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Jesse McReynolds and Friends, with David Nelson and Stu Allen

The long-awaited tribute to the songs of Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter by the bluegrass legend Jesse McReynolds is almost here! And we get a new Hunter/McReynolds tune to boot!

~ Songs of the Grateful Dead ~

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Head on over to the newly created Classical Dead topic and tell us more!

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Dead Symphony No. 6

Arrived yesterday, and I too was blown away. You needn't be a fan of classical music to enjoy this disc thoroughly, nor do you need to be a Deadhead. And if you, like me, are BOTH. . . you will be blown away!!!

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While I didn’t set out to write a review, I wanted to share some of my impressions on the recently released “Dead Symphony # 6”.

Now, David Gans turned us on to this a few months ago on the GD Hour and the pre-ordered disc arrived yesterday from The samples that we heard on the GD Hour were just enough to whet the appetite; and the completed disc is simply amazing.

About the middle of the H.C. Sunshine I hopped up and grabbed a pen and started making notes about what I felt and heard. Some of the often repeated adjectives in my notes are Expansive, transcendent, and effervescent. Rather than give a play by play let me just say that the music is familiar and yet new, inventive and refreshing.

While it is not all that it could be; the orchestration is magnificent, the composition is articulate and bold, the selections are well chosen, but it is in the sequencing where I find the tiny flaw. Perhaps I am to jaded, but simply placing the Sugar Magnolia at the end of the disc where it belongs rather than the middle and I would likely have give it 5 stars, however; this is so minor that it almost shouldn’t be mentioned. Almost, I say.

This is a solid 4.6 star effort and comes highly recommended to everyone, Head or otherwise. Be the first one on your block to get your copy! You won’t be disappointed!

Peace & Light!

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Tribute CDs

I always liked the Fire on the Mountain CDs. Reggae versions of all your favorite GD tunes from a good selection of artists. Perfect for listening to in the summer.


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Tribute CDs