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Can't say for sure w/o listening, but would bet 71-73 era. Bootlegs are nice, but they are kind of controversial in that somebody other than the band profits from their performance in good old capitalistic fashion. That said, I treasure the bootlegs I have, some of which were sold in regional chain department stores.

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vault 1

i remember seeing that at a used store and passing on it. i recently thought of that and kicked myself, and i now just did after reading your post!!! i do have a vinyl JG Acoustic Band, which i've rarely seen (it has less cuts than the cd). other cool dead things...compliments of garcia, with the compliments of in black just above garcia, and the white cover version of anthem of the sun...

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Relic Found In My Collection

I have recently restored my turntable to working order and decided to go find my old records. I was suprised to see that I had saved a selection of Lute music from Germany, when I pulled out the disc I found, to my disapointment and joy, that the label read 'Grateful Dead'. Other than the name TROJAN in techno font across the top and the Side 1 and Side 2 on each side, there was nothing else printied on the label. I had discovered a long lost bootleg that I had no memory of acquriing. I was kind of wanting to hear what that Lute music sounded like too; I must have tossed the original resident ot that cover to have a place to hide the pirate platter.

Well I played it. The recording was not very good, but it was obviously the Grateful Dead. Here is a list of the songs that are on the recording. I am not inclined to think that the order that they are presented represents the order in which they were performed, let alone from a single particular show. However, there may be clues in the way the songs are performed and somewhat in the group of songs that were included that will help me put a date not only to the recordings, but also to the manufacture of this particular vinyl copy.

Side 1: Cold Rain & Snow/Loser/Deal/?
Side 2: Truckin'/?/Casey Jones

I have done a search of the TROJAN label on a Dead bootled and have not yet seen anyone else on the network clame to have another one like it. BTW, I have a copy of 'Farewell To Winterland' that has been flatlined due to so much past use. So, now that I have put it out there that I have one of these, maybe someone out there will see this and confirm for me that I don't have the only one. And, maybe has some interesting information of its background and inception.


...more to come, pics and clips.

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Vinyl and more vinyl

Hey Now! 1st thing I have to say is I'm not the most computer literate person around but Marye was nice enough to set this thread up for those of us that never left our love of vinyl or as in my case have returned. I 1st got the idea when the Dead started re-issuing their catalog. They are so beautiful and of such high quality I wanted to talk to other like minded fans. While this is a Grateful Dead site I don't see anything wrong with spreading our wings. Vinyl is a bit controversial in that digital people think it's old and in the way (sorry couldn't help it) while vinyl fanatics trash talk the digital realm. Me I don't think W W III should start and there is a place for both. When I'm at home sitting in the living room in front of my stereo It's 80% vinyl. Moving around the house I don't think it matters since the music is secondary or in the other room etc. I (along with Neil Young to mention 1) feel the vinyl experience is noticeable. But it's a big world with room enough for everyone. The 1 thing I do feel is MP3 files exist only for convenience. To me the only thing they're good for is when I'm going to S.E. Asia and want lots of music to wile away the hours. One more thing about me. I am (like many of us) a collector. I have an almost 100% vinyl collection of the Dead with each different pressing (green label, Burbank, Shield etc). My pride is the very limited pressing of Vault 1 from Europe. I've heard they only pressed a 1000. So while I know it's the holidays if you have a few minutes chip in. Maybe we collectors can let each other in on some unknown morsel of info


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