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I was gonna say, they seem pretty upset about a shoe factory in Vermont. But it seems to be about something else.

What can I say, I've been clearing out way too much sneaker spam lately.

lamagonzo (not verified)
Vermonters Build a Direct Action Anti-Nike Movement

Vermonters are not taking a wait-and-see approach. With their neighbors from New Hampshire and Massachusetts, they are organizing a movement. They promise to close down the plant by direct action if it continues to operate past March 21, 2012. Activists are discovering that support for direct citizen action is growing throughout the region. From senior citizens to harried single moms, people are volunteering and vowing to get arrested or whatever else it will take to close down the reactor. Non-violent civil disobedience training sessions are being conducted throughout the region and organizers are working in a variety of ways to build a region-wide movement.

Read the rest of the story at

lamagonzo (not verified)
Not caving on the Japanese

Are you denying that the Japanese people are descended from Koreans? That they are not very arrogant in their behavior toward other cultures? That they didn't crush the aboriginal people on the islands they took over? Tell it to the Koreans whose women were enslaved in brothels in WWII. This is not a knee-jerk reaction, these are facts. There is a prescribed code of conduct for monks and nuns in Buddhism (none of which is not eating meat, I'll admit) and the Japanese don't follow it.

The Dalai Lama does eat meat. He is Tibetan. Tibetans live in a very cold climate. He tried not to eat meat and got sick, so he eats meat. It's a genetic thing. In all of the great monasteries of Tibet re-established in exile in South India, none of them eat meat, at the Dalai Lama's request..

I've seen both Korean & Japanese culture and while I'll admit that both have more than a healthy dose of pride it is certainly the Japanese who show a superior arrogance and flaunt it in the face of those other cultures.

Here I am not defending American culture at all. We certainly followed the Japanese model of invading and slaughtering the natives. You mentioned Japan and Korea in the same breath and I made a comment on the Japanese culture. You can like it or not but don't try to distort facts.

jonapi (not verified)

please send love, support and anything else you can offer to Johnman; the shit has hit the fan for him and his son and needs whatever you can give. please read the "positive vibes" topic for further info.

jonapi (not verified)
monk-ey magic

"despite their incredible arrogance that they are the greatest culture in the world."

where on earth do you get your information from lamagonzo?!!! i seem to recall some posts by your good self in true knee-jerk fashion suggesting all kinds of things; not a good example to Buddhists either. you're even more contradictory than me sometimes which takes some beating, i'll tell ya!
nothing the matter with drinking, marrying or eating meat by the way, monk or not; it's called "normal behaviour". if anything is a perversion of humankind it's bizarre abstinence. the Dalai Lama also enjoyed meat; Buddhists can eat meat, although usually they do not want to get involved in the butchering or handling of animal flesh.
you on that crack pipe again?.........

lamagonzo (not verified)
Jappanese are of Korean descent

All Japanese are of Korean descent, despite their incredible arrogance that they are the greatest culture in the world. They totally screwed the aboriginal people living on those islands. They have become so corrupt. It really shows in their traditions of Buddhism -- monks who drink and marry and eat meat. What a terrible example for the rest of developing Buddhist nations.

I'm not saying their isn't anything good about their culture. There is, but you have to go there to see it.

jonapi (not verified)
noddy more like

new Japanese prime minister? a-ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha........
the Korean invasion continues. probably a soka gakkai loser as well. i bet his throat muscles must be huge.
bow down Noda to your Korean and your cult masters; strip away every last shred of self-respect and fill your greedy gullet.
soka gakkei = everything that makes the world shit.

lamagonzo (not verified)
First ever audit of the Federal Reserve Bank reveals...

...16 trillion dollars in bailout loans to banks from the New York Fed., starting in October of 2008. This is really unbelievable. Socialism for the rich while the rest of us rugged individuals earning less than $250,000 a year have to scratch for a living.

This audit would never have happened if not for the efforts of Special Investigator General Barofsky at the Treasury Department. Geitner tried to stop him but Obama green-lighted his mission.

Alan Greenspan, Larry Summers and Tim Geitner screwed the entire planet in deregulating the investment banks so they could create the mortgage-backed sub-prime derivative ponzy scheme and then bet against it. Every generation there is a massive swindle of the American public where the rich & connected get their fortunes handed to them. This one was the first to go global and spare no poor person on Earth.

~ Taught me so well I grabbed that gold... ~

lamagonzo (not verified)
Hurricane Irene Goes Tropical, Devastates Vermont

Our state took a direct hit in terms of rain. A uniform average of about 7" fell on all parts of the state from South to North yesterday causing towns to flood from Bennington to St. Johnsbury. The state's new emergency management agency in Waterford was evacuated yesterday when Winooski River overflowed it's banks. Many roads and bridges have been washed out. There have been numerous power outages and 1 death reported. There is widespread flooding in all parts of the state. The eye of the storm passed directly overhead of me at 6:10pm yesterday.

This was caused when the storm tracked further westward than was forecast, taking a route up the Hudson Valley and then up the Westwards spine of the Green Mountains. There was no wind but torrential downpours the entire day. This was absolutely a result of climate change and global warming. Hurricanes and tropical storm do not usually cause such severe rainfall. The last time was 1938 for this kind of damage in the State of Vermont. This flooding is being called a once every 500 year occurence, though that may be an exaggeration.

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Irene update for Sunday morning

From the safe and dry environment of eastern Kansas, I'm wondering how folks are doing from Nags Head to Maine today? CNN is showing flooding in Norfolk & Virginia Beach.


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