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rant away

I am just so glad Gonzo has found a sparring partner at last! Makes for entertaining reading.

There used to be others who used to publish diatribes on here but some got chased off for troll behaviour (mention no names) and some got lazy (=me for example).

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interesting thought process jonapi

and sort of ties into a conversation I was having with a friend last night. First the background info. My son was working on a research paper/speech presentation for school, about the history of the printed newspaper in Germany. (please forgive this traipse into personal stuff-but you will see why in a moment)

He was having alot of trouble focusing on his research and work, even though he was sitting in front of the computer, searching for his facts and information. I explained to him how I used to research papers for school-including searching the card catalog in the library, walking to the shelves to get the books, etc. Told him how his search mechanics were alot more concise and precise, and less time-consuming.

And then I was talking to my friend about how I have noticed a lack of attention span, follow through, and motivation for things that are not fun; in my own house. We were trying to figure out why this could be (she has similar issues with her son) Puberty? Growing up in the age of convenience and instant gratification? Our own lack of discipline and good example? All of the above? My son also seems to have less respect for the objects he DOES own, and consider them to be easily replaceable.

I do think that (much as I also enjoy mod cons) besides creating a huge trash and energy problem, we are also breeding a generation that is instant gratification driven, which could be dangerous. Almost like global ADS. Thus how can people who don't know different, and have a short attention span, even conceive of long-term risks and further planet damage, when it's all about RIGHT NOW, and that's all they know??

That being said-my other kid is not like that, so...

I dunno.
I am not young enough to know everything.
Oscar Wilde

jonapi (not verified)

That should've been "CAN'T blame someone who is taught a certain way...."!!!

jonapi (not verified)
did i already do my déjà vu joke?

Prone to heavy ranting, cosmicbadger? how dare you, Sir.....

Always good to have a little stir! I forgot that irony in the US is still considered to be Bert's roommate in Sesame Street.

Yeah, i too think that The Dead are probably sleeping for the foreseeable. Which i think is the best decision really, until they come at the material from a different angle. I think a real shake up would be inspired; my vote starts for Nels Cline & Jeff Tweedy to fill the vocals/guitar role. Maybe a little helping of Junior Mack for the traditionalists.
And in my opinion, stick to 7 Walkers falcstubs; great sound, and at least they're trying...

Separate topic here folks -
Anyone losing some faith at the attitude towards the various strands of "austerity measures" around the world?
I certainly don't mean individuals and families that, through no fault of their own. have been hit by unemployment, loss of savings and the like. There is a lot of good, decent, hardworking people out there, usually in the poorest of areas, who get regularly shafted every single time by government and bureaucracy. It's pretty plain to see that the Banks and Corporations behave in the most appalling way, one foot (or usually too) in the machinations of power and decision making. We don't know the half of it. Bilderberg Group anyone?
However, don't you think a whole heap of responsibility needs to fall on the shoulders of individuals too? People seem mighty quick to blame the Banks and so forth, but i do believe that no one was forcing you to spend above your means; to take out huge loans, in many cases simply to finance holidays, consumer goods, the latest phone, a car, widescreen tv etc.
Human beings in the last forty years or so have expected higher and higher levels of "basic comfort". The barest minimum, simply HAS to be a phone for each family member, a large entertainment system, computer, cigarettes, alcohol, a vacation once a year, high street fashion.
Has anyone stopped to think, maybe we're going to have to do without certain "pleasures"? Goddamit, i don't think i can afford to smoke at the moment. Son, you don't NEED those latest sneakers.

