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Obama caves on the Fiscal Cliff

Since House Speaker John Boehner (Repub.) has caved in on accepting tax increases for those earning over a million dollars, President Barak Obama has caved in much earlier than expected on entitlements -- Here are some facts:

*** Obama has raised the bottom rung of those whose taxes will definitely rise (as a percentage) to 400k and above;

*** Obama has put Social Security on the table by being willing to measure cost-of-living increases in a new and more controversial measure called the "Chain CPI". He cautions that this will not effect those most vulnerable recipients but it is hard to see how. The lesser your check, the lesser you will be effected by the Chain CPI.

*** Obama is willing now to allow the "payroll tax holiday" to expire which means that everybody who pays taxes will see their SS & Medicare deduction go up at least 2%.

*** Obama's offer includes $400 billion in cuts to health care programs, including Medicare, although the cuts are tilted toward the provider side rather than the patient side., AARP and other groups are poised and mobilized to put massive pressure on the Administration not to make ANY cuts in entitlements. It this is Obama's initial compromise offering to Republicans it is not at all encouraging. It is now very clear that Obama's core constituency is fired-up and ready to slap him around for blaspheming like this.

There are a number of reps. and senators from both parties who are ready to go over the cliff from both ends of the political spectrum. If this immediate response by the left to any leakage in Obama's position is any indication then we are quite surely being taken over the cliff by the far left and the far right.

It will be up to the president and Democratic leaders to pick up the pieces next Jan-March and restore tax cuts for those making less than 250k and restoring all the cuts in entitlements and discretionary spending. Indeed, it is the only way they will save their necks come election time.

The talking points for the working-class (combined income of less than 400k) is aimed at those making a combined 250k or more -- For them to take it in the neck. to the tune of a 39.6% rate. Further, increase capital gains to 20%; dividends to 39.6%. End loopholes for corporate tax breaks (get rid of corporate welfare) and gut the military-industrial complex. The working and middle-class has rarely seen itself in such a position to effect this kind of change merely by making a little bit of noise online, through phone calls and telegrams to their elected representatives.

Don't miss your opportunity. Because, Baby-Boomers, this is directly effecting your proposed retirement.

The facts in this post were gleaned from a dispatch issued by the Huffington Post on 12/18/12. All the Congresspeople I called acknowledged that this is reality. This is the class war. You can't start it, get elected, then stop on a dime. The people are aware and aroused, with a passion!

Don't say nobody didn't warn you!

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"24 congressmen were contacted to be interviewed about gun control......all 24 declined."

-scott pelley, cbs news

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some facts about guns

* There are currently 200,000,000 guns in the US (in the hands of private citizens)

* Last Friday, after the shooting in Newtown, the FBI did 125,000 background checks for new gun sales

* A gun buy-back program in NYC last Saturday netted 80 guns

Folks, we are deeply screwed here. These facts tell us that there is no way in our lifetime or our children's lifetime (and probably their children's lifetime) that we will be free of gun violence, even if we totally banned gun ownership today.

Sign the petition for Gun Control at


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GOD BLESS the familys in CT Sandy Hook I am sad yet glad.

I am sad and glad at the same moment. I am listening to Morning Dew from Kaisers 87. Why because it sounds as if Jerry is crying and is one of the best Dews I attended. That said I am glad we have posted things about Sandy Hook . I am a HUGE believer in the power of prayer. I also think we should all hold close to our hearts the love for one another at A time like this. God Bless the family's of Sandy Hook

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Joined: Jul 20 2012
sad facts..........

gun sales skyrocket after tragedies such as newtown
(gun dealers are well aware of this fact)

we live in a society that promotes the lie that we are all safer
if we arm ourselves to the hilt........the "don't be a victim" scare tactic

the politicians who claim to be "pro-life" are the same ones who are on
their knees to the nra.........and people continue to blindly vote for them.

the nra will (and does) triple efforts ("contributions") to those politicians
in the wake of such events...... look for nra "save your constitutional rights"
ads and flyers soon.

