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We're glad you're here. Please feel free to introduce yourselves and make yourselves at home.

And if you encounter bugs or other strange issues, feel free to report them in the Technical Problems area of the Admin forum.



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Joined: Jan 26 2017

Happy to join the boat! Looking forward to meeting you guys

Joined: Dec 15 2016
Thank you !

Thanks a lot for this great website and all the ressources you have made available... it is such a dream for a dead head like me !

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Hi From the Mtns of NC

Hi All!
Happy Thanksgiving.
I'm new to this forum - have been a Dead head as far back as forever ago.
Being from Long Island we got to see several shows locally each year, so
I didn't do much traveling for concerts.
There was The Garden in NYC, Jersey City - outside, Nassau Colosseum,
And other places close enough.

The greatest thing was that the concerts were ALL at least 6 hr. long!
What an awesome time.

I've done my share of twirling, drums & Space and enjoyed it all.

I remember so well the huge Wall of speakers they'd set up AND the
Drum wall - Always so fun seeing the Dead - live!

Nothing but the best memories of the guys - as musicians who just plain
flat out LOVED to play and play and all the improvisation making every show

They'd start a song - jam in the middle a bunch and come back and finish the song and
It would always be like - 'OH YEAH - That's the song we're on' haha!

I'm very happy to have found this place to read others stories

I did go to Watkins Glen - w/ the Band and Allmans - that was quite a trip!

Have FUN...beautiful people

Joined: Jun 27 2016
new guy here

Thanks for adding me. Happy to be here!!

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was that a

flyin monkey!!

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is that my lighter?


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send me a PM with the details and I'll pass it to the licensing folks.

Joined: May 12 2016

Hello fellow dead heads, I am making a chess board for a friend and I designed an image to use with the skull. My local copy center will not print it for me because of copyright, I wondered if anyone knows who to speak to to get permission to use it for my project? Thanks!

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check your pm please

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FTW Santa Clara/Levi's Stadium Shows

We were at these shows and would dearly love to have these available as are the Chicago Shows...not interested so much in the Chicago shows since we were not there for them...please, please make these available since I would snap them up in Hartbeat...anybody here have an explanation from the org as to why these shows have never been officially released????


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