Of course i do understand to a certain degree; as life's pressures get harder and harder, an "escape" is one form or another is particularly welcomed to deal with the stress. This post isn't setting out to mock anyone. Education is the key here. You can blame someone who is taught a certain way from childhood for acting in a certain fashion. We're all guilty to some degree.
But we can't just continue "progressing", without taking a step back and re-evaluating. It's like dealing with human's greed for energy by spending millions on new ways of generating it; look at the disaster(s) that Nuclear has dealt us. (And i'm not sure that Germany's knee-jerk reaction to turning it's back on nuclear fuel, however well-intentioned, is really the answer. In order to fulfill their energy demands, it looks like they'll have to rely on sources from other countries, some of which will still be via nuclear power. Go figure).
Has anyone thought, "maybe we should just use LESS?" Call me a naive simpleton here!! We can't continue in this fashion. Times have changed.
My wife and I (who is Japanese) are to be relocating to Japan this year. Don't get me wrong, Tokyo is fascinating (for a brief visit); an astonishing city, but all that neon, that it really necessary? Vegas, London, any big city. CAN we ever turn back, spitting in the face of common sense or not?

This renewable, greener energy is a tricky concept. Lots of conflicting opinions; wind farms are a great source on one hand; when fixed to the ocean floor, studies have found that the concrete posts are encouraging species that usually wouldn't exist in those areas to use it as their habitat, therefore becoming feed for other marine life and in turn becoming.. and on and on.....
On the other hand are they really that effective as an energy provider? (personally the issue of "eyesore" and "noise" is not really much of a discussion. If people do insist on maintaining what they see as their "right" to as much energy as their heart desires, then there are going to be sacrifices needed somewhere).

But returning to the theme of money, i believe people are just going to have to scale down; we don't really need all this clutter. You can make your food last for longer. We don't need plastic packaging. Using our own two feet is a perfectly acceptable mode of transport. Traditional means of music making and distribution are in drastic need of change.
With all due respect to some of these bands out there, how much energy is a Phish tour using? (not picking on Phish here, folks, applies to any touring musicians on a theatre and upwards venue scale. In fact smaller than that too). I know they work hard on environmental issues and their "footprint" but are those lights, a spectacle for sure, really necessary in 2011?
I know, i know, real hard to picture without our favourite bands; almost impossible to comprehend, but somehow, sometime, preferably soon, we need to make a HUGE shift in our attitude towards the planet.

Thinking small-scale i believe to be the way forward. We must practice what's in our hearts and effect change through example. Gently, responsibly and with humble conviction. I do think that we can sometimes get carried away looking at the larger picture, thereby turning off more people than turning on. No one wants to be talked AT. We don't have to adopt a "lifestyle choice", with all that heavy and egotistical baggage that comes with it (the person who just loves to introduce himself as a vegetarian at every opportunity instead of going about his business with quiet, modest sincerity).
Look at the Sea Shepherd? A whole lot of pride and ego on display there; hearts in the right place or not, some of them are undoubtedly pricks, chasing headlines. Calm common sense the only answer. (Does the Captain know that it was the US who encouraged the Japanese to hunt whales for food, as a cheap source of protein, nutrition etc.? I don't condone the killing of whales either, necessarily, but you can't expect people to change their methods overnight. It ain't that simple. Goes back generations. And once you start attacking other human beings your argument is null and void).

And no, i'm not some tree hugging crusty; i'm not out to preach and point fingers. I do my own damage, certainly, although i'm trying. But just getting the debate out there. Anyone any thoughts on this? Does anyone care?

lamagonzo (not verified)
Dead is Dead is Dead

Furthut or 7 Walkers if you want Billy and Micky. I think the crypt is sealed on "The Dead" but it's been widely reported that vampires have escaped.

Don't get bitten...

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Build the Planet Solar Grid Vancouver will return

Any news on a Dead tour coming up?

Now go feed those hogs before they worry themselves into anemia

lamagonzo (not verified)
@CB & Jonapi

No worries, mates!

(%) ; ~ }

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
I just love your limey sense of humo(u)r!

I saw Jonapi's comment straight away as a gentle joke, but then I am on the same side of the pond as he is. Also maybe also a small dose of self irony in there since Jonapi is himself equally prone to rant away on heavy topics. Either that or plain hypocracy; also a UK speciality ;-) That was a joke. Honest.

jonapi (not verified)
the benefit of easy origami is two fold

just a cheeky little joke....!!

lamagonzo (not verified)

....Are you comparing my comment to useless trivia or is there a serious point there. I try hard not to indulge in useless trivia on this site.


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