Asheville, NC. I will pay whatever. I really want to hit this show. Call me at 423-404-5652 and ask for Andy

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Joined: Jan 3 2009
Need Floor tix for Furthur Charlotte

Hey heads - My schedule opened up so I can go to a show now!!! I usually use gdstoo and decorate needless to say I've become accustomed to great tix. If anyone has any extras for Charlotte 2/10 please drop me an email or PM....Will to pay face+ for the good stuff....


davidandrewwelch AT

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Joined: Aug 15 2007
looking for two for Cornell 2/14/10

I can't go to many shows at all due to legal issues and work. this is the only one I can make. it sold out a couple days before I could afford to buy them. If you can help a brother out I would appreciate it so much..


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Joined: Dec 24 2009
We need a Miami or Orlando Miracle.

I am looking for 2 tickets to either show. Please help me out. I want to take my wife to her 1st Grateful Dead show ever. Thank you for your time. : )



Joined: Apr 24 2009
Further Radio City 2/23 or 2/24

Looking for 2 tixs for either Further shows at Radio City. Will pay face plus fees. Have PayPal account. Thanks for hooking us up.

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Joined: Jul 20 2007
ATL Furthur

looking for two tix.

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Joined: Apr 22 2009
I need a miracle right now!

NYE Furthur

Currently looking for a pair to Furthur 12/31, can send 100 2-1/4 pin buttons with GD/Furthur theme that I designed and made in trade.

let me know at my e-mail, it's my


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