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I should steer wide and clear of this

I appreciate that badger created the vinedex, I think it is a necessity and someone had to do it. I think yes it is a great idea but that it is not extraneously hard work, I mean we are playing around on a computer here. I also agree with Stu that it would be even better if all vines were included. Where I am heading with all of this is that it would be nice if there were a vine registry where you update it each time you seed a vine. It seems like it would be an easy relatively quick additional step in seeding a vine. It would be super cool if the list could be sorted by band name (either general like Grateful Dead, Non-Grateful Dead or Grateful Dead spinoff, or by specific band names) by date or whatever. Cosmic Badger's idea and list are a great starting point.

"When the smoke has cleared she said, that's what she said to me. You're gonna want a bed to lay your head and a little sympathy"

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Life is too short to not

Life is too short to not recognize a random act of kindness when you see it.
Thank you badger.

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Your comments are always welcome and valued !! So ok, Badger does the list , so he can do it anyway he wants to . I don`t want to do it , don`t know anyone else that wants to do it , I may not agree with his method , but I have to say oh well that is how he wants to do it ..
Subject dropped ...

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Part of the responsibility of speaking your mind is recognizing the inevitability that there will be others who see things differently than you. And that's not a bad thing, it's a good thing. Diversity of perspective always adds value.

Since I'm not active in the vining community (and believe me, that's a community service in and of itself - I know myself too well) perhaps it's not my place to comment here, but if you'll allow an observation. The list that Badger maintains, and provides to the community for free, would seem to be a thing of considerable value despite any perceived shortcomings. And in my book, it's damn hard to reasonably complain about a free good.

Perhaps if you were to propose an implementation plan for a solution for the issues, it might be more constructive?

Conversation is always more interesting than recitation, so speak your mind and not someone else's.

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I do

appreciate all badgers work , still just don`t know why all the vines are not on the list .
sorry if my observations offend whoever .. Do you all see why it`s not worth voicing your opinion aroung here . make a comment or ask a question and all i get is bullshit from people who are not even active members in the vineyard .( except richard, no probleme there) so whats up with that ? Is this not a free world are we not permited to say whats on our minds ? "speak your mind not someone elses"
well you can throw that one out the window . at least here .. Gee sorry I have my own mind and sorry I speak my mind ! wait no I`m not sorry ..
badger , it`s not required standards , it`s just doing it the way it was meant to be , remember you started this vinedex thing .

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Nice to know people are grateful for all your hard work badge


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what's the point indeed?

The Vindex is generated from a computer list of all known shows, and undated shows tend to slip through the cracks, that's all there is to it. I thought it would be helpful to indicate that the undated shows were missing. I am truly sorry my efforts fail to meet Stuman's required standards. .

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so whats the point

in having a vindex if ALL the vines are not listed ? The vines I did seed do have dates , not exact dates but there is dates and they do have names .
and yes Richard I am sleep deprived, it`s an issue of mine , the inability to sleep. I am only able to take like short cat naps , and so my sence of humor is a little warped .

peace out ...

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Either Stuman has been a little sleep deprived to the point of paranoia or he has a wickedly sardonic sense of humor. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and go with the sardonic sense of humor.
I have had several interactions with the cosmicbadger over the last 2 years and have never found him to be anything other than kind, gracious and generous.

Hey stu - let us in on the joke. OK?


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Thats alot of vines!! Never knew there were so many.


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