Grateful Dead

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Joined: Jan 10 2010

I love the grateful dead so much! They are the best thing that ever happened to me! It is nice to have a place on the internet where we can gather and converse!

Joined: Dec 28 2009
new to site

Hey all,

Big smile from NW BC (Canada) seems pretty cool and I'm brand new here. Any hints on where the gems are'd be appreciated.

Have a great morning,

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Joined: Jun 30 2008

what i find comforting is i can check out quality SBs from almost every day of the year.
now big fat Betty boards 4-5 times a week, Thats groovy and comforting.

Joined: Nov 22 2009
Blue Ray DVD

Just Upgraded my home stereo/TV system. My tapes are all worn out, CDs scratched and missing. WOULD BE GREAT TO HAVE 100 PLUSS SHOWS ON BLUE RAY. (preferably 80s 90s) BUT ONE WOULD DO FINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You For Listening!!!!! Blair Trautweiler

Joined: Nov 14 2009
blessings to all in the rose gardens!!

My first time here is accompanied by a link to my growing novel of the SF sound and things related. Check out my blog. Im sure you will make me feel at home here and i will be glad to be of service to each and every here, brothers and sisters in sound. Peace, love, beauty and truth to you allxxx

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Joined: Jun 22 2007

I think we've wandered off-topic here a bit...

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Joined: Jun 22 2007
Livin on

Reds, Vitamin C and Rogaine

I heard Bobby sing that a couple of years ago and almost dumped my beer laughing...

I think it's called "product placement'?

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Joined: Jul 31 2007
now thats marketing

tie dye diapers with those my kids could allways have a dye wife is 13 years younger than me so hook me up with some of that steal your face about candy man pez dispenser...or maybe black throated wind cough drops.

Joined: Nov 10 2009
Watch and tell me what you think

Here are some music videos/short films I have made recently. It seems like people post here often so i thought my work would get seen here. I will also post in the dead-related art.

My Brother Esau (epic) 4 minutes
Wharf Rat
(sci-fi horror spoof) (3minutes)
Mississippi Half Step (adventure) (2 minutes)
Me & My Uncle (action-comedy) (3 minutes)
Althea - dark comedy-thriller (3 minutes)

Thanks...I am sure there are many questions and responses. You can send them here to the post board, to my mail on here or to Thanks!

"What do you want to see this through"

Joined: Mar 12 2008
sck911, no billy and mickey

I believe Billy and Mickey aren't part of the Further shows because their whole careers the Grateful Dead have been telling musicians to do their own thing and not copy them. Now Bobby and Phil have chosen a complete Jerry clone to be their man. I applaud Billy and Mickey. This might be nice for the younger ones who never got the chance to see Jerry but I couldn't see myself there.


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