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Joined: Sep 14 2015
I Am Glad to Be Part of the Dead Community Now!

I am new here and joined a few months ago and love the Grateful Dead. Accidentally, years ago I ended up as a young child of 10 at an Ohio show in the Summer of 94, but my mother and Uncle (Who was an old rock aficionado), didn't stay. The music collector that I am, wishes that I would have seen the great, Jerry Garcia, when he was still alive as we ended up going to see the Bluegrass superstar, Alison Krauss, later that night. Now, that I am more heavily into the Dead than ever, I am glad to be part of the community of one of the most artistic and mind expanding bands of all time.

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Joined: May 26 2007
welcome to our merry band!

Holler if you require navigational assistance.

Joined: Mar 28 2016
Introducing myself.

Just want to say hello to my fellow Deadheads. Looking forward to discovering some great jams and making some new friends, hopefully.

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Joined: Jun 23 2010
Fare Thee Well Levi's Stadium.

Are these shows ever gonna be put out for public consumption. I'd sure like to hear them. What I hear on Archive sounds okay but muffled. Would much rather hear clear copies. Hopefully!!!

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Joined: Feb 21 2011

Mr. Charlie, 12/05/1971, 8th song of the first set. I have the same WNEW-FM cassette....

I miss Pigpen

Joined: Mar 6 2016
What Song Is This?

Well I take a little powder and I take a little salt,and I load it in my shotgun,and I go out for a walk. Looking high,Looking high,lLooking low,Looking low.Cause my Uncle Charlie told me so!

I had a copy of it on cassette from a show,rebroadcast from WNEW-FM from December,1971 at the Felt Forum in M.S.G.,N.Y.C. The sound quality was poor but the performance was really good!Does anybody have an idea?

Joined: Jan 4 2016
Kelty dancing bears

I have a kelty offically licensed day pack with dancing bears like new from 1996 any one have any suggestions on possibly selling it? Want it to have home that will appreciate it! Trying to minimize but am torn cause when I see it I smile. AND THEN I FEEL OLD!

Joined: Dec 30 2015
Happy to join the boat!

Happy to join the boat! Looking forward to meeting you guys

Joined: Dec 23 2015
Grateful Dead- Fare Thee Well

Hey guys- Check out this sweet framed Fare Thee Well Poster contest... #Relix!

Joined: Jun 15 2015
Grateful Dead Bootlegs for sale!

I'm reporting that this dude is selling bootlegs. Lame!


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