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By request, a topic for fans and collectors of vinyl recordings, Grateful Dead and otherwise, to talk about it all.


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Mispressed vinyl From the Mars Hotel

Anyone come across an original Grateful Dead Records release From The Mars Hotel with side 1 pressed on both sides. Just wondering if this is a rare occurrence or are there lots of these out there. Thanks!

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Truckin' Up To Buffalo Vinyl Box Set!

This classic performance is now receiving its first ever vinyl release, set for January 2015 and available for pre-order now. Spread out over tens sides of audiophile-grade 180gram vinyl, the 157 minute concert has never sounded so good. David Glasser at Airshow Mastering meticulously remastered the audio for vinyl, and lacquers were cut by Grammy Award-winner Bernie Grundman at his Hollywood studio.

Limited to 5,000 copies worldwide, this deluxe release is housed in a unique, hardbound vinyl folio-book. Each copy is individually numbered with a gold-foil stamp. It’s a must-have for any Deadhead audiophile, or any serious Grateful Dead collector.

Pre-orders are available now at

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My RSD Haul

My bank account is still bleeding from the massive bite I took out of it, but here's what I walked out of the record store with last Saturday:
- The Animals - "The Animals Is Here"
- The Animals - "The Animals Are Back"
- Syd Barrett - "The Madcap Cries" *
- David Bowie - "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)"
- Grateful Dead - "Aoxomoxoa" *
- Joan Jett & the Blackhearts - "Album"
- Thurston Moore & Loren Connors - "The Only Way to Go Is Straight Through"
- Public Image Ltd. - "Public Image b/w The Cowboy Song"
- The Sword - "Age of Winters" *
- The Sword - "Gods of the Earth" *
- Them Crooked Vultures - S/T *
- The White Stripes - "Elephant (10th Anniversary)"

* non-RSD releases

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No etching on this one

Just a blank black back, not even a label. There were supposed to be randomly distributed autographed copies, but not the one I got...

Last year? Maybe the year before there was a Black Keys 12" single that played from the inside out. That's my favorite RSD "special" that I've picked up, at least so far...

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RE: I went as well

You might be out of luck on late deliveries of "Rare Cuts & Oddities"; the RSD folks didn't have the distribution problems they had with last year's Black Friday releases. As for singles with only one playable side, I have a few of those. One is Jack White's "Fly Farm Blues," which has an etching of the Third Man Records logo on the back; another is MGMT's "Metanoia," which has an etching of a referee's whistle on side B; and the third is MGMT's "Siberian Breaks" single from RSD '10. Don't think there's an etching on that last one, but it is on black and blue marble vinyl so it looks like waves on the ocean.

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I went as well

And got most everything that I wanted except the "Rare Cuts"...I'm counting on there being a copy next week at the store. That may be wishful thinking, but it worked for the Black Friday RSD Dead release.

Biggest head-scratcher of the day (aside from wondering why I was waiting in line to get in the store 2 hrs after it opened -- I didn't wait 2 hrs, more like 20 minutes, but I got there at 10 am and the store opened at 8 am. Too many people, apparently, for the one cash register) was the Richard Thompson "Salford Sunday" single -- it truly is a single, as side 2 is blank. Huh?

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I went...

...they had 2 copies of 'Rare Cuts and Oddities' and I scooped one up!

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RSD 2013

Anybody go to the record store this past Saturday for Record Store Day? I sure did, and I made out with quite the haul! Gotta go through my pile of goodies and post what I got. Sadly, the store I frequent only got one copy of the 'Dead's release, and I missed out on it.

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Jewels in the Crown

None of these are exactly 'Dead-related, but here are a few of the gems in my vinyl collection:
- Bad Brains 'Live at CBGB' (limited edition)
- Captain Beefheart 'Safe as Milk' and 'Trout Mask Replica' (180 gram re-issues)
- Chris Robinson Brotherhood live 10" single (limited edition)
- Daniel Higgs 'Say God' (limited edition)
- Eric Burdon ''Til Your River Runs Dry'
- complete Fugazi collection
- King Crimson 'In the Court of the Crimson King', 'In the Wake of Poseidon', and 'Lizard' (200 gram re-issues)
- live compilation of the original Mothers of Invention on clear vinyl (limited edition--1 of 500)
- Soundgarden 'Telephantasm' 3LP (180 gram)
- Suicide 'Ghost Riders'
- Useless Eaters 'Hypertension' (limited edition red vinyl--1 of 100)

Some of these I consider gems because they're extraodinarily rare, others because I find myself unable to not play them whenever I'm sitting down in front of my turntable.

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Label Pic

The quickest way to share the picture of the label was to make it my profile pic. Anyone seen this, or know more about it.



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