Grateful Dead

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lamagonzo (not verified)

Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche said (something like) in Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism:

"Nostalgia for the past is bullshit."

Very true. And I bite all the time on that one. Anybody got any screen wipes to get the vaseline off my lense??

jonapi (not verified)
missed it

we must transcend nostalgia; the inner-reality is home.
constant cycle (the fire wheel burning?); nothing is ever resolved. perpetual turning in nothingness. we do what we can. blip on radar; fireworks once a year. fuse light and turn to smoke. single rung of the ladder. blink and miss it. destined paths or affect and combust.
burnt amber glow amongst flesh and bone. just a vessel that's all. piercing insight behind the veil.
too much vaseline on the lens. current evolution a geographical fossil. genetic recombination dust in the wind. gene drift and flow.
taller higher inwards higher taller.
don't come to me for answers but i'll trade you for another question.
we do what we can.

lamagonzo (not verified)
The revolution wll not be televised in China

China is a cobbled together country of many regions. Migrant laborers are not allowed in on the party but provide the backbone of cheap labor. As long as China is booming (through everybody buying crap at Wally World) there will be no revolution.

However, as time progresses and labor becomes cheaper in other parts of the world China will have less employment and then the probability is high that the naitives will become restless. The power in China rests on a very thin thread. The money has to go out to the outlying provinces and the communist bosses and army who protect this far-flung empire.

When it doesn't watch out. A true break-up of China, like the Soviet Union in '89, is inevitable. The question is when. The sad part is that it won't come in time for HH the XIVth Dalai Lama to visit Tibet before he dies (Tibet is part of the Chinese empire since 1959).

jonapi (not verified)
turn Fukushima into a positive word

please support this everyone -
for japanese speakers -
for English speakers -

a wonderful, inspiring project to support this troubled area. the government isn't doing much but you can.
instigated by Otomo Yoshihide, it calls for musicians, scientists and artists to help. as he says "The situation is really sad but we need a smile otherwise we cannot survive. So we need music, we need a noise, we need improvised music."

jonapi (not verified)
they won't

i agree TigerLilly; the situation in Libya is a farce. Berlusconi signed a friendship pledge and co-operation treaty just two months before the uprising. now Italy is busy in the carve-up of Libya's vast oil riches.
and we wonder why they hate the West. the rebels doing the dirty work as we wade in via the slipstream. it will end in disaster. meanwhile McCain spouts nonsense about Russia and China next in line for upheaval. and wouldn't the US just love that. Leary's "whiskey drinking generals" springs to mind.
i feel embarrassed while watching these brave people die; do they know what they've inadvertently let themselves in for? the word of the year is Shame.

lamagonzo (not verified)
Earthquakes Rock!

On the East Coast, At least the nuke in Virginia shut down. We should be Grateful we're not Dead!

TigerLilly's picture
Joined: Jul 2 2007

I think it's wonderful that the insane bastard is going, but am cynical about what comes next. Dictators tend to leave very large governmental holes behind them. Egypt is still struggling, look what happened in Yugoslavia after Tito fell and so on.

Libya has so many tribal overlords, how will the reconcile them to a new govt? Am very curious.
I am not young enough to know everything.
Oscar Wilde

lamagonzo (not verified)
Inside Job

Rent this movie if you want to know why we are still in an economic crisis. It tells the tail better than I could. Mortgage backed derivatives sold by unregulated investment banks.

~ Ship of fools, sail away from me! ~

lamagonzo (not verified)
Colonel Gaddafi about to bite the big one

Gaddafi's forces are making a last stand, fighting off rebels from his compound. Nobody knows what the "eccentric" Colonel may do. I guess he is finding out what Hitler felt like in his bunker as the Allies were invading Berlin in 1945.

Libya liberated again on 8/22/11

~ Stand up for you rights ~

lamagonzo (not verified)
The New Gandhi Fasts In Delhi

Anna Hazare entered the tenth day of his fast against corruption in the Indian capitol today and upped the ante. His fast is against the widespread bribery and corruption that is engrained in that part of India.

He is 74 years old and was arrested for his demonstrations in India. A bad, stupid mistake for the Indian government, which was, after all, founded by a faster named Mahatma Gandhi. Very savvy organizers have gathered around him and when he was released from jail, where he started the first four days of the fast, there were thousands waiting for him.

He went to the Memorial place of the Mahatma to pay obeisance and then went to a prepared dais where he is carrying on his fast in front of 20,000 people, the number of which is expected to grow. While he was only supposed to fast for 14 days he is now demanding that India pass new laws against bribery and corruption before he stops.

He may have gone to far. Anybody who has been to that part of the world knows how entrenched corruption is (almost as much as our Congress) in that part of the world.
He is a hero to the one billion people of India and many other countries, which could start a new wave of dumping corrupt governments like the Arab spring. In fact, Angsang Sukyi
was just released from seven years of house arrest in Myanmar (Burma) the other day.

Anna Hazzare is my Alpha Dog of the Year for 2011.


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