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Joined: Aug 26 2009
Hipped up Salmon?

No great wonder then that the fish cain't find their way home....

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Joined: Dec 26 2007
Dang hippies

wif their long hair an' beads an' such......

jonapi (not verified)
just don't swim into Japanese waters, that's all i'm sayin'.....

Heh heh! if it were those pesky Deadheads it would be LSD-25 surely?!!!!!
Cosmic enlightenment AND a tasty meal? Yes please!!!!!!!!!!

and no feeding them beer and cookies either, johnman!! oh, alright then, go on; maybe just a lil'......

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Joined: Dec 26 2007
Tree huggers injecting fish with strontium 90?

Must be those damned Deadheads...HA!

jonapi (not verified)
pig fight pig fight pig fight....

Well, we put up with it because we have the beauty of free speech here. I'm all for it! They're allowed their say too. Gotta have some rough with the smooth i guess.
Unfortunately, they are not children who have grown up in those countries, they are indeed children of Britain. Which, compassionately speaking, ever the calm sound of reason lamagonzo, bless ya, we can understand their anger if we're being charitable. You are right to take a step back.
They are based in London and wish to introduce Sharia Law to the community around them (some great interviews with English people on the street saying what THEY think!!!).
But that is exactly what we're dealing with here; these people are no different to the BNP or neo-nazis. Low self-esteemed young anger which needs to be vented. They are identical.
If they really cared about the community or society around them they would use their emotions productively; counselling youngsters, helping drug addicts, informing them that prostitution doesn't benefit anyone etc. etc.
Part of what they want to enforce is No Music!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!

But like i said, easy to be brave when you're privileged; sitting in the confines of a reasonably safe London, these chickenshits would beg for their Mummies if they ever had to endure the regimes of some of those Muslim countries which enforce Shiteria Law.

How about an attack with water pistols containing pork spray in retaliation to their silly nonsense?

lamagonzo (not verified)
Preaching Shariah law! Jeeez

You should get in the face of those piss-ants and give them your opinion, Jonapi.

Or ship their asses to Texas and let some out-of-work Afghan campaign warrior with PTSD not getting the proper medication from VA go psycho on their pathetic selves. Booyah Marine Recon! Here is a mission for you.

Compassionately speaking, these are probably children who grew up in Madrassa schools in Pakistan, Afghanistan and have only heard the hateful preaching of Imams from the Wahabist sect (financed by Saudi Arabians, thank you very much). Like sex offenders, they can't help themselves.

Why does Britain put up with that kind of hate speech?

lamagonzo (not verified)
Raptors caught in LA wind turbines

6 American gold eagles have been killed in wind turbines in LA County. Since they are an endangered species, the County is afraid of being sued.

Since I'm on record here as supporting wind turbines as a clean source of alternative energy production I am disheartened by this report, but still support wind turbines.

Why?? Fish caught in the Connecticut River (dividing line between NH & VT) upstream 8 miles from Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant test positive for Strontium 90. Vermont Yankee denies this substance is coming from their plant. Yeah, right. They produce this poison as a by-product, but it must be the environmental tree-huggers catching the fish and injecting them with Strontium 90 to frame the nuclear power plant. Bottom line? wind turbines are better than nuclear residues.

I've been through Coure D'elane, Idaho and have seen the eagles over the lake. It is their greatest breeding ground. They are majestic. I am sorry a few are being sliced & diced in the turbines but in the end a smaller price to pay than Strontium 90 in fish being caught and eaten by kids and other people.

jonapi (not verified)
oh irony, irony, where for art thou irony?

Sounds like another delightful example of humankind lamagonzo. At least this one was caught on camera. Unlike the many others i presume....
Whoever he was, i too pray for another soul on the margins of society. They'll get justice one day when there turn comes.

Speaking of justice, saw a wonderful piece on the news regarding sharia law in London, preached by silly little boys with beards, small penises and a truckload of low self-esteem.
Amusing to watch these insecure fools indulging in free speech in a country that encourages it; where it is free to do so. Calling for Sharia Law (sounds a good name for a porn star; Burka Bangs 2 anyone?), manipulating confused teenagers into groups ready to implement this nonsense should it appear on "their" manor.
Indulging in free speech unlike the type of countries that they cherish so highly. Spoilt little brats who wouldn't last five minutes in certain Middle Parts. Amazing to be so bold and full of vigour when the bombs aren't dropping in sunny London.
Please do yourself a favour and fuck yourselves off elsewhere. Anywhere. Preferably where you can rejoice openly at the stoning of women, the repression of women, the killing of women, the persecution of people who do not espouse your horseshit, heretics and the unbelieving scum of the rest of the human race.
We want many races and creeds in London; we want many people from countries all over the world; we want Japanese, Chinese, Afro-Carribean, Polish, Jewish, Islamist, Buddhist, Turkish, Indian, Tamil and extraterrestrial.

We don't want you.

lamagonzo (not verified)
Drifter beaten to death by 6 cops... Fullerton, Ca.. They were caught on video cameras. The people of Fullerton are calling for the cops to be prosecuted for murder. The mayor of Fullerton says it has become a lynch mob mentality. The cops have been placed on "Administrative Leave", still being paid.

A lawyer hired by the cops says that the drifter was "resisting" and that the cops were not using excessive force even though the video shows the man begging for his father and for his life. How can death at the hands of 6 men not be considered excessive force?

What possesses otherwise decent human beings to turn into animals and beat a man to death. It's not like LA is in a heat wave or the Santa Anna winds are blowing. I'm saying a prayer that justice be served in this case.

If being poor is a crime than there is going to be mass slaughter in this country. I'm saying a prayer that justice be done in this case.

~ Taught me so well I left his dead ass there by the side of the road ~

jonapi (not verified)
carrera careers

Hey, where's my 911?...

Yeah, riggsjr, that's the business to be in! When a recession hits, it's the rich market you wanna be involved with; ain't no slump in the high-end field. Either that or train as a hairdresser! Always gonna need 'em (unless you're blind or bald or both of course; if you can't drive and ya can't trim it's Big Issue time).

The pit closures were a shameful part of British history; the workers and families knew exactly what government and the rich thought of them. Absolutely nothing. Disposable carcasses. And some of those villages and towns never recovered; not just regarding employment, but also their psychic geography. Bitterness and resentment passed down through the generations.

And we definitely need a revolution (alright Citizen Smith, easy!!). It needs to be of the psychedelic and spiritual kind. Wholesome enlightenment. It's the only way we're ever going to change things on a radical scale. We've tried literature, we've tried philosophy; we've tried protests and demonstrations, we've exhausted the rational approach. Well-meaning logic and marches like pissing in the wind.
The spiritual progress will come with entheogens and hallucinogens. Religion alone will not suffice; it requires dedication and appliance that many have neither the inclination nor mental ability to reach. It helps certainly, but we're still in the poop and it's getting deeper folks. Many are struggling to hold their head above it, other have drowned. If you don't perceive the poop as actually existing a large part of the problem is solved.

We will never organise corporations more charitably (ever the optimist, jonapi!); it's just not in the beasts nature. Now transcending them works a treat! A bigger treat than a marron cream cake at 1.00 in the morning while the humid night of Yokohama never sleeps!

Actually, i am pretty optimistic; but "traditional" methods have failed and are failing still. Open that third eye. Strangest of places of you look at it right? You betcha!


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