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View from the Vault V

There has got to be some great Dead video out there. Let's have it!!!

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show release suggestions,

show release suggestions, uncirc'ed/upgrade-requested division:

any '68
7.18.76 with filler = 7.14.76 PITB > Wheel > PITB

please & thank you!

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Joined: Jun 9 2007
vault 1976

the june boston run of '76.

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Joined: Jun 23 2007
More official 1970 vault

More official 1970 vault releases would be kewl!!!

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It's a bit of a problem...

It's a bit of a problem being on the wrong side of the big pond but here's a few possibilities in no order whatsoever that I have, or had, on old vinyl or cassettes and reel to reel...

9-18-74 Parc Des Expositions, Dijon, France.
Set one. Scarlet Begonias (a wonderful 11ish minutes of calypso flavoured Dead)
5-16-72 Radio Luxembourg complete.
3-28-81 Grugahalle, Essen, W.Germany. Complete. Unfortunately here in England we got the first set broadcast on television but it ended before Deal had finished, and the whole thing broadcast on the radio with station announcers telling us throughout set two what Pete Townshend was wearing and when he was doing his windmill movements...
The first set includes my daughter's favourite ever Sugaree, and I have to admit I can see why.
Rumour has it there could be a dvd floating about, but if it ain't region 2 then it's back to the
10-31-90. Wembley Arena, England. Halloween 'Cause it was the last Dead gig I went to (That's a hint, guys...) and it rocks...
and the following night (which I couldn't get to) at the same venue,
11-1-90 of which set one is a bit like Hundred Year Hall's, but set two has an amazing Playing>Dark Star>Drumz>Jam>Dark Star>Playing>Wharf Rat>Throwing Stones>Not Fade Away...
That'll do me, the rest is as it comes.

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Well after reading every post again...

It seems we all want lots of stuff to be released (73 Box,lots of 87-90, early 70's)....So I hope that someone at Rhino reads this thread and gets to work...If it's good, we will most likely buy it,don't they understand this???!!!....

Bring back DP's, the Download Series!!!!!!!!!!!

Dead to the Core

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GD With the Allmans Brothers

I had seen the Allmans a few time at the Fillmore East, and was really not impressed. I wondered why Bill kept booking them. They were bottom of the bill on a Fillmore East show with GD & Love. I was hoping for a GD jam with some of the Love guys, and I was surprised when Duane came out to jam. Soon his Brother Greg came out and sat down at the organ. Suddenly I got it, the Allmans didn't suck, their gear did. They had been playing shows with studio gear. Hearing them through the Dead's gear they sound killer. Soon Butch Trucks came out and sat at Mickey's kit, Greg & Pig were trading verses on some blues song & the place went wild. Soon the Allmans came back with a very Dead like amp setup and recorded the "Live at the Fillmore" shows. I often wonder if they ever would've hit if they hadn't felt the power & presence of the GD PA, and I'm not talking the wall of sound stuff either.

So long story short I would love to hear All the Dead/Allmans jams.

Deadhead since '69

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July 18, 1976

The second set is absolutely amazing! (I haven't heard the first.)

Lazy Supplication into Weather Report, then drums, more weather report, and it all dissolves all rumbly and bumpily into Warf Rat... a jam for the ages. Lazy and Weather Report (and the drum jam) are so hot that it is unbelieveable this music could have been made by a group of human beings. I have this on a very lo-fi vinyl bootleg I purchased in the late seventies. I have to tweak all the knobs to make it sound right, but man! I keep coming back to this one, and would love to hear it released.

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What I would like to see released...

Buddy went to Egypt Sound & Light and brought back tapes from 78...Would LOVE to see that remastered...

The Warm up from DC 73...Such a great tape!!

Reno 74..."Hey Bobby, Get it on!" is what someone yells on my AUD tape...If theres a SBD of this to be remasted...the Mind left body jam is amazing!

GG Park 75 - Music is really fun but the banter about the baby being born is just a crack up... Needs to be released...

Brent's 1st show in SJ 4/79 or the rehearsals would be cool.

My 1st show 9/5/82 US Festival - just becasue you want to always hear your 1st show on CD

Jerry's comback show 12/86 - you can tell how stoked the band is...

Hampton 89 - That DS is amazing!

The 2/92 Oakland run with the new material....

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3 Classics from the 80's

First off I'd love to see the release of 4-6-82 from the Philly Spectrum. Amazing show from start to finish. The best Shakedown Street ever!! The interplay between Jerry & Brent is telepathic. The WHOLE show is just killer! Another great one from this era is 6-20-83 Merriweather Post. The thunder insane show played in insane weather conditions. High energy and very incredible Sugar Magnolia. One other show that's sometimes overlooked is 11-21-85 Kaiser. A high energy barn burner from the get go.
Rare numbers like Big Boy Pete and a second set that totally hits the "X" factor make this a must have show...amazing!


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