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lamagonzo (not verified)
Yeah Riggs

In the good ole' USA 1% of the population owns 80% of the wealth. And more than a few of them pay NO taxes with loopholes and good CPAs.

And you are right about people caring. Few can be carried away from their electrical devices at this point. In Britain you can register as a drug addict and get free needles and heroin even, if I'm not mistaken. Addiction to numb-ers and downers is encouraged.

Nothing matters unless it hits you in the face or pocketbook. It's to the point where I carry a hammer in my car and if I see a jag or a beemer with a conservative bumper sticker in a parking lot....

I want the class war to start. I'm already preparing. I'm not saying all rich people are bad -- just that they can prove their worth by supporting good causes like yours, Riggs. The others need to be sent to "re-education" camps to recant anti-human, pro-corporate views.

Yes, corporations provide jobs, but surely we can find a better way to charitably organize them. Corporations are not human beings, though more than a few human beings hide behind corporations.

The SLA kidnapping Patty Hearst in '75 and demanding free food giveaways was not a good thing, but not far off the point. We just need a non-violent tweak. Give it a whirl and if people still want to ignore the problem? Then I guess that is why the framers of the Constitution of the US gave us the right to bear arms (2nd Amendment, I be.believe).

~ A true revolutionary is motivated by thoughts of love ~
(Che Guevara)

Joined: Nov 12 2010
Debt crisis

The main problem is that we in the West don't do anything about it when we are aggrieved, except the French who blockade everything.
We tend to tut, tut then get back to whatever we where doing. The greatest problem is the public's inertia. No one can be bothered anymore, I was on strike for 14 months trying to fight of the closures of all our coal mines, then when I got back to work was sacked for being arretsd on the picket line and being fined £25, now that's democracy.
We didn't stop the pits closing because we didn't get the backing we needed so thousands lost their jobs and mining villages where decimated and whole communities left with generations of unemployment.
The powers that be no that today they can do what they want and still get back in albeit they may have to take turns in power but it's only a 5 year break!
To saddle our children and grandchildren with the burden of debt which our generation created in a sin beyond belief. They will have to work longer pay more for everything and still be expected to pay for their own retirement on salaries which have probably bee taxed to the hilt! Politicians and senior bankers should be hanging their heads in shame.
Oh and by the way sales of Porches UP 69%........go figure.

lamagonzo (not verified)
Debt Ceiling backfire bites teabaggers

The Tea Party screwed themselves, their kids and their kids kids. Unless you're making 250,000 or more or are working in the underground economy (good luck with health care and the nursing home) you just got screwed with less services by this deal. AND more taxes down the road.

Washington DC needs to see reality. People are hurting, I'm seeing people being arrested for shoplifting food.

What a country!

lamagonzo (not verified)

Done. I sent you 3 PMs but every time got thrown off the site so don't know if you got them.

lamagonzo (not verified)

Will do in a few hours. Will post in "Spirituality" thread as you suggest.

jonapi (not verified)

Lookin' forward to that day when........

maybe you can answer my private message lamagonzo!!!!! not sure if you got it i guess; sent on the 22nd July. Guess you're still alive considering the post yesterday and all.
Maybe haven't checked, maybe inundated with thousands, maybe choosing to ignore! Of course, if it was the last one, then i'm not going to know as you'll ignore this too, ha ha!!!

lamagonzo (not verified)
It IS Jerry's B'day

Happy birthday Jerry! Hope your learning to jam with that guitar in the new incarnation!
Lookin' forward to that day when...

~ The candyman's back in town ~

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Joined: Jul 2 2007
My kid plays US Football

And there is no imminent strike, AND his team are the German Champions! LOL out of maybe 12 teams in the whole country!
I am not young enough to know everything.
Oscar Wilde

jonapi (not verified)
thanks Paulus!!!!!

YEAH it's Jerry's birthday!!!!

no idea 'bout the football shit; although i was gripped and hook, lined and sinkered as a whippersnapper when that sport was shown on prime time for the first time here in ol' Britain; toss up between Redskins and Dolphins, with a dash of tabasco-type 49er fruitiness; Montana and Marino my idols; caps and shirts brought back from US excursions from my dear ol' Dad.
jumpin on the bed in a huddle and touchdown frenzy til' the youthful energy gave out in the late hours. happy days.

damn i wanted to BE them!

Joined: Mar 13 2009
the debt ceiling debate

Are we going to go through all this again next year? In an election year? YAY...


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