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Joined: Jun 26 2007
Transplants vs. seeds

Thanks Marye for thinking of wasys to take some of the dysfunction out of this mess. How ever fun this forum is, I know that we have lost one or two (probably more) good people. Most of us do not have the time or patencetes to sift thorough 900 post to find the end of that vine.

Sending you a PM is no big deal and should be fairly easy to do. (from our end). A separate folder could be opened for those looking for that special show to be vined.

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Joined: Sep 10 2007

I don't think the way things are now is that bad. When you sign up for a vine, you just monitor it until the next person signs up. Sure, reposting can be a hassle, but taking 5 minutes to look through 10 or 20 pages for the last post isn't that big of a deal. Just my 2 cents.

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
try out

i will have to think what i can start to try this out

right the choice

fall 89

or Europe 81

i know what CB will say as he was at the Rainbow shows, unfortunately most of which i DON'T have


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Spanish Jam

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Joined: May 26 2007
in theory...

the person who wanted to start a new vine would PM me.

However, I kinda like your idea of having a New Vines topic and then transplanting, too. Given the tools we've got, I think it's pretty much equally clunky either way from an administrative standpoint, though I suppose we'll have to find that out the hard way.

Joined: Jul 17 2007

This vine is on the way to Hal R.

Thanks everyone above me.

If anyone can figure out a way to put the travles of a vine on a Google map, I think it would be hilarious to see where the vine has been and to see how many miles each of these travels!

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
wow - that's a bit of work marye

Thank for looking at new ways to make this work better, it is a lot to wade through right now.
But shouldn't there also be a topic entitled new vines, where people could post when they have something new? Otherwise how would we start new ones? When could people sign on to new vines, would that be after it is started as a topic?

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Joined: May 26 2007
Okay, folks

I've been mulling over the topic relaunch issue, because I totally agree the present setup is too chaotic to work.

In practical terms, I don't think we've got any reasonable alternative to having a separate topic for each vine, so I propose to start a Vine folder and put all the topics in it.

The glaring downside to this is that Izzie or I would have to start each topic; the software is what it is, zits and all. And I think this is still better than the current version.

So, toward that end:

1. If you hate this idea, now's the time to speak up, as this is probably my weekend task.

2. If you're the person with whom a particular vine is currently residing, please send me a PM with the current vine info (i.e. show date, list of folks on the vine, and anything else that seems relevant) for the topic header.

Thanks much!

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Joined: Jun 6 2007
13 From 70

Repatriation Vine 1: 13 from 70
Love The Old Stuff Bobby Couldnt Sing That well,But jerry could,As Time Went By that reversed,Go figure.

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
Repatriation Vine 1 Thirteen from 70

Repatriation Vine 1: 13 from 70
Keeping the two way flow going and giving Sunshine Daydream a spell, sign up here for lucky 13 shows (some partial) from 1970 on 2 DVDs (SHN and FLAC). First on the list PM me with address details.

NOTE1: Beware. Whoever takes this on first will need DVD facilities. You may be begged by other viners to transfer to CDs (23 I think!).

NOTE2: The original 2 DVD set remains circulating in Europe through Eurotraders in the usual way. These are copies made to share with our generous US friends who have sent so much our way.

Here are brief details. PM me for full details if you wish.

Disk 1
01-31-70 New Orleans
02-04-70 San Francisco Family Dog
02-11-70 New York Fillmore East (Late Show, partial)
03-24-70 Dania, FL
04-09-70 San Francisco, Fillmore West
04-11-70 San Francisco, Fillmore West (partial)
04-12-70 San Francisco Fillmore West
04-15-70 San Francisco Winterland
05-01-70 Alfred, NY
Disk 2
06-07-70 San Francisco,Fillmore West
08-05-70 San Diego
10-31-70 Stonybrook, NY
12-31-70 San Francisco (aftershow Jam and Promos)

Repatriation Vine 1: 13 from 70


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Joined: Oct 18 2007
Hampton 89 Reseed

Hampton 89 Reseed
Hampton 10-8-89
Hampton 10-9-89
Shoreline Ampitheater 6-18-89
Oakland Coliseum 12-6-89 with Clerence Clemons

1. Ltapilot
2. skenisahen
3. Oroboros
4. chasmo []
5. brewster boy (
6. Tommy boy (
7. dstache (dstache@gmail)
8. yamadog
9. Estim8ed (
10. Doctor J [jjyoung(AT)]roboros
11. operator
12. 143or245 (

I may have went down quite a few pegs from the original Hampton-89 vine but a live vine is SCHWEET none the less thanx Oroboros, yamadog & operator...udamen!

stay safe and feel good!


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