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Joined: Jun 13 2007
Bobby Weir and Bobby Sands

I have posted before here about Weir’s thoughtless Bobby Sands dedication. If you consider that at that time the US Authorities were turning a blind eye to massive IRA fund raising in the USA, enabling the terrorists to buy arms and explosives (mostly in the USA) to kill and maim people in Britain and Ireland. The US based fundraising and gunrunning was only really stopped in 2005, as part of the sudden enthusiasm for a ‘war on terror’! The other main supplier of arms and explosives to the IRA was of course Libya.

jonapi (not verified)
multi-storey car park crime; wrong on so many levels.

well that's totally fine, but in which case there was really no reason to mention bobby sands then. non-violent fasting he may have done (is there any other kind?!); he did his violence before that remember.

lamagonzo (not verified)
Only relating to the tactic, not the cause

The tactic of nonviolent fasting is the only thing Huzzare and Sands have in common. Huzzare is my Alpha Dog, not Sands and the IRA who, in the end, were really nothing but a bunch of mobsters who had co-opted a political cause.

I have used the nonviolent tactic of fasting several times in my life to good effect. The longest was 32 days. I also did 17 days with the Tibetan youth Congress in Geneva at the annual UN Conference on Human rights. I stepped aside to let the Tibetans have the limelight. In the end they fasted 22 days.

Nonviolence is an incredible tool for social change. I wish people would use it more than it's polar opposite.

jonapi (not verified)
oh dear

i'd be when careful mentioning Bobby Sands and the IRA; Bob Weir should've done a wee bit more homework before tossing out dedications. not clever.
this is an organisation that killed many innocent people indiscriminately, people that may well have actually supported what they had to say. a simple hunger strike against bribery, corruption and greed is not the same as fighting for a cause with guns, bombs and murder. as a buddhist lamagonzo, i'm surprised that you drew such a parallel.
it was not impressive for the Grateful Dead to open their mouths in that fashion. worse still to release a CD containing it. my family on my mother's side is Irish and while i totally support people's right in wanting independence, once you introduce violence and murder you have lost all respect.
not clever.

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Good luck east coasters

Hurrican Irene will leap frog along the mid-atlantic coast tonight and tomorrow. Floridians are relieved, although beach erosion may be happening.

On a more somber note, green sea turtle Andre, released 3 weeks ago by the wonderful folks in Juno Beach at the Loggerhead Marinelife Center, washed up dead on Hutchinson Island 2 days ago. Andre was critically injured by a propeller awhile back, then was nursed back to better health, for a year, at the Loggerhead facility.
There is a video of his 8/3 return to the ocean on You Tube.

lamagonzo (not verified)
Anna Huzzare enters 16th day of Fast...

...against corruption in Delhi, India. He is 74 years old and vows to continue the fast until an Ombudsman is appointed with special powers (Lok-phal in Indian) to expose and fight bribery and corruption.

He has told his supporters, 10s of thousands at any given time, to block the gate if police come to arrest him. It seems he will fast onto death. This is potentially the biggest political fast since Bobby Sands and several other IRA members died in jail in 1981. The Grateful Dead dedicated a show on that day at the Nassau Coliseum (He's Gone).

Still my Alpha Dog of the year 2011.

jonapi (not verified)

the link would've been helpful, eh?

jonapi (not verified)
collateral damage

a great piece written by musician, historian, journalist Bob Ostertag; one of my favourite artists. about the web's influence on our understanding of music. similar parallels can be drawn, i feel, regarding the need to reassess live performance and it's future presentation; ticketmasturbator should become unnecessary.

lamagonzo (not verified)
Bad omens

If anybody thinks that the recent earthquake that shook our nation's capitol to it's foundation stone coupled with the first hurricane to hug the East Coast in about thirty to forty years isn't a bad omen, think again.

I got a bad feeling that this is a warning in our face. Eternal vigilance is the price we pay for our freedom. I could say that another way but I won't. This shit is too serious.

~ Things went down we don't understand but I guess in time we will ~

jonapi (not verified)
smell of nihon

don't come to me for answers lamagonzo, i said i only have questions!!
i've used all my wipes on my own lens. can never seem to have enough....

that's a great book by the way; have read many times. last time was drenched in humidity in Yokohama, Japan. droplets of salt water leaving their trace on paper pages; Coltrane through the speakers. dripping insight while my fractured ribs pulsed. a long story. 2.00am lessons as the city tried to sleep. neon outside the window, air desertion in an upright chair.
i treasure that book; it's simple but it teaches plenty.


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