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Joined: Dec 26 2007
My wife talked me into one

a few years ago, prior to a road trip, and I must admit, I have needed it late at night, when I was stuck somewhere and no communication near, but yeah, never needed a leash before. Mebbe I should just get wunna those pay by the minute suckers to keep in the glove box, for emergencies. Heck, I don't do much more than use it for a watch, and to irritate my son.....

jonapi (not verified)
I just phoned the nuisance hotline. They said "not you again"...

Mark my words; Murdoch will be up before Congress in the next couple weeks.
No pathetic dragging of the heels like the UK; (What's the matter guys? Afraid of some "implication"?).

And the best way to remove any cell phone threat is not to own one. I don't. Nor does my wife. Never needed to. My parents and their parents and their parents didn't either. How did we all cope?

Pretty easily, funnily enough.

lamagonzo (not verified)
Your cell phone is biting you

Good ole' R. Murdoch and New's Corp's hacking of cell phones has placed the threat front and center. Your phone can be turned on and everything from your voice mails to your current conversations, as long as the battery is in your phone, can be heard, downloaded to texr, whatever..

Lock your phone. Use up to a 12 digit # (at least 10 is recommended) code. If you use your phone to bank and other important apps. and feel yourself superior and hip, the joke may be on you. Watch your phone bill carefully!

jonapi (not verified)

Can't wait for the Japan vs USA Women's World Cup Final!!!!!
Japan going from strength to strength; hopefully the men's team winning the Asian Cup recently will spur them on to a fantastic performance. Homare Sawa is a great Captain and should bring a blossoming inspiration to the players.

If the US won't leave Okinawa with some self-respect, maybe they can leave Germany as the losing team.
Fingers crossed.....

がんばって ね!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lamagonzo (not verified)
Mistke correction (on the defecit)

If you made:
$20,285 in year
And borrowed $648
With an additional $562 in interest

You spent $1210 more than you took in.

Math was never my specialty, until it became my survival.

Joined: Nov 12 2010

USA team lost their way for a while but their belief in themselves carried them through to a well deserved victory. Likewise Japan started out very badly against Sweden, but what a turn around they dominated after they scored their equaliser and looked like the only team that could win.
Should be a great final, fingers crossed that both teams can deliver on the day.
Kudos to all the teams for making this a great tournament which should lift the reputation of women's soccer and hopefully carry the game forward to a bright future.

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Joined: Jul 2 2007

after a miserable 1st half, will be in the Finals for the Women's World Cup. Looks like Japan will be their opponent. Japan is playing a brilliant game tonight!
I am not young enough to know everything.
Oscar Wilde

lamagonzo (not verified)
Excuse me...

Than figure for healthcare as estimated in the 2016 budget is:

lamagonzo (not verified)

You hit one of the solid gold nails on the head:

Not just the MDs -- who always seem to be mindlessly thinking about their next hot vacation spot wit the hot hurse at the nurse's station. It's the nurse. The Nurse Practitioner, the techs in the operating room, the people making $24 an hour sanitizing instruments on 3rd shift.

Then there is the insurance companies who cause the doctors to hire and army of specialists who speak the language called insurancese that make the insurance companies very rich indeed.

Go on to the pharmaceutical companies that are making trillions of dollars each year, zealously guarding their patents and then not giving a shit when they run out, allowing fully 10% of the world's medications to be counterfeit, even here in the US.

Specialists make about $400,000 a year and get richer every time a general practitioner refers somebody to them. Those people didn't earn their money. Sorry, they'reir crooks and thieves and sucking off the diseases of people. People you and I love.

That number in the 2016 projected budget is $1,233,000.000.00. S.Brian, you are right, it is a huge place to start. But seniors vote and are scared of the black man who'll kill great-grandma and great grand-pa and then them.

Next time you have a visit to a doctor and you have a minute (remember, they only give you 15 minutes) discuss this with them and listen to their answers. Listen to HOW MUCH THEY DESERVE IT!

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Joined: Jan 8 2011
turn the debt around...

I'd like to know how much in cuts it will take to actually get the "debt clock" running in the right direction ? I think one thing they could do is to actually make Medicare about giving health care to people instead of being about making doctors wealthy with taxpayer money.I wonder how much money is given to doctors just for making "referrals", where they look at a patient for 2 seconds and say "you need to see a specialist" , then charge the government $100 for those 2 seconds of hard work. It just seems to me that most of our politicians and their corporate cronies are our to destroy America, not fix it. And they are doing a much better job than Al-Queda.


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