99.9% of politicians are too spineless to say anything negative about the nra
or "gun rights" for fear of losing their cushy jobs with obscene benefits.....
even in the wake of this horrible tragedy.

99.9% of all automatic weapons are used for the sole purpose of murder...
not for hunting as the nra would like us to believe.

if nothing credible happens to prevent tragedies such as this from occurring again,
then nothing ever will,
because it doesn't get any worse or sadder than this.

"when we change ourselves, we change the world"......

in honor and respect of all who were senselessly killed
past and present
please help make this country a kinder, gentler and safer place for everyone....
teach all of our children
to leave a true legacy of peace....
by not promoting or purchasing guns..........ever

healing love to newtown and all......

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Heads With Love for Sandy Hook CT

Savage has set up a page on Facebook for folks to gather around. Check it out.

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Joined: Dec 25 2009
Newtown Massacre

I cried a lot yesterday and sent out a lot of compassion mantra to the people in the Newtown area, especially to those parents who lost their child, the dead children and adults themselves and the mother of the perp. and the perp. himself. Compassion and healing to all!

I have concluded that I don't want to live in this country anymore. I fear for my safety and that of my children because of the deeply rooted insanity in this country. I have traveled in foreign countries where people do not live in a sick society armed to the teeth. I am also not bombarded by advertizing to buy material things in a saturated way. I want to live in a country where other influences than violence and vindictiveness and profit are the norm. We have the highest amount of armed people in the world. We produce most of the weapons. We have the most people in jail. We are not a jail, we are an insane asylum.

If I thought things could change I would to try and change them. But, entrenched interests like the NRA have turned the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, which provides us with the right to raise a militia (presumably armed) in case our own government somehow goes awry, into the right of every citizen to own assault rifles, hand guns with 30 round clips and high-tech body armor. In the two state locality where I reside everybody has the right to carry concealed.

There is no hope. There will be no gun control legislation. Instead there will an insane compulsion to profile where profiling does not work. After this tragedy, how can ANYBODY say that owning guns could have prevented this tragedy? The fact is it couldn't and this provides the final piece of evidence that the NRA and gun nuts are a major part of the insanity that surrounds us. Would they have us arming fiver year-old children to defend themselves at school? They probably would...

I extend my healing and compassion vibe to them also.

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Joined: Jul 29 2009
So sad

I tuck my kids into bed every night and tell them I love them Usually very rushed as I look forward to a couple hours of relax time before bed. But tonight I spent a little longer doing so. I'm so very sad for all the victims and their families.

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Joined: Dec 25 2009
I read the news today, Oh Boy!

And today and the weeks to come thousands more will buy guns.

Oh Boy!

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Joined: Dec 25 2009
Susan Rice gets thrown under the bus

The Republican's minds have been so blown by the re-election of Barak Obama that Senators McCain and Hollings as well as Collins and Ayotte have gone ape-shit on Susan Rice. Why? Because she is black and she is a woman. Otherwise she is eminently qualified. This crap about Bhenghazi is just crap. It's called politics and it stinks to high heaven! John Kerry, white and rich, is their man (yeah, the Repubs. want the guy who threw his Vietnam war medals over the barricade at the White House in protest in '73). They are choking on their own bile so much they are voting against handicap rights, seeing those stealth black UN helicopters again. Cheese-sause H Key-riced, will somebody please put these assholes out of their misery? Nobody is going to vote for them again for the next fifty years at this rate.

Obama can't afford the political capital needed to ram this one down McCain's throat at this time. He has to use every inch of what he has to nail them to the wall on taxing the rich and saving entitlements such as Medicare. It's a crying shame he can't have his choice for Secretary of State, which has been the prerogative of the President for a hundred years unless their is serious, serious issues with the candidate, which there is clearly not in this case.

Every new poll coming out shows people think the Repubs. suck ass. I couldn't agree more.


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